1. stevenelliot says

    these urban myths perpetuated by certain religio-fascists are just sickening. Some of the same talking points this woman stated overlap with the jewish myths the nazis used to use. First they will dehumanize you, convince the masses that youre going after their money, children, jobs, health, etc. Then its really easy to take away your civil rights because youre considered more of a base animal than a higher one.

  2. nick says

    She is living proof of what fundamental Christianity does to a human being.
    It would be funny if it weren’t believed by so many in the United States of Theocracy.

  3. John says

    Are you F’ing kidding me? This woman takes the cake for the dumbest and most brainwashed American, ever!

  4. David says

    Wow. It’s obvious this person is a product of either extreme social disenfranchisement or is suffering from a huge load of mental illnesses. Probably both.

    Just…. wow.

  5. Steve says

    Please tell me this is a Poe. But America being America, it’s probably real. Nowhere else would such people be allowed to testify for anything

  6. rick says

    The interesting part was watching the reactions of the people behind her. By the end everyone was rolling their eyes at her insane ramblings.

  7. JimmyD says

    Move over Maggie Gallagher… there’s a new crazy in town!
    When the movie gets made, Mink Stole will play her and Josh Gad will play the guy behind her.

  8. EO says

    the real star of the show is the amused guy sitting behind her. if i was at this meeting i’d probably die laughing (although that would be great for any gays in the audience, as they could then lick the candida fungus on my corpse and get AIDS). fun for all!

  9. Nat says

    “Wait, are we sure this isn’t performance art?”

    That was my initial supposition, because her statement reads like a poetry slam.

    But then I started remembering some of the hearings I’ve gone to. They often attract people with specific mental illness issues, and this woman seems one step removed from bigot into that realm.

  10. Robert says

    Oh but I am after their money, children, jobs and health!

    That’s what the “gay Agenda” is all about!
    This is going to keep me laughing the whole day.

  11. silvra says

    Props to the guy for actually being able to not laugh out loud, I couldn’t contain myself. Cute too lol

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    Magnificent. Such a righteous woman (hiccup)

    Ms Skrovota should speak at the Republican National Convention this summer…right before RATBASTARD’S speech.

  13. Kenneth says

    It could be RATBASTARD in drag! Hell, I think all of our trolls are one in the same anyway.

  14. JD says

    I’m inclined to believe this is a plant…NOT REAL!! And is she wearing a WIG?!

    Stupid…clearly she was placed there to give the media a story of a “crazy Christian woman”…

  15. Which One Of MItt's Sons is the Gay One? says

    Anxiously awaiting press release announcing the hiring of Jane Skrovota as Senior Domestic Policy adviser to Mitt Romney.

  16. Kade says

    that’s a crazy CRAZY lady. I honestly thought I was watching an SNL skit. The fact that that’s her reality makes me quite sad for her. I’d be willing to bet this was her field trip day from the sanitarium. I’m just sayin.

  17. Jeff says

    Good Grief. How anyone in the room kept a straight face is beyond me. I would have been rolling the aisle!

  18. Rick says

    Keep her front and center. Nothing can help the gay rights movement more than letting this woman speak in public. Please fox news, make her a regular contributor.

  19. Chris says

    Its funny, without Judas, Jesus never would have been betrayed and never would have been crucified, kind of nullifying the main belief of all Christians of the resurrection.

  20. anon says

    I’m not sure how denying housing rights will fix any of the problems she outlines. She seems to think denial of this bill will stop people being gay or the passage of the bill will make more people gay. Either way, we all know society is on its last legs when people start cussing AFTER having sex.

  21. says

    Well, you might as well know… I cuss DURING sex. AFTER sex I generally burrow into b/f’s fragrant young, soccer boy arm-pit and fall blissfully asleep. Am I doing this wrong?

  22. Alan says

    WTF? Almost as crazy as Democrat Fred Phelps of Westboro Cult. Crazy fools need to get a life.

  23. Erica Rogers says

    If I was there I’d have given that lady $5 and thanked her for the performance even though the show was free. Then I’d direct her to the local comedy club for her next booking.

  24. JDF says

    Sadly typical of public legislative hearings for bills re: LGBT issues. Reminds me of citizens who would “testify” at similar hearings in the Montana statehouse, reading from photocopied lists of sexual fetishes or lecturing the room on Biblical nonsense until their allotted time ran out. Only very rarely would a sitting legislator remind a rambling hater (or, as in this case, an obviously mentally ill woman) that their testimony should stick to the merits of the bill in front of the committee and not be construed as simply a pulpit with which to pollute the eardrums of all those present. Nearly always you could count on LGBT folks to come across with reason, and with stories applicable to the legislation (though it’s certainly natural to ramble when someone’s not used to public speaking.) Then the haters reliably responded with sick, deluded garbage of the kind this gal is dishing out. She’s damn funny in a sick way, but oh so sad to consider that there are legions of other people out there whose brains work as poorly as hers does.

  25. Lucas says

    I’m *almost* tempted to pity this woman. She seems like she isn’t right in the head. I’m not saying that jokingly – I think she is mentally off.

