1. Mark says

    Jody is his wife and you know she knows EVERYTHING that goes on in her husbands political life including what motivates his amendment one .The cat is out of the bag now and now they will try to twist this every which way they can to make her look like the victim..I say BULLCRAP….This needs to get out to the mainstream media.

  2. says

    “I’m a little confused myself.”…….yeah, you dumb a$$…….
    It’s just too scary that people like this are amending constitutions to deny equality…….depriving minorities of rights.
    Her issues go way beyond heat stroke.

  3. says

    What an ignorant lady. Unknown to her, “the people who wrote the Constitution” knew it would have to be ammended from time to time. Yet she thinks that they wrote it in stone so it could not be ammended, and meanwhire she is herself trying to ammend her own state’s Constitution. Either you can ammmend or not ammend a constitution. So which is it lady? She is confused, she is prejudiced and a racist, which she blames on heat stroke, not herself. She is an ignorant voter and doesn’t even know her own self well.

  4. Urmensch says

    So stopping gays marrying will force them to go out and get opposite-sex marriage, have children and save the caucasians?
    That is some weird thought process.

  5. Randy says

    well, we all know that when a camera is thrust in your face, and the reporter gets very intimadating, we all just babble on about caucasions and negroes and what not. It’s what everyone does, right?

  6. Oh Boo Hoo says

    Yet another ridiculous powermonger who screams “I’m a victim” when the reality of their hateful, stupid viewpoints spill out without being “nuanced” or “focus-tested.”

    Bullying teenagers to death? That’s “free speech.” Beating the gayness out of your kid? That’s “parenting.”

    Being caught telling the inconvenient truth about your racist, bigoted, hate-filled viewpoints? That’s “being made a victim” and “being abused.”

  7. AdamA says

    Even in their defense of her alleged non-racist character, they race bait. The “intimidating black man and helpless white woman” bit is a Southern bread and butter. They aren’t even bothering to code it!

  8. Disgusted American says

    well as a Tax paying american citizen – I’ll avoid the south like the Plague of Hate and Bigotry it is……as far as I’m concerned, the south doesn’t exist in my america.

  9. RHR IN TN says

    wow Disgusted American…we do exist. Must be nice to live in an area of “your” country that affords you willful blindness. But we will be ok…there were lots of good surprises in TN yesterday! At least if you’re not going to help us, you have agreed to stay out of the way. Thanks for that…I guess.

  10. David Hearn says

    Let’s not pretend to be shocked. Each and every one of you has watched a neighborhood deteriorate as caucasian/asian population dips below 80%.

    The idiocy here is that someone thinks that gay rights are the reason that heterosexual caucasians aren’t reproducing like rabbits like some other ethnicities.

  11. Beef and Fur says

    I guess when you sit behind a sign exposing your bigoted, hateful opinions, you should be prepared to answer questions about your beliefs.

  12. Mic says

    Sen. Brunsetter:

    We have an expression for morons like you;

    Liar liar pants on fire.

    Have you no shame? Not one teaspoon’s worth?

    You and your party are white hetro christinist racists.

    You spend so much time with your foot in your mouth, and the rest of your time creating that syndrome, I think all of America would be hppy if you just whipped out your Kkklan Kostume and got it over with.

    We get it. You miss Aparteid. You miss your daddies slaves…

    Oh hell, you miss the lynchin’s.

    Just admit it. Confession is good for the soul.

  13. Bob says

    Senator Brunstetter says that his wife “is not a political person” and yet she’s manning a booth as a public advocate on behalf of an upcoming ballot measure.

    So how can he characterize her as “not a political person”?

    He’s crazy.

  14. David Hearn says

    The funny thing about people who bash the South is that they appear to have never lived in either the South or the North or even the West. So where do these people live? In Fantasy Land?

    Take your pick from Miami to Richmond to Boston to Seattle to San Diego to Phoenix to Dallas to Atlanta to Tampa. There is absolutely no difference in racial attitudes in this cities.

  15. TZ says

    lol@DavidHearn. sounds to me like you haven’t been anywhere if you think the culture of this country is uniform from coast-to-coast. how’s the weather in “Fantasy Land?”

  16. Diann R Pennick says

    What’s so disturbing is when someone makes the comment, and then wants to make a clarifaction. No clarifaction is needed it was said. This is why you think before you open your mouth. I am so tired of remarks or statements that’s made and then here comes The Cleanup Department. Only thing you doing is telling how you really feel. So own up to it. Cause God knows definately what you you truly were saying.

  17. David Hearn says

    Dearest TZ, The fact that you and your gurlz sit around with your “celebrate diversity” buttons on doesn’t change the fact that in each of those cities exclusive housing means white people, and enlightened souls such as yourself pay through the nose for private schools or commute long distances from “safe neighborhoods” with “good schools”.

  18. jack says

    On one level, i actually feel sorry for her. She is so ignorant. But then I realize that she is trying to prevent our fellow americans from living a full and free life and so I say we must defeat her and her ILK.

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