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    To be honest I’ve never seen the allure of Madonna, nor have I ever considered her to be a true musical artist. I do respect her ability to be a great marketeer – which is the basis for pop music. Fifty years from now the world will be unable to recall a one of her songs much less remember her. She learned early and quickly how to sell a product – any product and had she applied that ability to real estate (example Cher) she would have been more successful. As a true bona-fide musical talent it just isn’t there (for me). The packaging and marketing is fabulous but once you open the box and look inside it just isn’t there.

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    hoping that in 50 years the most iconic female recording artist of the 20th Century will be “forgotten” is a rather pathetic way of coping with the fact that you, yourself, have made no impact at all on the world, whatsoever.

    keep letting everyone know that you don’t like madonna. it won’t make her life worse and it won’t make your life better.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    Yes OS2GUY, but do not the circumstances make the results all the more fascinating? Madonna defined and is still leading the consumerist edicts developed at the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st century—product (as you state) for total pop consumerism. Somehow (unfortunately) she will be at least remembered for that in 100 years.
    Yes, she could have been successful in any career she might have chosen, it just happened to be pop diva. Not a good choice though when you are heading towards 60.

  4. tinkerbelle says

    Ooo, littlekiwi, everyone has a right to their opinion, even you. What are you doing right now that makes you so… words escape me.

  5. Michael says

    I can only speak for myself, a 23 year-old white guy, but Madonna seems to have lost all luster. I remember Ray of Light when I was younger, and that stuff was fabulous. Her latest singles are inane and derivative. There’s no spark, no cleverness. I respect that she has done amazing things, but that shouldn’t give her a pass for the crap she’s released lately. If anything, fans should expect her to raise the bar, not dip below it like she’s playing limbo.

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    yes, everyone has a right to an opinion, and the right to show their bitterness by sharing it.

    it’s just so funny because the “i don’t like madonna” gays are all the same, projecting a hope that she fails or is forgotten. it’s like drinking poison every and waiting for someone else to die from it.

  7. Oliver says

    I can only speak for myself, and I’m thrilled to own two tickets (fantastic seats, i might add) to see Madonna next month in Barcelona!
    p.s. boys, there’s no need to argue about Madonna…she’s not the only singer on the planet. You know, there’s a reason why Baskin Robbins makes 52 flavours.

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    i want her to go back to that acoustic sound she was cultivating on American Life. hard candy and now MDNA are the first madonna albums i didnt’ purchase. just not the kind of music i’m into anymore.

    but damn if the lady doesn’t have one of the most impressive song catalogues out there.
    hearing ray of light when i was 16 years old inspired me to Come Out

  9. tinkerbelle says

    Little Kiwi,I’m neither bitter nor hate Madonna, I remember her first performances in NYC before anyone knew who she was, and dancing next to her at Danceteria, and listening to her first album at full blast coming back from Connecticut in a 1982 white Corvette Mako filled with like 8 people—she is part of my history. It’s just that time does things to people and it’s not always pretty, or good. I like your comments better on Bill Maher’s Obama comments, it’s pretty much spot-on.

  10. Felix says

    I have the feeling William Orbit always wanted to be the Lizard King :) Ray of Light, Beautiful Stranger, I’m a Sinner…

  11. Michae says

    Ray of Light is her best work???? Get over yourself Orbit because that’s hardly anywhere near the truth. The LP that featured Jump, Hung Up, etc is by far her hippest work yet.

  12. Molc says

    Excuses, excuses. She had the superbowl (if that isn’t promotion I don’t know what is), she had ABC (where she was her usual rude self), Ryan Seacrest etc etc. Ppl are just tired of her. She has no voice to fall back on so she has to keep relying on gimmicks-throwing her crotch in everyone’s face at her age, trying to pretend she’s still 21. It’s got nothing to do with promotion or lack of.

  13. enjoyment says

    I like MDNA, it is a great album to play all the way through. Not many like that anymore.