  26. Rick says

    I used to work for a government office, and this is sadly reminiscent of the bizarre faxes, postcards, and voicemails we’d regularly get from the mentally unhinged (for whatever reason they didn’t seem too adept at email). One woman thought my boss was her long lost husband, another man sought our help in making some sort of property claim against the Vatican… Good times.

  27. says

    Working in mental health I’m not unfamiliar with these kinds of delusional & paranoid rants. If she were complaining about little green men it would sound the same. All I can work up for this woman is pity & compassion.

  28. enough already says

    Ah, yes, true christian love.
    This is what they actually believe.


  29. Rin says

    This is a joke. Everything about it spells joke. Yes, there are crazy people, severely unhinged haters. I’m just predicting that from the wig to the name to the P-E-N-I-S that this is a spook on Republicans much like BORAT was.

  30. says

    This woman hands out flyers on the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus and posts her flyers all over Lincoln, NE. A collection of her flyers can be found online at

  31. Joe says

    You really have to wonder where these “so called Christians” find people this dumb to come out and speak for them?? lol Do they not realize how utterly stupid she makes their cause look? This is pure golden advertisement for Gay Rights…this woman is corn-pone stupid.

  32. thunderboltfan says

    All that’s missing is “I’m Mitt Romney and I approved this ad.”

  33. Mundus says

    To be honest, I myself came away with the idea that the lady may not be a wingnut but possibly mentally ill, if that is indeed the case it is in poor taste to find her amusing.

    Mental illness should not be a source of amusementor a target of ridicule.

  34. Gregoire says

    Andy please invite the guy behind her to write a guest column. He’s hilarious! I want to know what he was really thinking.

  35. Scott Amundsen says

    A good psychiatrist wouldn’t touch this crazy broad with a ten foot couch.


  36. jesus says

    Her name is Jane Svoboda, and she is a very kind woman who does suffer from mentally illness. She’s pretty well known in the community for handing out flyers about “Chinese subliminals” and general media scares. YOu might enjoy this collection of her literature:

  37. mary says

    Oh Jesus…..and I don’t mean that in a spiritual sense. Kenneth, I hope you were joking. If I come across as anything like this lady, I should probably leave Towleroad on my own out of sheer embarassment. But then after this lady anything I write should seem pretty damn dignified. I mean this gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “setting the bar pretty low.!”

    I have to suspect that this woman is either a plant or that she’s joking with us. She looks worse than a character out of the movie “It’s in the water.”

  38. Johnny says

    sadly, this is a typical american :( they have over run this once great country.

  39. Derrick from Philly says

    “Mental illness should not be a source of amusement or a target of ridicule”

    Well, then how in the hell are we suppose to observe the Tea Party kooks?

  40. Tattoojo says

    You woman are a complete and utter freaking nutter, it’s not the gay people in this world that are a problem. It’s idiotic hard core freaks like this lady.

    I can’t believe some people are that freaking dumb!

    Oh only in the US it seems.

  41. Jersey says

    Oh she fills me with sadistic treasonous rage. I want to puncture her intestines with my candidasis infested hands but my birthday is tomorrow and I’ll be 40 so I doubt I’ll make it to Nebraska in time.

    Seriously though I hope there is someone in her life keeping an eye on her and making sure she is always safe. I actually want to give her a hug.

  42. JP says

    I didn’t know I was supposed to be out there causing so much destruction.

    Man, I need to get on top of my gayness and get with it.

  43. Michael Lederman says

    What I have seen and read is that anyone who thinks homosexuals should not be allowed to marry must be a bigot or homophobic. By the definitions of the words I am neither I do not discriminate based on race, creed or religion or however who one sleeps with is a choice one can be born anything and still not choose to live that lifestyle and your lifestyle choice can be discriminated against fore if I cannot discriminate against a gay then I cannot discriminate against people who want to marry trees or inanimate objects or animals. Your the product of your choices and if you choose to sleep with someone of your own sex then you fully well know that the laws say you cannot marry. As hard as you will fight against these laws we will fight to keep them and we have prevailed far more often then we have lost. Seek civil unions and many of us, myself included will back you. Go after marraige and we will be against you.

  44. Mike Walters says

    The Woman’s name is JANE SVOBODA.. Look her up. Give her a call .. should be in the Lincoln Phone book

  45. Lucas says

    I don’t know why I’m still thinking about this.
    I really do feel bad for this lady at this point. I looked at this site: which is actually all about her, and it is clear that she suffers from mental illness. And I’m genuinely worried that in this case, we are being the bullies. This post got picked up by Gawker, and the assholes over there are ripping her to shreds. It’s sad!
    One another note – the comment above from Michael Lederman is a different matter entirely, and I’m not sure why it is appearing in this particular column.

  46. Sergio says

    Who let this psycho speak in front of a panel of city councilors? She is deranged and clearly suffers from a physiologic disorder…

  47. jexer says

    Poor delusional woman. I hope she gets the help she obviously needs. I can’t hate her – she makes being anti-gay look bugnuts crazy.

