1. UFFDA says

    Lets all gather together now in our little sheep pack facing the tele and baa-cheer for a new series of idiocy. A man may be hot but he’s not when he’s got…fangs.

  2. wds says

    OK, UFFDA I get that you don’t like TB – but that means whose who DO are nothing more than sheep because they say they do? Really? Seriously, that’s why there’s more than one (or – as I can remember – three) channels and that’s why there’s more than one like/dislike. I like TB, but don’t care for Glee … does that mean I need to turn in my gay-card? Because I’m not a sheep? Sheesh!!!

  3. Rob says

    Please, please let me have one more Meloni shower and homo luv interest like on Oz. I’m a proud man, don’t make me beg.