1. MarkUs says

    Let’s see: wind blowers, check. Smoke machines, check. Laser beams, check. Ridiculous camera moves, check.

    I think Xuxa could loan her some oversized dancing stuffed animals.

  2. ATLJason says

    My BF and I both said we could picture this show at a circuit party. Hot guys elevated on the side of the stage beating drums, shirtless muscle-boy dancers, amazing light show, and J-Lo. All we were missing was some good X. :-)

  3. BrokebackBob says

    It’s all good. :-)
    It’s just entertainment after all.
    JLO is still a great entertainer.
    Now let me out of here….

  4. Ugly says

    He looks like a doufus in that screencap. This boy better stop relying on J H0 for work because one it all falls apart, he’ll be screwed.