  48. Sean in Dallas says

    This woman should be the poster child of Obama’s reelection campaign: show the right-wingers just how crazy and out there they look when they spout off their bullsh*t. Make it happen!

  49. Alex says

    I am a college student from Lincoln and this lady is affectionately called Crazy Blue Protesting Lady by us students because she stands outside of the campus union in the winter in her blue coat and shouts things like “Gadhafi is using nescafe to poison Americans! Ask anyone in Lincoln and most of them will say they are sick.” or “Physicians from 18th and O street self-inflicted from lethal Chinese subliminals. Telephone poles and lamp post have subliminals to make a person lose their way.”

    She has been saying crazy stuff like this for years on our campus so it was a treat to see her get some internet fame. Like her page on Facebook that we created if you want an extra helping of crazy because we post her handouts.

  50. says

    I think I have it figured out.

    She has been eating rye bread that has that fungus on it that caused the Salem Witch Hunts.

    Then she went out to FoxNews and started writing down all the most inflammatory comments on the recent Obama Marriage Equality Story.

    I’ll bet you that is it!

  51. StevyD says

    Sounds like the normal Republican nincompoopery to me. If fact, isn’t she in the top 3 on Romney’s potential Secretary of State candidates list.

  52. mundus says

    Well given that, according to other posters above, she is a lady who genuinely suffers from mental illness I most certainly hope she does not get abuse as a result of her remarks being highlighted.

    How about we reserve our loathing for actual homophobes and those who would use homophobia for electoral or financial gain and showcase some sympathy and compassion for a woman who is obviously ill.

  53. Kenny says

    Dear Andy,
    This is very unfortunate. I am a psychiatrist, and her presentation of disorganized thoughts, odd sentence constructions, neologisms, and loosening of associations is very classic of disorganized schizophrenia. She needs medical care rather than condemnation or ridicule. I will be the first to condemn the rantings and untruths of someone like Tony Perkins or Maggie Gallagher, but this women is clearly very ill and in need of care. I’m saddened that she does not have someone in her life watching out for her to prevent her from putting herself in a position to be ridiculed.As a mental health professional, I am respectfully asking you to take down this clip. If there is one group of people more misunderstood, more stigmatized, more frequently abused, and more frequently rejected by their families to live on the streets than our own LGBT community, it is the schizophrenic population. We do not put up pictures of patients suffering from leprosy anymore to laugh at their appearance, we do not put up pictures of AIDS victims dying from their infections to condemn their “immorality” and we should certainly not put up videos of people suffering greatly in their mental illness. In fact, it is immediately after schizophrenic patients first start taking medication, when their minds become clear enough to realize how mortifying their behavior has been, that they are at highest risk of suicide.
    Respectfully yours,

  54. Kenny says

    One of the biggest misconceptions about people suffering from schizophrenia is that the words they say actually reflect their underlying beliefs. This is simply not true. They are suffering from a biological condition under which they have lost control over their ability to process thoughts, whether it is hearing voices or being unable to process thoughts and speech coherently. Please do not ridicule this woman for her medical condition. Ridicule those who do not suffer from schizophrenia and actually spew real hate.

  55. mike/ says

    off the meds again, huh? or maybe a field trip from the asylum?

    i’ve met people who have a cylinder or two misfiring, but none of this person’s are working and she must be using helium for fuel.

    you’re the guy behind couldn’t control himself; the woman next to him could, but she was writing him notes and then towards the end, the people behind couldn’t stay as cool.

    something tells me she is a ‘regular’ at these meetings about many, many things…

  56. Den says

    Has anyone considered the possibility that she might actually be a clever gay rights campaigner ?

  57. mary says

    I’m genuinely moved by how many here are showing sympathy for this woman, who as we can see now, is mentally ill rather than a political activist of the right. Clearly she needs to get help. It would be cruel to laugh at her illness.

    But there is an element of social conservatism that HAS gone “batshit crazy” in the figurative sense. I didn’t consider that this woman could be mentally ill, only that she might be a performance artist or a plant. I gave up trying to figure out if conservatives were serious when they started calling Obama a Kenyan Marxist. A woman at my church referred to Obama as “the anti-Christ.” I was stunned and thought “Does she know that she just said….and what that term MEANS?” Nothing surprises me anymore so I assumed that my fellow “conservative” Ms. Svoboda was of apparently sound mind and actually believed all she said.

  58. James says

    Last year I moved to Nebraska, from Oklahoma. I would point out that this is forward-thinking compared to Okla.

    Perhaps some of Oklahoma’s crazy is spilling north? I would point out that such diatribes are not aimed at the general public. They are aimed at people who would act on such misinformation.

  59. says

    You know what ruptures intestines? Diseases that have nothing to do with the D-I-C-K. And most D-I-C-K-S can’t go that far, not even the biggest ones on the planet.

