Romney Defunded Commission to fight LGBT Bullying as Massachusetts Governor

Mitt Romney threatened the funding of a commission to fight LGBT bullying while he was governor of Massachusetts, TPM reports:

94_romneyThe Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, created by Republican Gov. William Weld in 1992 in response to newly released statistics showing alarmingly high suicide rates among gay and lesbian teens, was designed to combat harassment in schools. It served at the pleasure of the state’s chief executive. The commission funded Gay Straight Alliances in high schools and provided training and information for teachers.

Romney continued its existence upon taking office, but a rift began in 2005, when he vetoed a $100,000 increase in its budget, prompting the state legislature to overturn his move and restore funding. Conservative anti-gay activists, who had mobilized in the wake of the state’s gay marriage fight, publicly opposed the commission’s budget request.

Romney’s office reiterated at the time that the governor’s initial objection was over funding levels, and not the group’s goal of helping gay youth, which he supported.

Said Eliza Byard, executive director of GLSEN: “We remember well what Romney tried to do as governor of Massachusetts and we now we have more info on some of his own attitudes that may have led to his policy actions. If he’s willing to dismiss [his own bullying] incident as ‘hijinks,’ I could understand that he wouldn’t understand at all why this program was so critical.”


  1. Alex Parrish says

    Unlike the story of Mittens actually bullying someone, I think this is a non-story. According to the article here (my only source of information on this) he did not attempt to dissolve the group; only to limit an increase in its funding. While this may not be pleasant, every governor is faced with challenges concerning which programs to fund and which to eliminate, and hard choices — sometimes unpopular ones–need to be made. Unless there is evidence that he tried to reign-in funding while freely funding everything else (which evidence is not presented here) this is a story of a governor exercising a fiscal balancing-act. Non-story.

  2. Jack says

    You can’t accuse the other side of lying and then create a headline that is a lie yourself…

    Vetoing an increase in funding =/= defunding.

    Sensationalist headlines betray that the “news” isn’t really so compelling or interesting, otherwise it wouldn’t need help from a falsified headline.

    Good job Andy.

  3. Mic says

    Romney is so toast in this election. Piles of hate upon hate exposing more hate.

    Just delicious to see the magic underwear wearing holier-than-all Moron falling flat on his face – time after time after time.

    Speaking of which, Maybe it’s time to pack up that Purified Portable Temple tent and head back to Utah, where Mormons are Planetary Gods and the rest of us just around for their amusement.

  4. ratbastard says

    Romney ran Massachusetts [I live there] as a moderate. Of course he had to be cause the state’s population are generally moderate. Massachusetts can’t be run like Utah, Mississippi or Alabama because the state’s population just aren’t that conservative, and religious based social conservatism [some Baptist and evangelical Protestants] are rare here. Many people are nominally Catholic, but most ridicule and ignore many church teachings.

  5. ratbastard says


    I understand this is a gay oriented website, but the Nov. election will be decided on economics, not gay issues, which the vast majority of people don’t care about. And that’s really bad news for Obama.

  6. Mic says

    Nice attempt at deflection: alex, Jack.

    Romney did defund the group with the intent to dissolve it because of conservative pressure.

    AND BTW:

    You think it’s funny that Gay Teens are killing themselves?

    You think programs to stop that deserve fiscal knife-cutting?

    What doesn’t in your world?


    Yeah, ’cause there’s a skill set that will keep a gay ten alive.

    Pshaw…move on trolls. You got nothing.

  7. Patric says

    How gullible you are, Alex. Or perhaps you’re just competing with Ratbastard to be the most energetic apologist for Republican bigots on this site (in which case I’d suggest you throw in the towel as you’ll never reach his heights of delusion and self-loathing).

    Romney didn’t veto an increase in this commission’s budget (in an amount of mere pocket change for a state government) in 2005 because of fiscal considerations. He did so because he’d decided he’d be running for President in 2008 as a social conservative (remember, that was the Romney 3.0 version we saw in 2008, which failed miserably and was replaced by a different sort of campaign in 2012). Romney spent most of 2005, 2006 and 2007 doing all he could to burnish his anti-gay bona fides for the Republican voters of Iowa and South Carolina and this was just one more example of it.

    Btw, part of Romney’s campaign was an all-out assault (aided by the likes of Scott Brown) on marriage equality in Massachusetts, including unsuccessful efforts to write anti-gay discrimination into the Commonwealth’s historic state constitution and even the dusting off of a 1913 racist state law which had originally been used to prevent the recognition of interracial marriages in the state. Hardly surprising that that qualifies as “moderate” for Ratbastard or other sad, sad gay Republicans!

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