1. IAN F says

    Good news and about time. Too many gay artists have been marginalized or ignored by US radio. Hopefully this helps pave the way for many more to follow.

  2. Bill says

    I’m really happy for him. The album is great, better than the first. Cuckoo is my favorite song. Tell radio stations to play “Never Close Our Eyes.” Pick Top 40 and Adult Contemporary around you.

  3. ADC143 says

    Hollow victory. He debuted #1 with less than 80,000 copies sold. That’s a very poor start and an indicator of a very slow overall sales week. Had this been a more competitive week, he would have tanked.

  4. GraphicJack says

    Good for him. Maybe now he can stop whining that the gays only support female divas and that openly gay artists can’t make it big. I said it then, and I’ll say it now, I buy music because I like it. If an openly gay artist makes music I like, I’ll buy it. I’m not going to buy his album just because he’s gay. Gay artists want to be treated like everyone else, as artists first, unless they somehow think the gay community owes him or her something. I do congratulate him, but wish he would get over himself and his victimhood that the gay community doesn’t embrace him (in his opinion) as much as female artists.

  5. Lissy says

    ADC143: That’s more about the state of the music industry today than about Adam Lambert. Adele’s phenomenal powerhouse sales have skewed the #1’s on the chart for the last year, if you look at all the artists that have come in #2 to her, Adam’s number is still very impressive for someone who isn’t already a legit superstar like Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, Eminem, etc.

    In fact if you look at this week last year, if it weren’t for Adele, Seether would have come in at #1 with a total far less than Adam’s.

    It’s a testament to the quality of his album and the grassroots buzz about it that he managed to sell more than my goddess Adele, despite him having no radio hit being played every hour on the hour on mainstream radio. Here’s hoping radio wakes up and plays Never Close Our Eyes, it’s a grower that’s totally my jam right now.

  6. bdc says

    Talk about photoshoping and pancake makeup to fill the pock marks and acne scars….geez. Get real!!!!!!!!
    He wishes his face looked that smooth and clear. Try lazer therapy for your bad skin….you can afford it.
    Gurlina Please!

  7. Josh says

    His album is actually very good and much better than his first one.

    If you like fun pop/dance songs try Trespassing, Cuckoo, Naked Love, Shady, Kickin In, and Pop That Lock.

    Kickin In like Fever from his first album acknowledges his sexuality. In Fever he sang about a male lover.

    In Kickin In he sings about a drunk female friend who is setting him up with a guy.

    For emotional ballads listen to Underneath and Outlaws of Love (its about gay marriage).

    Runnin on the deluxe version is a great rock song.

    Broken English is about his current boyfriend who speaks english as a second language (he’s Finnish).

  8. Tim says

    I’m happy for him, but lets be honest. Both singles released from the album flopped and the album only sold 78,000 copies. It’s probably going to drop drastically next week.

    #1 may seem nice in theory, but at the end of the day it doesn’t mean much if the album doesn’t have longevity on the charts.

  9. says

    We’ve all got to feel pretty proud about now. Who would have thought an openly gay man would have a number one album?

    BTW, Adam is a natural blond but you knew that right? The black hair gives him a real edge and he was wise to go with it.

    Buy the album. The guy has a great voice and the music is very good.

  10. Gregoire says

    I love Adam Lambert and I’m not taking anything away from him for this accomplishment. But Melissa Etheridge is the only artist to go multi-platinum after coming out, and she did it in the mid-90s.

  11. staciegirlie says


    Was the subject matter in the article about multi-platinum status or #1 billboard albums?

    Etheridge never had a #1 billboard album.

    I’m sorry you failed to realize the historical significance of Adam reaching #1.

  12. Absolved says


    Historical significance, my butt. Lambert’s album is already flopping. For crying out loud, he moved less than 100k…which is a terrible first week showing by music industry standards – especially for someone who is a recognized ‘name’. His album probably won’t even go Gold at this rate. Now contrast that to Etheridge, whose post-coming out album went multi-platinum and you’d see which had more “historical significance.” Doesn’t matter where she charted, because her album would ultimately sell MILLIONS, which is something that Lambert’s won’t do.

    I just have to laugh at these gay blogs and websites that are doing a ‘hoo-ray, looks like we finally arrived!’ at the news of Lamberts #1 album. Please.

  13. jim says

    “Doesn’t matter where she charted, because her album would ultimately sell MILLIONS, which is something that Lambert’s won’t do.”
    WOW, I want you for a stock market partner.

  14. fern says

    Absolve, I think artists in general sold more units in the 90’s.

    Melissa and others definitely helped pave the way for an artist like Adam to be out from the beginning of their career, but its still amazing Adam is doing so well, especially considering the 2009 AMAs, which could have ended his career.

  15. Rod says

    This may come as a surprise to you Absolve but Adam has sold over 2 million of For Your Entertainment. He has a worldwide following and has gone platinum and multi-platinum in various countries. The USA is not the center of the music universe contrary to what you may think. BTW he also debuted ss #1 on the Canadian Album and Digital Charts.

  16. Tonic says


    Your efforts to rain on Lambert’s parade isn’t based in reality and certainly not on a knowledge of the current music industry.

    “Lambert’s album is already flopping”? Yes, that should be the headline, at #1 it’s already flopping (eye roll)! If Lambert’s album had been released seventeen years ago in ’95 -the year of Etheridge’s last platinum album- it certainly would have sold far, far more – that was the state of the industry. Regardless, despite many trying to reject him due to being gay and despite the *mainstream* gay culture that largely embraces only female artists he is selling more albums than any other person out there. His accomplishment is definitely historically significant for gays – no matter how you try to piss on it.

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