  14. Precious says

    There’s always some a-hole who comes along to say things like “Fifty years from now the world will be unable to recall a one of her songs much less remember her.” How on earth can you expect a statement like that to be taken seriously when it’s already been thirty years since her first release and most people have no problem remembering her or any of those first songs. I was born after the Beatles broke up, yet i’m still very familiar with their catalog. Big Band music, the first Rock & Roll songs, Disco, etc. — all still remembered. Why are people 20 years younger than me able to name songs & performers from throughout the 20th Century? This music has made an enormous cultural impact — whether you like it or not. Yeah, i’m talking to you OS2GUY. By the way, the only thing I can say for sure is that no one will remember YOUR work 50 years from now.

  15. mike says

    I’m 48 years old. Anyone else remember Madonna’s music at the clubs when it FIRST came out and the subsequent dance singles that shortly followed? It took about a year or two for me to eventually dislike her motives and music but I still remember her and always will.

  16. mike says

    Ray of Light is a revelation. Wish that she would work w/ Orbit more in the fture and listen to his advice, he knows what he is talking about. The Queen lives!

  17. FlopDNA says

    Why is William “Stuck in the 90’s” Orbit trying to defend this mess? FlopDNA flopped simply because it’s a crappy album, plain and simple. His work on Ray of Light was great, but the songs he produced on FlopDNA sounded dated and plain along with the rest of the songs on the album. He needs to stop complaining.

  18. Dback says

    Let’s go back 25+ years and revisit the icons of the era. Springsteen is still around, and still God; but who else? Cyndi Lauper is more of a cult artist now, though highly respected. Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are dead after years of drug abuse and substandard work that didn’t come close to their early promise. Phil Collins is MIA (praise God). Elton John is working for Broadway and Disney. Tina Turner is retired in France. Prince is…well, Prince, revered cult leader. Streisand has ascended to some sort of pantheon, but doesn’t get much radio play anymore. U2 is probably the best band in the world, but are still licking their wounds from “Spider Man.”

    Love her or hate her, Madonna is IT. She has been part of America’s DNA for 30 years, and her best singles are being played everywhere every minute, and will continue to do so, because they are indeed that good. Yes, most of them are “disposable” dance fluff; such is pop music. (The Beatles were once dismissed as “pop music,” too.) Yes, Michael Jackson made 4-5 iconic videos, but they can’t compare to the volume or breadth of Madonna’s output over three decades.

    Susan Sarandon purred during VH1’s “Top 100 Women in Rock” special that “The history of pop music can be pretty much divided into Before and After Madonna” (#8). This is, like it or not, incontestably true. There are only a handful of artists (Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Streisand, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Nirvana) that one can say that about; Madonna is unarguably one of them. We don’t have to like her (she never wanted to be liked, just adored); we just have to admit that she is our Leo Goddess Queen Of The Freaking Universe.

    There are better singers. There are more talented artists. There is only one, and will only be one, Madonna.

  19. Gry says

    Cyndi Lauper is, I would argue, objectively the far better singer and well-rounded talent of the pair.

    The difference is that, by her own admission, she just didn’t feel she could pull off strutting around in lingerie, being naked on a bed with chains, and changing her nationality every five years or so.

  20. Jude says

    It would be so much easier for Madonna if she hadn’t presented herself as a strong woman and if she hadn’t been a strong woman. She’s never asked for sympathy and she’s never gotten it from the media nor from the public. Being a strong woman doesn’t generate much sympathy nor empathy.

    It’s so much easier to feel for Michael Jackson who was somewhat a pitiful character. It was easy to root for Whitney Houston who had a drug problem or for Mariah Carey who had a mental breakdown. Janet Jackson has struggled with her weight and George Michael’s problems are also well-known.

    But Madonna? No. She’s strong and powerful. Her career is unparalleled. She’s never even had major problems in her personal life – or at least she hasn’t wallowed in her worries publicly.

    Madonna doesn’t use drugs nor do we ever see her drunk. She doesn’t even smoke. She has never been self-destructive in any way. She’s super healthy. She’s in control of herself and she’s a constant reminder to us that we should take better care of our bodies.

    And partly because of that we are so eager to laugh at her veiny hands. To have at least something that makes us feel better.

    Madonna will never receive the sympathy that is reserved for the tragic and she will never get the respect that is deserving for the triumphant. And she acts like she doesn’t care and she probably doesn’t. She just keeps on going. And isn’t that just annoying?