  60. Kenny says

    It is horrifying to me to see people ridicule her for her mental illness. Schizophrenia is a biological illness – you can see the actual dysfunction on functional MRI brain scans, you can track the genetic relationship from generation to generation, and the biggest misconception about it is that because she says these things while she is sick and off medications means that deep down inside she actually believes these things. This is NOT true. In fact, I have worked with a medical student, who was bright, kind, intelligent, and compassionate. Sadly, she developed the illness and became convinced that white people were out to get her and destroy her family. She was not racist by any means. It is a function of her illness that she had these thoughts. I treated another woman who was actually a civil rights leader before she developed the illness, and her symptoms included bizarre delusions about hispanic people. When she was slightly better on medications, she was so saddened by what she had said while she was having her paranoid delusions. I especially am saddened that as LBGT people, we know what it is like to be ridiculed for things we cannot control – namely who we fall in love with. We are not even mentally ill and yet we get this misunderstanding, fear, and hatred aimed towards us. Schizophrenics in fact were the first group to be exterminated by the Nazis before even LGBT, Jewish people, and the Roma. We are so far behind in the civil rights movement for the mentally ill that there isn’t even a word for anti-mentally ill like homophobia, sexism, or racism, and yet by the comments I see here, I do see there is a lot to go before we have adequately educated the public. Part of the problem is that there is so much shame about the condition that most people don’t even realize they probably know someone who has been affected by it – it affects 1% of the population.

  61. Iwontgrowup says

    One of the Pod People is loose, and is off her meds again.
    Do you think she wears that hat to keep her brain from leaking out her ears.
    There are just waaaay to many things that can be said about this nut burger and we all know what they are, she deserves them all.

  62. Mundus says

    May I heartily endorse Kenny’s posts above; if, as it would seem, this lady is suffering from a mental illness then it is unconscionable that she be held up for ridicule or condemnation. Mental illness should NEVER be a source of amusement or entertainment – by all means reserve condemnation for those who wilfully spread hate or discrimination but please show a little human kindness for a person who is obviously not in a position to think and speak rationally or to defend themselves.

    LGBT people, of all people, should know the damage that can be caused by uncharitable commentary and ridicule.

    Please take down this segment.

  63. NullNaught says

    As someone with Autism, I have noted quite a bit of anti-mental illness discrimination (most particularly from Littlkiwi) and I would just like to thank Kenny, Mundus and others here who don’t see mental illness as a laughing matter. People who are not neurotypical not only get laughed at for being the way we are, we are often violently assaulted verbally or physically (once again Littlekiwi comes to mind as being the most bigoted anit-mentally ill hate-ball I have ever met.).

  64. Kenny says

    I am doubly sad that the video has been tagged under “discrimination” because this is precisely the type of discrimination that faces my schizophrenic patients on a daily basis. One of my kindest sweetest schizophrenic patients came in in tears to my office because someone called her a “psycho” on the street. To her, this epithet was as hurtful as it was for me to be called the f word, and for a part of her that she did not “choose” as if it were a lifestyle to be schizophrenic.

  65. Kenny says

    Let’s focus on the real hateful, immoral, and bigoted people like Perkins and Gallagher and Sprigg who have the good fortune be be in full control of their mental faculties, yet choose a lifestyle of demeaning others. We ought not to be participating in anything resembling what they do.

  66. Caliban says

    Kenny, I agree with you that this woman is mentally ill, schizophrenic, and that ridiculing her isn’t a “nice thing” to do, she deserves our pity instead of our scorn, etc. etc. etc.

    But answer a question for me, if you will. What exactly separates this woman from the MANY anti-gay spokespersons who ARE treated legitimately, who are even pastors of apparently real churches? Because her rhetoric and even the way she presents her ideas are REALLY NOT that different from theirs, and they are presented as having valid opinions about gays and the “culture war.”

    How is she any different from the Phelps family, or the black minister who says all sorts of things about gay men like they don’t have bowel control or we’re all coprophiliacs? WHEN SO MANY OF OUR CRITICS SAY CRAZY THINGS, UNSUPPORTED BY REALITY, LOGIC OR REASON, WHY IS SHE A SPECIAL CASE?

    Seriously. Our opponents make up crazy things about us all the time. If many religious folks didn’t have Freedom Of Religion as a defense, they would rightly (I believe) be consigned to an institution or medicated.

    I do have pity for this women, but you know what? What she’s saying really isn’t that different from what allegedly sane people say about gays in town meetings all across the US. Start out your rant with “The Bible says” then go straight to crazy-town and it’s A-OK. And when someone is kicking YOU in the nuts it’s kind of hard to feel pat their head over their case of Restless Leg Syndrome.

  67. Mundus says

    I do not wish to beat the point into the ground but, if LGBT people are prepared to mock and abuse those who, through no fault of their own, are mentally ill, then on what basis can we claim any kind of moral high ground when opposing the hurtful and vile bullying and culture-war hatred so much in evidence in much US discourse that is directed towards LGBT people ?

    I have been treated, in the past for depression, if I were to upload footage of myself crying, would some posters find that hilarious, also ?

    We are better than this.

  68. Anthony says

    “She is living proof of what fundamental Christianity does to a human being.
    It would be funny if it weren’t believed by so many in the United States of Theocracy.” Ken

    “Please tell me this is a Poe. But America being America, it’s probably real. Nowhere else would such people be allowed to testify for anything.” Steve

    Firstly, Ken, don’t generalize “most Americans” to some ignorant old lady who talks incoherent babble and, probably, has a mental disorder. You just put yourself in the same category as her.

