1. Dback says

    Ummmm…nice idea (“nice” meaning “probably well intentioned if boneheaded–look kids, this is what’s called karma in action!”), completely idiotic and wrong-headed execution. If the kid’s bullying others, send them to the office and get the principal and parents involved ASAP.

  2. RJ says

    Yes, that’s the solution which fixes everything.

    This teacher is an idiot, but you’re dreaming.

  3. Hollywood, CA says

    If a 6 year old is bullying other kids, he’s probably being bullied himself at home, so does this really solve the problem? Kids who bully this young are not coming form well adjusted happy families, and their just bad seeds… there is a reason for their behavior, and they need help as well.

  4. Dback says

    BTW, if the mom is determined to exact further retribution against the teacher after she’s already lost her job, you can probably see where Aidan gets his bullying tendencies.

  5. Old Skool says

    Texas? Why didn’t she just paddle his a$$? And then sentence him to lethal injection?

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    Nice, Mom “protects” her kid by bullying the teacher: “I jest wanna be shore she never teaches agin!”

    Yes, the teacher’s idea was bone-headed and extreme; OTOH, the children probably did learn that (1) bullying is wrong and (2) groups can act against a bully.

  7. Liam says

    Hell, I encourage the mother to make sure the teacher’s credentials are yanked. Interestingly, the story doesn’t say whether that bullying included hitting. Putting aside whether the effect on the bully was good or bad (it could just as easily cause the kid to act out in the future), its impact on the other kids couldn’t be good.

    I was bullied as a kid. I don’t condone or underestimate the effect of bullying. Punish the student, require counseling before the kid can come back to school, but hit my kid, and I’m coming after you with all guns blazing. You should never see the inside of a classroom ever again.

  8. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    The kids probably also learned that groups can single out another and beat the tar out of him.

  9. Disgusted American says

    obvioulsy that was the wrong way to deal with a bullying kid……his mother shuld have been informed of his ongoing antics….and threatened that IF he didn’t stop – he’d be tossed out of school..period. No ifs, ands, or buts

  10. Malaysian Ho says

    the kid got what he deserved.
    48 slaps is probably less than the numbers of slaps he dealt to other kids.
    And mom, it only feels horrible when your son get bullied right?

  11. scooter says

    I concur. Right idea, wrong implementation. The kid should be removed to the principle’s office, suspended for bullying, remanded to counseling. Bullies need to know, teachers have the bullied’s back and you will get caught and face the music.

  12. Jack M says

    Jeez, soon everybody will be beating everybody up. There’s got to be a limit somewhere.

  13. walter says

    sorry but maybe the little bastard will think twice about bullying someone else seems it runs in his family.

  14. CB says

    So the kid has learned his entire life that violence and humiliation is the answer. Let’s make sure we reinforce that by doing the same thing to him.

  15. Rafa says

    I think the teacher was trying to make a statement, and honestly I have no problem with this. The parents should be told that in order to avoid this, they need to actually educate the child they have.

  16. karen says

    This Teach was trying to teach him a lesson, yes it may have been OLD SCHOOl, but seems to me old school worked, we never had school shootings, all the violence that goes on today in schools across our country… If you broke the rules at school or on the bus, they put you out of school or pulled the bus over and put you off.. Today parents do not teach their children manners and how to respect other people, children see their partens cursing and yelling at people on the highways, at home so guess what they think it is OK to act like this..The Teacher should have sent him to the office and the Bully should have been kicked out of schol..6 or not…why does the mother say nothing about the children her son hit or bullied, guess they don’t matter.. This just might teach this kid a lesson.. asnd it might make him grow up and be a better person… pearent’s used to stand behind Teachers, not today everyone thinks their child can do no wrong..I raised three boy’s..OH YES THEY DO.. Hold your children responsibale for their actions.. they will grow up to be better people, thats what our parents did..

  17. Ian says

    Not sure what is wrong with this… never a mention about the boy being a bully which by the looks of him – he is.
    Did the mother ever apologize for raising a nasty kid. I bet not.

  18. justin says

    I like this idea. I think it is fantanstic!! They should even go as far as putting the parents in the line as well. Now if the kids were smacking on the head that is one thing. OR if he was all bruised up then that is another story.

    The fact remains that bullying is still a problem in school. This difenitely deals with it directly.

    Perhaps rules and punishments should be designed and agreed upon by the school and the parents ahead of time so there is no surpirses.

    What ever happened to dunce caps?

  19. TJ says

    Actually, there is a program called Love and Logic. Situations are dealt with immediately, with the child being able to confront a fellow student, with the teacher. Child tells what happens, and how it made him feel. Teacher reinforces why what the other child did was wrong, emphasizing empathy “How do you feel when someone teases (or pushes, hits) you?”. The other child apologizes.

    Lining up 20+ kids to hit a class bully? “Old School?” Really? It’s barbaric, at best. Reinforcing that how one handles conflict is through force? Bloody likely.

  20. Janice Gibson says

    I think the parents need to get control of this kid. Why not worry about their kid and leave the teacher out of this. She is teaching a lesson.

  21. Schroeder says

    I would have documented all the previous wrong doings of the child & then contacted the parents immediatly. The child did deserve punishment for being a bully but I can not agree with how the teacher handled it. I HATE BULLIES and think all of them should be severely PUNISHED but this was not the proper way to handle the situation. I hope the bully learned from this experience and thinks twice before he acts up again. LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE BULLY! There will ALWAYS be someone bigger and better than you to knock you down when & while you are bullying others. You had better learn your lesson!! People will only be bullied so much before they SNAP and retaliate!

  22. Screech for America says

    @ Schroeder: “I would have documented all the previous wrong doings of the child & then contacted the parents immediatly.”

    You would then be reprimanded for having let all the previous wrongs accumulate, put on a “growth plan”, and chastised for your spelling.

  23. John says

    I’m completely OK with this. I hope this teacher lands on her feet, and the bully learned his lesson.

  24. C says

    Bully’s must be stopped immediately. They should be taken out of school and let the parents home school them and send him to a psychologist before he ends up murdering people as an adult. Some of this is “mental”. If a child bullies my child I would demand the bully to be expelled until he has had counseling, will he understand? Well he knows how to bully, he is smart enough to know the difference. Hideous when parents don’t raise their children right.