  21. Bosie says

    haters are a waste…IF you never “heard” Madonna’s music then your reviews are useless! AS FOR THE “article” THIS IS 2 weeks old…there’s no such fight going on…towleroad running out of stories or drama?? LOL laughable

  22. Bosie says

    haters are a waste…IF you never “heard” Madonna’s music then your reviews are useless! AS FOR THE “article” THIS IS 2 weeks old…there’s no such fight going on…towleroad running out of stories or drama?? LOL laughable

  23. ElCid says

    I really liked the comments that MICHAEL posted.
    MDNA is the first ever Madonna’s album that I did not purchase. I even own Hard Candy!!
    It is sad to say this but MDNA is a completely disposable album. Not one song in it caused any emotion in me. No happiness, no bitterness, no emotions really. I never felt so detached from any of her previous albums. For God’s sake I even enjoyed “Celebration”!!
    I really hope/expect a better offering from her next time. And I really hope next time is no more than 2 years ahead :)

  24. ElCid says

    I really liked the comments that MICHAEL posted.
    MDNA is the first ever Madonna’s album that I did not purchase. I even own Hard Candy!!
    It is sad to say this but MDNA is a completely disposable album. Not one song in it caused any emotion in me. No happiness, no bitterness, no emotions really. I never felt so detached from any of her previous albums. For God’s sake I even enjoyed “Celebration”!!
    I really hope/expect a better offering from her next time. And I really hope next time is no more than 2 years ahead :)

  25. Chicklets says

    Madonna has, overall, a great songbook. Shes IS a talented songwriter (although the last few albums IMO have just been so-so, bordering on awful). She does deserve more credit as a songwriter and producer.

  26. GagaisQueen says

    Madonna should get a gun, stick it to her head, and pull the trigger. The world wouldn’t care. She is ALL OVER WITH! FlopDNA is a flop, the tour is a FLOP. Madonna is a HAS-BEEN FLOP!!

  27. shoulda woulda says

    read this back in March, too bad it never happened:
    Madonna’s already said her William Orbit tracks are different, and Orbit, who said he’s still working with her on extra material, backed that up Wednesday in a BBC interview with the following, probably soaked-in-tact quote:

    What she has decided to do is extra acoustic versions. There’s some pretty hard, rocking tracks. There’s a very different variation of styles. Mostly pretty savage, actually. The singles that have come out aren’t necessarily representative.

  28. James in Bcn says

    To my knowledge Orbit has never worked with Cocteau Twins in any artistic capacity, I.e. writer or producer.

  29. Murat says

    This is just sad. MDNA could have done so much better. The nail in the coffin were Girl Gone Wild and its video: unbelievably REDUCTIVE (look it up). We’ve seen it before, many times over, and now the Queen of Reinvention is repeating everybody else’s copies of herself? Please. Just come up with something else than grinding your hips in front of a white wall, wearing black gloves, doing gun-hands into the camera. And unapologetically reclaim pop. Which easily could have happened with a different set of singles (Turn Up The Radio, Superstar, and Love Spent and/or Falling Free, in that order) and smart, innovative videos.

  30. John Dough says

    Can’t wait until Gaga starts stealing from Ray of Light. She’s so innovative!

  31. jt says

    The truth is in the numbers kiddies. I was born in the early 80s and Madonna has always been a fixture in my world. I know every single, watched the videos, and appreciated the work. If “Borderline” or “Express Yourself” came on in the bar…id dance.
    That being said, im a fan of MADONNA…but the last 10 years has given us MADGE….the prissy pretentious alter ego the lil Italian girl from Detroit aquired. Her music has suffered greatly.
    Gay white males by enlarge still hold her up as the pinnacle of music… to a a degree that they tend to get tunnel visions…(hence why Britney became a star despite having no discernable talent)…I have her more as one of the many peaks in a range of artists of a bygone era of true megastars. The game changers. After Michael, every star had to make an epic video and choreographed dance. After Whitney, every singer had to be able to play their voice like a musical instrument. After Madonna, every star had to own their sexuality and creativeness.
    The problem is, she is now chasing the trends, and refuses to grow up. We saw a hint that she could evolve with “Confessions”…but mostly…the last decade have been rather dull, full of tired gimmicks and empty promise. Ill continue to blast “Like A Prayer” and enjoy her legacy, but her status is now legend, to be revered for her work, but not compete with the kids. MDNA brought this into sharp focus for me. She has a huge legacy…she can tour for the rest of her life and sell out shows based on that…albums like MDNA tarnish that….

