Indianapolis School Expels Gay Student Who Carried Stun Gun to Protect Himself from Bullies


Last week I reported that Darnell "Dynasty" Young  (pictured, left, with twin brother Darell), a gay student at Tech High School in Indianapolis, was facing possible expulsion for carrying a stun gun his mother gave him to protect himself from a group of bullies who threw rocks at him and threatened to beat him up.

Young has now been expelled, MSNBC reports:

The district said it had accepted the decision of an examiner, who presided over Young’s hearing last week, to expel him.

“While the district does not condone bullying, it also does not allow weapons to be brought on our school campuses for any reason. Students who violate this rule will be held accountable,” Mary Louise Bewley, director of the district’s Office of School and Community Relations, said in the e-mail statement.

When reached by phone on Tuesday, Young declined to comment. His mother, Chelisa Grimes, said she couldn’t believe her son had been expelled.

For background, read our full post here.


  1. kodiak says

    Bullies threw rocks and threatened him. Mom gave him a stun gun.
    He got kicked out, bullies still have rocks. It’s so Indiana of the authorities to act like this. What is being done about the bullies that started this? Nuttin.

  2. Jack says

    Honestly, he brought a weapon to school, and this was the correct result.

    HOWEVER, the fact that the school hasn’t also expelled the bullies is an outrage.

  3. Francis says

    No surprises here. Basically, bullies>gays. Actually, in the eyes of the folk in Indiana, it’s “normal” kids>gays. And for the school to say they don’t condone bullying when they did ZERO to protect Darnell from the bullies who threw rocks and harassed him daily, says it all. Dynasty’s mom should sue the school. These schools continue their institutionalized homophobic activities and we have to start fighting fire with fire.

  4. Malaysian Ho says

    Mom should give him a big rock instead. The school doesn’t seem to think rock is a weapon.

  5. says

    I wonder if anyone is doing anything re: setting up an education fund for this young man. To be sure, he erred; weapons in school are a serious issue, of course, and zero tolerance is in place for a reason, however legitimate his attempts to protect himself. But this poor kid doesn’t need to be in that school, and may well do better elsewhere, but I hate to think of him not getting the education that’s his right as an American citizen. I wish I were a philanthropist or activist and could do something about it, and maybe one will.

  6. Hollywood, CA says

    I’d rather have an expelled gay kid who stuck up for himself then a dead passive one who got the crap beat out of him, and was murdered by a fellow student! Or have we forgotten that they shot gay kids in the back of the heads and get away with it?

  7. MrRoboto says

    Translation: they’d rather see the kid dead, either by the bullies tormenting him or by his own hand in suicidal frustration, than solve this problem. These bureaucrats couldn’t care less about bullying in their school. And I don’t want to hear the garbage about how he can’t identify who was bullying him. Neither can any of the eyewitnesses who spoke to the principal. The clear thing going on there is that Darnell and those eyewitnesses know darn well, and have been taught by school administrators that nothing will be done to the bullies beyond a useless scolding, and the bullies will come right back at them with more hatred and violence than ever before. Create an environment where bullying is dealt with swiftly and severely, and maybe the bullies might finally feel like they don’t have the upper hand in all this.

  8. says

    Ms. Bewley is a liar. When the principal tells a student that he should change his behavior to avoid being attacked, the school district clearly does condone bullying.

  9. ratbastard says

    Mom should give him a big rock instead. The school doesn’t seem to think rock is a weapon.

    Posted by: Malaysian Ho | May 8, 2012 7:12:17 PM


    Many homeless kids will carry a brick or large rock in their backpack as a weapon. Carrying a knife is considered a deadly weapon in many places and shelters/police will confiscate them, or even charge them. Carrying a brick is not illegal.


    I think some people are confusing a stun ‘gun’ with a taser; they’re two different things. A stun ‘gun’ can be easily brought online, even ebay, a taser has far more legal restrictions. A stun gun is actually a very effective defensive weapon up-close.

  10. MKisNE says

    If he was white and straight he could have brought a real one. stun guns: do not = real guns.

  11. Francis says

    No, Laura, the bullies were not expelled because no-one could identify them, supposedly. The reality is that the inmates are running the asylum, and that includes the bigoted teachers.

  12. says

    Another win for zero-tolerance policies and another loss for our children. Holding him “accountable” did not have to mean expulsion. Unless you’re too stoopid to think about it. Welcome to the America where the rule is more important than the principle.

  13. Chris says

    I’m fairly forward-thinking and sympathetic gay guy who lives in Indy just a few miles from Arsenal Tech, and I’m also a teacher (not in the IPS system, however). While I have a great deal of concern about many of the details of this situation which are unclear, enforcement of a zero-tolerance policy in regards to weapons in school facilities must be enforced in every instance, regardless of circumstance. Children cannot be allowed to bring devices into a school which allow them to injure, maim, or immobilize others, even on a temporary basis. This is a line which simply cannot be crossed, and is in no way situational. This is a school system filled with poverty and despair and which has a great number of long-standing issues, and the introduction of weapons of any sort to this type of climate will only worsen the situation. It is worthy of note that the school system waited to dismiss the student until an outside examiner had prepared an independent report which recommended expulsion. Due process was followed. This student’s safety may indeed have been legitimately threatened at Arsenal Tech, but when he threatened the safety of every other student by bringing a restricted weapon onto school property, he left the school’s administration no choice but to permanently dismiss him.

  14. Dback says

    This kid is right smack at the intersection of racism and homophobia, and got run over by the bus. There’s no way a white kid who was being regularly threatened would’ve been expelled this quickly without major outcry; similarly, his bullies would’ve at least been called on the carpet in a very public way. But Darnell gets the shaft, and his bullies apparently get to walk free. This is completely unacceptable–and unlike the Trayvon Martin case, it’s going to be quietly swept under the rug.

    Man, it’s a rough news day today.

  15. says

    @ CHRIS: why does a zero-tolerance policy have to have expulsion as the only possible consequence? Especially when there are clearly mitigating circumstances?

    To me it shows lack of judgement—not something we should be showing our young people.

  16. velocifero says

    Funny, Indiana has a “stand your ground” law. I cause it doesn’t apply to gay, black teens. No, I don’t condone violence, but I also have to wonder at the wisdom of local school boards sometimes in these matters. If they were trying to avoid trouble by expelling a bullied, black gay teen, I think they have created more trouble for themselves. His parents should sue their asses. Though I do have to ask, when are school boards going to start getting serious about bullying? All this liberal love for the bully is ridiculous.

  17. Inside says

    A gay rights organization (HRC/GLADD/etc) should pay for him to attend private school. Getting a stellar education after this travesty would be a righteous revenge to the bullies.