    Secondly, yes Steve, Americans have a right to free speech regardless of how, in this case, dumb it sounds. As long as her opinion is not physically interfering with someone else’s life, she does have the potential to speak her mind. Our freedom (of speech) is so important and must be isolated from the influence of opinion regardless of what a majority believes.

    And yes I do believe she is 1) crazy, 2) ignorant, 3) hilarious, 4) and wrong, as would most people.

  69. Kenny says

    Dear Caliban,
    Thank you for your response. I will try my best to answer your question. I can diagnose her with schizophrenia because of certain patterns in her thought process and speech that are characteristic of an illness as opposed to a disease. I note what we call neologisms (“Orgier”) which frequently occur in this illness, as well as a characteristic disorganization of her thought process called loosening of associations. She of course also displays delusional thought content. If you were to scan her brain with an fMRI scanner, you would probably note atrophy of a part of the brain called the hippocampus, atrophy of the cortex, and clear patterns of over activity and under activity in certain parts of her brain. If you tested her genes, she may very well have several genes that put her at elevated risk of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and if you traced her family tree, there is a very high likelihood that another member of her family in the past or present has developed the disease. The types of delusions people like this woman have do not reflect an underlying homophobia or racism – in fact, I have treated a former civil rights leader who only developed odd beliefs about hispanics after she got the disease. People like Maggie Gallagher, Peter Sprigg, etc do not exhibit these patterns in their speech or thought process that are indicative of this biological process, and instead exhibit hateful beliefs, and if you look at their brain scans, I am certain that they would likely appear to be normal.

  70. Kenny says

    Whoops Caliban! I meant “characteristic of an illness as opposed to political bigotry.” Even I am guilty of thinking Gallagher is diseased on some level! My bad.

  71. says

    Dude is hilarious to watch, but don’t miss the little old lady next to him either. She’s more subtle and low-key about it, but she’s just as flabbergasted. Best moment ever, around 4:22, when her eyebrow shoots straight up in a brief moment of pure WTF.

  72. Lucas says

    I feel very relieved to see Kenny and Mundus and others comment so much more eloquently about this issue than I can.

    When I watched the video, based on the tone of this article, I was prepared to see “anti-gay” hate speech. It didn’t take very long for me to recognize red flags in Ms. Skrovota’s speech. I too have worked with mentally ill patients in the past, though only in the capacity of caretaker and not psychiatrist. It made me skeptical of what this post implies is occurring, but I let it go…and then I saw Gawker pick up the piece, and credit Towleroad, and use very similar language in describing the video. Needless to say, the majority of the comments there were condescending and derisive.

    I trust Towleroad. I trust it to keep me informed of actual anti-gay bigotry and politics. People like Kenny mentioned – Gallagher, Perkins, etc. People capable of rational thought who use it for evil. I felt misled today, and unfortunately this story caught on with a lot more blogging/news sites than just Gawker. And Towleroad was credited in many of them. I don’t want to see the LGBT community participate in the same kind of ignorant discrimination that we have been fighting so hard against. I don’t want to feel like a hypocrite.

    I’m sorry if it sounds melodramatic, but in this case, Jane Skrovota (sp?) is a victim. And today, she has been bullied. By some of our own.

  73. Caliban says

    Thank you for answering, Kenny. It’s not so much the Maggie Gallaghers of the world I’m talking about, because there is clearly intelligence there and a uniform agenda even though I think her ideas and the basis for them are wrong.

    I’m talking more about the ranters, those who go on spittle-flecked tirades about the iniquities of gays, repeating every outdated stereotype and accusation from child molesting to inability to form relationships. They lie about gays deliberately, every chance they get. Look at the press releases from the various “religious” organizations with “family” in their title. Eugene Delgado, for instance. They rant and they scream and they lie lie lie and make things things up that are unsupported by objective reality. They are quite literally unhinged and it’s hard to know the difference between them and this poor woman. Yet they are also the heads of or spokespersons for anti-gay organizations.

    It’s almost tempting to feel sorry for them because they’ve been abused by religion or whatever, because they seem no more sane than this lady, but many people are receptive to their message!

  74. CanadianObserver says

    In the 18th century, the respectable citizens of London would pay a penny and be allowed into the mental asylum (Bedlam) to be amused by the “antics” of the mentally ill. I fail to see the difference between that and this site hosting this particular youtube clip.

    I think it shows a complete lack of compassion on the part of the editors of this site to not only host this video, but to place it at the top of the first page as a “must see”.

    There are real bigots and enemies of the LGBT communities who I am quite happy to see ridiculed — and I am more than willing to see them referred to as cranks and wingnuts.

    But in a case like this, where the individual being spotlighted is so obviously afflicted with mental illness, I think the editors should have moved along. We are constantly calling on opponents of LGBT equality to “join the 21st century”. May I suggest we add a call for people to get past the 18th when it comes to dealing with people with mental illness?