  32. okokok says

    the face?
    he should have used that cheesy M/M thing to put over that wonky left eye in the pic.

  33. RAX says

    Wow @Jude, this Madonna girl sounds like she’s some sort of saint.

    But seriously, re: all the comments, it does seem as though a new Madonna album, for her, it’s just an opportunity to go on tour and make 500 million. If the albums and singles sell, good; if they don’t, that’s fine, because she wasn’t going to make much off them anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think MDNA is an okay album, if you can find a way to play it with the lyrics all garbled up because this is the same woman who even up to three albums ago could write amazing song lyrics.

  34. MaddM@ says

    I think Confessions and the associated tour was definitely my favorite artistic outing from the queen of pop. I really hope she works with Stuart Price again in her last 2 albums- Although I liked MDNA quite a bit and thought her superbowl halftime show was pretty good considering her injury during rehersal

  35. warren says

    dear DBACK, you are right there is only one iconic Madonna and she hangs in a museum!

  36. Al says

    Madonna is of another generation. The older generation may still be into her, but she’s pretty much a novelty now, which is why I don’t blame her for becoming a touring act. She knows that her best days are behind her. It’s hilarious that she still thinks she’s going to make it in the film industry though. Gurl, please! Her albums and singles don’t sell. Why not just tour? That seems to be where her heart is.

  37. Bob says

    What made Madonna special was the heart she sang with and the connection between her personality and her lyrics. The world wasn’t exactly clamoring, however, for Madonna’s tales of marital failure, not having a pre-nup, etc.. Relatability is key. And, sadly, she’s just too old to be calling herself a “girl” and singing about girly things on the other track. The heart is gone. The voice is thin. And the face is stuffed beyond recognition. In the past year, Madonna has revealed the wizard behind the curtain and it’s insecurity, anger and denial: not a winning combination.

  38. NorthoftheBorder says

    I will forever love this album. My first sexual encounter with another guy was to this CD. tacky, maybe, but 15 years later, we’re still best friends. :)

  39. Chris says

    Ray of Light was her peak…and I am so grateful for all the happy memmories from the Roxy

  40. dms says

    Ray of Light. Love that album. For whatever reason it sounded fresh, innovative, interesting and commanded repeat listening.

    Not one track does that for me on mdna. Worse, I cringe when I hear some of the sophomoric lyrics.

    I know music appreciation is subjective, but it does seem, despite being catapulted into thelimelight on the superbowl, the public at large, agrees that it is not worth owning.

    Very poor sales. No hit single. All but gone from the charts. And I bet the Grammy’s don’t give it a single nod.

    If you like the album, lucky you. You get to enjoy a new madonna album. For the rest of us, we have to wait years and hope that she rights the path that went wrong starting with Hard Candy.

  41. says

    The album is one of her better ones. Unfortunately, the prayer at the start of the first song and the rant at the end of the second are annoying on repeated listenings. But both of those cuts are great, and the next four are all potential hits. With different promotion, there’s no reason the album couldn’t have sold a lot more.

  42. Walrez says

    The great thing about Madonna is that no matter what she does, she is and will always be a star/goddess. It’s in her nature. It doesn’t matter what she does. She simply is.

    I’m also an old fan, and I think that she’s experimenting with stuff that I don’t always like. But she’ll eventually find the new voice that she wants, and she’ll be around for a long, long time.
    Which is good.

    Tomorrow I’ll be at the opening night of her new tour, here in Israel, and I’m sure that nothing will matter other than that it’ll be phenomenal. Something like no other performer can do so good.

  43. Terry says

    Wow, lots of people who just have to say something… That says a lot. She gets strong reactions… Love or hate… And that has always been the key to her success. Every one of her early singles, after her first album, raised a social issue, controversially, and from a woman’s mouth – back when most women were not meant to be strong, disagree or be sexually assertive. A confident women with controversial opinions and talent… When Gaga is in doubt, she asks herself…. What would Madge do?