1. Matt26 says

    Hey, nothing wrong with shirtless guys and he looks good, BUT promoting a series with it, well I want to see more than shirtless guys, some contents.

  2. ratbastard says

    That show looks HEINOUS. Is it possible to make a TV show or movie minus cliched stereotypes? The ‘wise’ old, overweight white man, the ‘big’ black man punching a bag, the two ‘pretty’ white guys, I mean, c’mon. And melodramatic? LOL ….


    He is hot though *drool*

  3. MrRoboto says

    Not that anyone cares, but he has a huge tattoo on his back of angel wings. I wonder if they purposely shot it so you didn’t see it, if they used makeup to make it go away, or if it just failed to make a cameo appearance in this scene.

  4. Andrew says

    They should have let Jesse Spencer keep his accent, after so many years of hearing it on House his American voice sounds wrong…despite being well done.

  5. Jon says

    Chase is “forcing” an American accent? Why? This country is made up of immigrants from all over the world. Accents abound everywhere, especially in metropolitan areas like Chicago. Why have Jesse Spencer hide his accent?
    I also think the reason this clip is so bad, besides the stereotypes and the dialog is that the background music hasn’t been added to it yet. So it sounds hollow.

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