  75. Paul B. says

    I understand why we should feel compassion for this woman…and I do, because I believe she is unwell. However, the problem for many of us is that that’s a fine line we need to determine every day of our lives. So many times, pure hate and bigotry look very much like “mental illness” (phelps clan) and it’s tough to draw the distinction. I wish it were easier…but a lifetime of this kind of crap thrown at us and we forget to think before we act.

  76. Kenny says

    Ahh Caliban, I understand who you’re talking about. I actually do have concerns about some of the more bizarre, odd, fringe folks like Eugene Delgado. They are definitely less clear cut, though what I will say is that these organizations/cults often prey upon the most vulnerable among us. So, if you are already predisposed to hear voices (and not in a Michelle Bachmann I speak to God kind of way) but in the type that is actually resulting in hallucinations detectable on functional brain imaging, you are liable to be easily recruited. There are even less well understood conditions called schizotypal personality disorder and paranoid personality disorder, which may be on the spectrum of psychotic disorders, and share some potential genetic risk factors with full blown schizophrenia (or at least some heritability). These folks tend to have odd beliefs, but aren’t actively having the type of symptoms seen in schizophrenia. There are a lot of subtle differences in assessing psychosis which make it hard to do as an armchair psychiatrist here on the internet :) But I am definitely paying off massive student loans for it so I hope all this training is worth it!

  77. Kenny says

    Dear Paul B, I completely understand your dilemma, and I don’t expect the general public to be able to diagnose people without having received some education or advanced training. That’s what I paid the big bucks to learn. Obviously though, my field is doing a terrible job advocating for those who are actually mentally ill, and educating the public at large to understand what symptoms of schizophrenia look and sound like, as well as to help the public understand that what the schizophrenic mind is saying in the height of their psychosis has no basis in reality or in who that person was prior to developing this devastating illness.

  78. Mundus says

    @Lucas 8.21: I’m sorry if it sounds melodramatic, but in this case, Jane Skrovota (sp?) is a victim. And today, she has been bullied. By some of our own.

    This is what it boils down to; Yes, a casual viewing of this footage is superficially humorous, mainly due to the reactions of the people in the background and, yes, it is occasionally difficult to differentiate between wickedness, parody, stupidity and delusion, but, as I and others have posted above there is NO excuse, NONE, whatsoever, to attack a woman who is evidently mentally ill. I defer, of course, to Kenny’s expertise in this regard, given his professional and medical and counselling background and it makes me sick to the core to think that a mentally ill woman has now been exposed to (potentially) global ridicule and backlash simply because she is mentally ill.

    Attacking a mentally ill person IS bullying and there is NO rationale, excuse, or warrant that can support this, period.

    I am particularly moved by Lucas’ succinct clarity, in this regard, I am far too wordy and fond of multi-clausal sentences; he hits the nail on the head in his most admirable post, above – gay people frequently are treated horrifically and we should be ashamed of ourselves if we replicate such treatment with regard to those mentally ill people, less fortunate than ourselves.

    Lucas and Kennys, in their sincere and compassionate responses, in this regard, should serve as an example to us all.

    Many thanks to you both, we are in your debt.

  79. Caliban says

    To be honest I skimmed through the video only watching a few seconds and even then just to see what the people behind her were doing. And I had the sound turned almost all the way down so I’d have to strain to hear what she was saying.

    I didn’t do that for any other reason than this sort of wacko cr*p comes up EVERY time gay rights are discussed in a public forum and I’m sick and tired of hearing it! In this ONE instance this woman might be schizophrenic and more deserving of pity than anything else, but go on YouTube and look at the speeches given by people about gays at similar public forums and they’re from respected members of the community, “good” people from local churches, even local pastors. And the things they say are NOT, I repeat NOT, very much different than what this woman is saying!

    Remember the video where Zach Wahls got attention by speaking so eloquently in defense of his two mothers? I haven’t seen any more of it than that, but I would be willing to bet that some of the other people who testified in front of the Iowa senate that day didn’t sound very different from Jane Skrovota!

    And I reached my limit for that sort of thing a LONG time ago. I don’t watch videos of Bryan Fischer, Tony Perkins, or any of the other wingnuts, just like I don’t stick my head in the sewer. I’ve had enough s**t rubbed in my face, thank you, so I don’t seek it out.

    And while I understand that in this singular instance this woman is in the throes of mental illness, what she actually says is really not that far away from, and is in some ways identical to, things that are said about gay people every day by apparently respectable citizens across this country on a regular, if not daily, basis.

    So even “crazy” doesn’t sound crazy to me these days because it seems like I’ve heard it all before.

  80. Kenny says

    I completely hear you Caliban. I’ve pretty much given up watching those videos too because all they do is anger and depress me. It’s unfortunate this mentally ill woman got sucked into the very important project of exposing the real bigots out there. It is those videos (even though I personally don’t want to watch them anymore) that I think deserve to go viral and be condemned by the public. They need to be called out on their hatred and their ignorance which have been so incredibly damaging to our community. At the same time, it is important to protect those who are mentally ill – between the exterminations, sterilizations, incarcerations, and other atrocities that they have suffered because of poor understanding of their conditions, we have had much in common. Let us not forget that for a very long time, the bigots put us in the same category as the mentally ill and that we suffered dearly as a consequence.

