News: Morrissey, Bear, Milo Ventimiglia, Octopus, Sean Maloney

RoadNew Jersey AFL-CIO passes resolution supporting marriage equality.

RoadNME apologizes for calling Morrissey a racist in 2007: "The NME and publisher IPC apologised in a joint statement, adding: 'We do not believe [Morrissey] is a racist.' An NME spokeswoman said the magazine was "pleased it has buried the hatchet" with the singer."

CcbearRoadPolice capture Cape Cod bear.

RoadCharlize Theron now nearly bald.

RoadMy Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding celebrates incest, shuns lesbians: "The juxtaposition between the kissing cousins whose status was vaguely threatened by their temporary living in sin, and the lesbians who were largely shunned by Ana's Gypsy family, provided a telling map of what read as contradictory cultural priorities within the Romani culture."

RoadMitt Romney's deeply dishonest web video hitting Obama on jobs.

RoadScientists discover two new moons around Jupiter, bringing its total known number of satellites to 67.

RoadBill Clinton backs gay former aide Sean Patrick Maloney in New York congressional race: "Sean worked closely with me in the White House to create jobs, grow our economy and balance the budget.  It’s time to bring a common sense approach back to Congress, and Sean Patrick Maloney is the right Democrat to help restore the economy and get people back to work in the Hudson Valley."

RoadMedian net worth of U.S. families plunges.

Road116 of Paramount Pictures' "greatest talents" gather for group photo.

AppleRoadVIDEO: Fiona Apple sports octopus hat.

RoadRomney confirms he'll deny insurance to people with pre-existing conditions who aren't already insured if Obamacare is struck down.

RoadVIDEO: Rare tornado strikes Venice, Italy.

RoadFlorida middle school teacher resigns after students see gay adult video on his laptop: "Rosario-Gonzalez taught 9th grade history at Taylor Middle-High School. In mid-May he hooked up his laptop to a projector in class and was scrolling through videos marked at his favorites to find history-related content.However, as he was scrolling through he passed a video titled "Gay Sex Threesom." Word got around, and eventually a parent contacted the school to complain…"

RoadAnti-gay Muslim preacher to speak in Calgary, Canada.

RoadVIDEO: Shahs of Sunset's Reza Farahan expounds on his mustache.

VentimigliaRoadMilo Ventimiglia: That's My Boy.

RoadAnti-gay marriage group in Minnesota exploits loophole to keep its donor names secret: "This loophole means that proponents of ballot initiatives can legally launder money through non-profit groups, as long as the non-profit group does other things beyond just fighting for that particular ballot initiative. Because the Minnesota Family Council has taken other right-wing positions over the years — including opposing anti-bullying protections for LGBT students and regulation of pre-school programs — it can raise and spend as much money as it wants to this year to support the amendment and voters will have no opportunity to know who is paying for their advertising and other campaign efforts."

RoadPokemon community Bulbagarden announces  policy against discrimination, hatred and intolerance of LGBT people: "Our new policy is about the teenagers and young adults who begin to realize they're "different". The ones who are afraid anyone will find out what they are, because they live in a place where being what they are can get them shrugged, beaten, and even killed. The ones who have already lost their family, or fear they will lose their family. The ones who can't bear to go to school anymore. The far too many who have been driven to end their lives because of this intolerance."


  1. says

    “Bill Clinton backs gay former aide….”

    Hey did any of you see the photos of Al Gore with Fred Phelps? Fred Phelps was campaigning for Gore and Clinton back in the know…back in the day when Democrats hated gay people and now they love us. Here’s one of the pics.

    You can google it girlfriends. Clinton and Gore…fundraisers at the Fred Phelps home….

    Fred Phelps, Democrat. It’s just so titillating….dontcha think?

  2. Matt26 says

    I saw Milo V first on Gilmore Girls and he was very cute and great actor. Followed him on Heroes, good work again. Good looking guy and now a hunk ready for beach.

  3. DK says

    I read the first couple pages of the attached forum post to the news post over at Bulbagarden. There’s at least one person over there citing that “gays have a short life span” study (and linking to Lifesite as proof…) as well as trying the “hate the sin, love the sinner” routine.
    But most of the comments I read are thankful for the explicit policy change.

  4. jim says

    Interesting…why is it that only the anti-gay marriage groups want to keep their donors secret? What are their donors afraid of? Too cowardly to stand behind their assinine convictions?

  5. Robert says

    Yay Bulbagarden! As a Gaymer, it is hard enough to find safe space within the gaming community (or even within the gay community!). There will be haters within, but this strengthens the sanctions against hateful comments by the moderator!

  6. BigFan says

    Re: Florida Middle School Teacher

    As I have read the story, the students saw the title of the video, not the actual video on the list; and despite the speed with which the teacher proceeded to scroll – the students registered the “Gay … Threesome” title.

    I now know of several people who have used their office-issued laptops for porn and suffered substantial consequences.

    Would the students and others have overlooked it, if the title hadn’t contained the word, “gay”? I wonder.

  7. Jasun Mark says


    I would have figured the idiots at One News Now would be fooled but here too?

    Youtube does NOT ALLOW porn.

    If you search for “Gay Threesome Sex” on Youtube, you get a video from comedy blogger Davy Wavy.

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