1. B-rod says

    God damn, sometimes I wish I grew up with this generation. They are so much more open about gay sexuality and I’m pretty sure most of these boys are straight.

    And I can only imagine what the neighbors thought when they were out filming this. Hilarious.

  2. Matt26 says

    Today’s young guys sexuality is much wider than before. They aren’t afraid of touching, hugging, even kissing one another. They might be straight, perhaps bi. Times have changed and it is very good.
    (This means so bad for cons and reps.)

  3. DRG says

    I bet a couple are gay or bisexual, but probably not all.

    A recent study and a book out by Mark McCormack actually discusses how the current generation of teens’ “decreased homophobia results in the expansion of gendered behaviors available to young men”.

    “Yet this accessible book goes beyond documenting this important shift in attitudes towards homosexuality: McCormack examines how decreased homophobia results in the expansion of gendered behaviors available to young men. In the schools he examines, boys are able to develop meaningful and loving friendships across many social groups. They replace toughness and aggression with emotional intimacy and displays of affection for their male friends. Free from the constant threat of social marginalization, boys are able to speak about once feminized activities without censure.”

    The study is done in the UK (I know, more accepting than middle/southern America) but I believe that, especially in more liberal areas, this is a changing trend here at home. We still have a long way to go, but progress is happening! I wish I had been going to high school in these times…and not just because of the dancing boys. ;^)

  4. Gonzo says

    Such cute boys. I love growing up in this generation. My straight best friend supports me. I like how he can be protective of me (he’s in the army) even though I don’t need it because I can hold my own. He is very touchy but I sure as hell don’t mid 😉

  5. Justin says

    Not sure if I should like this video or be offended. “heterosexual fun” is making a video with homosexual overtones.. give me break.

    The lip syncing is really really bad. Which is wierd cause it’s so easy.. Maybe it’s difficulty is in its simplicity.

  6. Donny says

    The boy on the right in the still pic is absolutely gorgeous.

    Who cares if they’re straight, bi or gay? For all the talk of equality, I thought it wasn’t supposed to matter. And for those who are gay and were offended, get over yourselves.

  7. CH says

    i’m gonna go ahead and say they are definitely not straight.. gay ppl in the suburbs definitely wear cargo shorts and boxers.. trust me i’ve taken them off of boys like these 😉

    and the choreography/timing/lip syncing is so horrendous it’s awesome.

  8. RIck says

    I thought it was cute b/c they so joyous in their goofing around; it’s just fun.

    And the boys, how cute! Esp. the one under the hood at the beginning; and the hairy armpits of the one who comes up to him!

  9. Adam says

    Come on – bad lip synching, bad dancing, no rhythm, over the top “splashing” in the pool? These are st8 boys trying to be funny. I’ll take the WeHo or Harvard versions any day, thank you.

  10. jw says

    Do people really live in places that look like that
    Talk about geography of nowhere
    All those cars, and little boxes plotted next to one another
    What does that do to the soul
    God is that ugly
    Also, terrible, clueless, talentless lip-syncing
    So bad it seems like it might be trying to be bad
    They can’t dance, they can’t lip sync and
    That horrible hood and dreadful song
    This is what is wrong with this country
    If they are gay boys it is too sad

  11. Solomon says

    At first I was like “Ugh, these guys are all straight and just playing to gay stereotypes.”

    Then the coda came and I was like “I ain’t even mad.” lmfao A$$ASSASSASSASS (Yes, please!)

  12. Todd says

    They can’t be gay. Look at how uncoordinated they are! No gay boy would be caught that off beat. So if they’re straight they should go to Harvard, join the baseball team, and see how real guys, with real muscles, and I am sure really hot asses dance. Go Maurcus Wall! Call me baby:)

  13. turing's ghost says

    The cute one (Jason Aaron Jones) just graduated high school – and the entire group lives in or around Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The fact that high school jocks (Jason plays hockey) feels comfortable doing a video like this in Tennessee is amazing.

  14. nyc1 says

    What is most troubling about this post is the fact that so many presumably self-identified commenters cannot interpret the video itself as implicitly homophobic and react accordingly.

    C’mon, everyone. Why can’t you recognize that the “effeminate” qualities of these guys’ performance is nothing more than offensive ornament?

    As a member of their “generation” (at least age-wise), I am horrified by the possibility that you are all finding this stunt even remotely sexually attractive.

  15. Romeodawg says

    It’s depressing how gays FREAK OUT over young shirtless guys — especially when it’s such a terrible lip-synching video. These guys literally aren’t bright enough to remember the lyrics to a single line in one of the most popular and over-played songs in recent history. Remember when people used to rehearse stuff, and if it sucked, they’d do it over BEFORE uploading? This is bottom of the barrel, and we’re all pining over this “lucky” new generation of gays? OY. (yes I’m being a curmudgeon, but OY).

  16. bructer says

    I’m going out on a limb here, stop the criticism, they are young cute guys having some fun, they are not professional, they are a wholesome example of the average young guy living in average america, hopeful changing the minds of a lot of bigoted other people. I give them props. I wish there were millions more of them, gay,bi,straight whatever.

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