  81. rob says

    I am a physician. This woman is incredibly tangential, has poor insight and poor judgement, and has paranoid delusions. She is not so much a bigot as she is psychotic – nothing really to see here.

  82. Carl says

    The dude behind is pure gold – Epic Facepalm @ 30 seconds… and about every 30 seconds from then on lol And the silent “What the F***s?!” really make it.

    As for that crazy old dear, can someone find out what she’s smoking? Cos I fancy getting seriously stoned and having a trip-out as huge as this for my birthday.

  83. NullNaught says

    I am mentally ill, and I remember how I think when I am not on my meds. I am hateful when I don’t take my meds. Not just irrational, but hateful. Mental illness can do that to you. I think that is the problem in understanding us; it is hard to tell the difference between someone hateful because of their mental illness and someone just hateful. Also, doesn’t being hateful require mental illness at some level, even if it is PTSD? I mean, can someone just be hateful without being mentally ill, or brainwashed by someone who is? As a result of the interaction between illness and hate, people assume you are mentally ill if you are hateful, and evil if you are mentally ill. I don’t know what to do about this, but I appreciate you trying to educate people; it is something I have a hard time doing because I am often dismissed because of my mental illness which makes me come off as wierd.

  84. ElCid says

    Poor thing… I mean, I really feel sorry for her… but I could not stop laughing about women going gay after Rohypnol…

  85. Lucas says

    Andy, PLEASE update this post with some kind of edit. She’s not a wingnut. There are real wingnuts out there who deserve our ire, and it is just being misdirected here. Some kind of update clarifying that this lady is not an “insane anti-gay wingut”.

    Or at least, clarify your position on her statement, knowing that she is ill. Please.

  86. Wyett Earp says

    This woman need to be display in a zoo. I bet most human has never encounter such sub species of Homosapien. Some are actually evolve much slower than others.

  87. TJ says

    It has been interesting, reading the comments over the course of the day. CALIBAN posed an interesting viewpoint (how do you distinguish nut from wingnut?); KENNY and others pointed out the signs that distinguish between the two. At times, it seems a thin line. But given the diagnostic criteria mentioned, it is clear, with the tangentiality, illogic, paranoia, etc., that this woman is mentally ill. I appreciate the catharsis provided by being able to laugh at such stupid ranting, but the bottom line is that this woman is mentally ill.

    It won’t happen, but it would be really nice if this thread were 86’ed. Laughing at the mentally ill ought to be beneath us.

  88. says

    My favorite part is that she’ll die alone and scared, trembling in fear until her brain synapses cease and she no longer exists. I’m satisfied with the irrelevant and lonely life she will lead until that end.

  89. sharyn says

    oh FFS, I can’t believe she was allowed to continue to speak. I have never heard such untruths – i think she has a mental health issue?????

  90. noteasilyoffended says

    She needs to take this show on the road. She’d be on Colbert in no time.

  91. daniel malisky says


  92. Samuel Adams says

    Lol God Bless Amurrrrrika. People like this woman actually win us support.

  93. Book 7 says

    I think that was Georgia Engel doing a River Phoenix deep-submersion art piece. At least I hope it is.

    And, honey, I’ve rimmed a lot of gorgeous bottoms, and I’m still here.

  94. Book 7 says

    OH! I just figured out what she reminds me of: The label on Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. Extremely evil and mentally ill castile soap.

  95. 7punk7 says

    Ladies and Gentlemen (drum roll) introducing President Romney’s Secretary of Health and Human Services!

    Seriously, I couldn’t stop laughing. The guy with the glasses expressions were just priceless. Her poor family are probably too embarrassed to admit they are related to her.

  96. says

    In a nation where political rhetoric has been blithely unmoored from pesky facts, politicians may not utter statements as outrageous as this woman (or wear such jaunty hats), but they are every bit at ease saying words that aren’t true. People take Mitt Romney seriously, but laugh at this woman (most notably the man directly behind her, bless him), but her only political sin is actually believing the lies she says.

  97. Jerry6 says

    She said it all without laughing. She must have been practicing the speech for at least a year. I understand that she is Michel Bachman’s speech writeron the side.

  98. alex_C_*@ says

    Let’s get real, and trash the crazy-bashing. She appears, based upon several reasonably informed clinical judgements (including mine) to suffer from a serious mental illness, and is purportedly homeless.

    If so, she didn’t come up with these “facts” on her own, but may have been bribed to testify in exchange for food or shelter or new clothing.

    Have some pity for her, even if you abhor her words. Let’s target the people who fed her this misinformation and got her to testify.

    I can’t laugh at someone with a disability of this magnitude. I hope that you wouldn’t either.

  99. Caliban says

    Great. Now that this story is no longer getting many posts I found a better example for the comparison I was trying to draw. Victoria Jackson.

    Yes, I believe this woman is mentally ill, sick instead of hateful, more deserving of pity than scorn. But a LOT of anti-gay bigots seem, at least to me, mentally ill but they do get national media exposure and their opinions are accepted and treated as valid. Their ideas are broadcast and presumably accepted by some percentage of the audience.

    Victoria Jackson for instance. She isn’t just a homophobic anti-Obama Teabagger, I truly believe she is mentally ill. Even believing that I do not think it’s reasonable to expect her critics to cut her any slack for her disordered ideas.

    Personally, I also think that Michele Bachmann is mentally “off” at the very least. She has a curious, inward-looking gaze that makes me suspect that whatever she sees it’s not the mutually agreed upon reality the rest of us see. But she wields more actual power, has a greater audience, than anyone here including Joe Jervis.

    And there are many others. Eugene Delgadio, Richard Cohen, several ex-gay “types,” etc. Plus there are those who seem to have a religious monomania that goes far beyond “faith” into the territory of true obsession that could be treated with medication.

    And they DO NOT deserve a “pass” for the things they say even if their beliefs are a symptom of a disordered brain.

    This woman, a more or less private citizen standing up in front of city council meeting and obviously schizophrenic, is a sad case but face it, there is some level of mental illness in a LOT the “respectable” foes of gay rights but they still have to be combatted, their ideas held up to scorn and ridicule.

    So where do you draw the line?

  100. Caliban says

    An article about Jane Svoboda, with a statement from her family stating that she is indeed schizophrenic, in an assisting living facility, is harmless, and please don’t take offense and anything she says.

    One of her brother’s statements does have its comic side, seeming to draw a comparison between conservatism and mental illness.

    “To me, it shows how little society really cares about people with mental health issues,” Patrick Svoboda said. “She does have a very tender heart … but anything she says is certifiably schizophrenic … she’s not some crazy conservative.”

    He said her family has tried to get her help multiple times, but unless she harms herself or others, there’s not much more they can do.

  101. says

    I actually lived in Omaha from age 4 to 18. As far as I’m concerned – crazy people like this ill-informed, hate driven, country bumpkin, not only give the area a bad name and reputation, they are also flesh and blood PROOF that LGBTQ people in the area NEED protection against discrimination.

    here is a much more heart warming video from the lady in the flowered shirt behind the “insane anti-gay wingnut”…

    Its good to know there ARE good sane people in Omaha fighting the crazy lemmings.

  102. John Wagner says

    ROMANS 3:4 Let God be true, and every man a liar. As it is written: “So that You [God] may be proved right when you speak and prevail when you judge.”

    Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.
    26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. ROMANS 1: 24

    Jesus Christ: “It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life. Those who are victorious will inherit all this, and I will be their God and they will be my children. But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.” REVELATION 21:6

  103. Rick says

    I agree that this woman displays obvious signs of mental illness. And I agree that she needs proper assistance and protection, rather than ridicule.

    But having said that, think about this: Mrs Skrovota votes on OUR rights whenever things like marriage equality are put on a popular ballot. Think about it.

  104. TJ says


    I am an a**hole – sh*t c*nt f*ggot f*ck.

    I have Tourette’s Syndrome – sh*t c*unt f*ggot f*ck.

    I am a three year-old – sh*t c*nt f*ggot f*ck.

    The difference?

    A lot.

  105. RedRoseQueen1 says

    I’m neither gay nor male but I’d like to rupture HER intestines! (But not with my p-e-n-i-s, as I don’t HAVE one!) but if I DID, I wouldn’t want it NEAR this wacko!)jfc…Is she for REAL?

  106. David says

    Yes, it turns out that this woman suffers from schizophrenia, and lives with her brother who cares for her.

    So, best not to joke about it, eh?

  107. John Wagner VonStauffenberg says

    ADDRESSING THE FALACY: “Live your life as you see fit so long as it harms no one.”

    Homosexuality is a major contributor to a degenerate society. The last virtue of a degenerate society is tolerance – you tolerate my immorality and I will tolerate yours.

    Liberals are intent on making America a land where everything is tolerated except being intolerant! This is why the tolerance of homosexuality does harm others. When there is tolerance for anything and everything without regard for morality and wholesomeness, the social structure collapses. History has made that very clear.

    Instead of pleading, “God, please tolerate us for breaking all of Your laws”, we say, “God forgive us for breaking your laws and help us mend our sinful ways, for Jesus sake.”

  108. Karma says

    Hate to be a buzzkill, but it was reported elsewhere that she is schizophrenic. She certainly seems that way in this video; there is other video of her on YouTube telling the same city council to put cinnamon and turmeric on all their food for 5 years to prevent Alzheimer’s; that getting a cough or cold in May is not normal and can make you mentally ill, and that adding bike lanes to roads will restore global peace and harmony. She’s not really a crazy homophobe – she’s just plain crazy.

  109. CynJ says

    :( Part of me had sincerely hoped this was a spoof of some kind. I’m sad that it isn’t, she’s obviously not a well person and is someone that deserves compassion not ridicule. I wish she had someone in her life to help her make better decisions about her actions. The whole thing is sad.

  110. says