1. Steve says

    Yeah I remember back in 2008 when there was talk he could be McCain’s VP choice. He got married REAL quick once his name started getting thrown around. I wonder if Mrs. Crist is still around?

  2. thunderboltfan says

    Certainly you’ve seen the documentary Outrage, right? If you haven’t you can now stream it on Netflix. It covers Crist and other closeted antigay republicans in great detail. Still resonates today, even if it is a few years old.

  3. Charles says

    God, but local newscasts are a horror show. No sympathy for Charlie Crist, but the Scary Kissing Pervy Homo trope lives on.

  4. woodroad34d says

    I would think the more disparaging news about Crist is that he’s a mean drunk and attempted murderer for trying to hit people with a golf cart while drunk.

  5. FogBuffy says

    Imagine this going on in such a swing state as Florida! SHOCKING! Poky the Pig!
    And what about the voter suppression?!?

  6. CPT_Doom says

    Exactly Charles – I thought I was watching a broadcast from 1982 not 2012 – acting as if Crist’s sexuality were the main story. As Woodroad34D noted, there’s a lot worse stuff going on – payoffs, illegal campaign funding, drunkenness, cover-ups. If Crist had been acting the same way with a bunch of women, would it be any better?

  7. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    it’s just the usual boys-will-be-boys stuff politicians are made of. The only difference is Crist likes to be boys with other boys. Big fkn deal.

  8. Tony says

    The use the word “homosexual” so much that it makes you wonder if they have their own agenda. Why the hell is this a news story?

  9. Dan says

    he must have been snorting “bath salts” as only a zombie would be trying to kiss Greer

  10. TampaDink says

    While there is no shame (nor should there be) in being a gay politician, when said politician is as slimy as Crist and this all hits the fan during this election cycle, it is just delicious for those of us who support true FAMILY values in a pivotal swing state. ~Obama/Biden 2012~

  11. dave02657 says

    Greer’s attorney accused of witness tampering for pressuring Crist

    Former Republican Party chief Jim Greer’s lawyer is accused of attempting to pressure former Gov. Charlie Crist to recant his testimony in the ongoing lawsuit over a secret party contract

    By Lucy Morgan
    Tampa Bay Times Senior Correspondent

    A lawyer for former Gov. Charlie Crist has accused former GOP Chairman Jim Greer and his lawyer of possible witness tampering.

    John Morgan, the senior partner in the law firm where Crist now works, has told agents from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement that Damon Chase, the Lake Mary lawyer who represents Greer, pressured him to have Crist change his testimony or face embarrassing personal questions. Morgan said he represents Crist.

    – SNIP –

    Documents released late Friday by Assistant Statewide Prosecutor Michael Williams include the FDLE report documenting Morgan’s call to FDLE on May 17. The call was made a few days after Morgan said he received a call from Chase suggesting that Crist could avoid giving a deposition in the criminal case if he was willing to revise an earlier affidavit that denied knowledge of the company Greer was creating.

    Morgan gave prosecutors copies of emails exchanged with Chase after the call. In an email to Chase sent on May 14, the day Morgan says he received the call from Chase, Morgan told the lawyer he had shared details of the conversation with Crist.

    “My personal opinion is that Jim is desperate and using you as a way to extort Charlie with embarrassing questions,’’ Morgan wrote. “You have a very good reputation in this town. As a friend I warn you to be careful in helping Jim at all costs. There are things you don’t know that will be very shocking to you. Don’t get caught up in it yourself.’’

    Chase responded 26 minutes later, saying he appreciated “the friendly heads up,’’ and adding that he would extend “the same courtesy to you about Charlie.’’

    “You too enjoy a good reputation which doesn’t need the tarnish of political scandal. Charlie clearly lied and now one by one his closest friends are coming out against him because what he did to Greer was just wrong. In the event Charlie remains unwilling to clarify his affidavit, I’m left with no other choice than to discredit him. I don’t find that type of practice particularly tasteful, but sometimes I suppose it’s necessary.’’

    – SNIP –

    Asked about the allegations Friday, Chase called Morgan’s allegations “ridiculous,’’ adding that he exchanged “friendly emails’’ while they discussed scheduling Crist’s deposition.

    “I sent him all the proof of Crist’s lies and told him I thought it would be in his best interest to start telling the truth, nothing more,’’ Chase responded in an email to a Tampa Bay Times reporter. “If advising a witness’ lawyer that his client should tell the truth is tampering then color me guilty.’’

    FDLE investigators contacted Crist after receiving the report from Morgan. On May 25, Crist told investigators he thought Greer was trying to embarrass him and said he believed it was “tantamount to witness tampering.’’ Crist said he wanted it reported to authorities.

    – SNIP –

    Crist did not return telephone calls seeking comment for this story.

    Read more here:

  12. J. Leo says

    Really? His sexuality is an issue? Oh, that’s right, we live in Floridah. Get real folks. We have gay people in the House of Representatives, the senate, the cabinet. What the hell is the big deal? They are our relatives, our bosses, our coworkers, our ministers, our lawyers and our doctors. Who cares if Christ is gay? Find something important to rail against like the fact that the SCOTUS has sold or right to vote and elections don’t mean a thing.

  13. NY2.0 says

    No surprise here, closeted gay republicans are the most dangerous and destructive people to gay rights.

  14. Charles says

    He would still be a better governor than Rick Scott and a better senator than Marco Rubio, all things considered.

  15. Matt26 says

    So one is not gay if one is in the closet and acts like straight and is therefore accepted in gop circles. How nice for them!

  16. ladycaca says

    didn’t a recent pole show if Crist ran against Scott today he would win by a considerable margin?

  17. Richard Golden says

    Old news Christ before elected, was outed in the palm beach new times and no one listened who cares anyway, nor is it any secret how underhanded the republican party works and here we go again there going to blame it on liberal media

  18. FunMe says

    When I saw the photo of Crist with his “wife” when he got married, it reminded me of when Calvin Klein also had a “wife”. What a joke they both are!

    In a few years, Crist will eventually be out and he will be out looking for a “boyfriend”.

    Calling all TWINKS especially if you have done porn and drugs for future “boyfriend” role to Crist! HAPPY PRIDE … haha!

  19. Iko says

    I’d take Crist back over Rick Scott in a heartbeat. He can be the silly little GOP closet case married to the beard factory owner all day long but he was much better for the state than the current fuckwit.

  20. says

    He’s in the GOP. He doesn’t look at this as a “pay off”, he’s creating wealth, jobs one might say. Just like paying someone to cut the lawn, he’s paying someone to “haul his ashes”. It’s how Republicans invest their tax breaks to stimulate the, um, economy.

  21. ratbastard says

    Another respected community leader with skeletons in his/her closet. Crist has been WELL KNOWN to be gay for a LONG time. And although I don’t normally ascribe to the theory of ‘gay face’ or a gay ‘look’, how could anyone check him out and think he’s not queer?

  22. anon says

    So, the defense attorney is claiming that Crist lied on an affidavit and because that discredits his client’s case he now needs to discredit Crist himself as a witness? Crist’s attorney now claims witness tampering? That’s some good hardball tactics you don’t see every day. Probably won’t come out in the trial much. Crist seems like one of those clown act politicians that political machines put up to keep a tight grip on things. His political career is probably already over.

  23. says


    i called that s**t!

    oh, and the reason this “matters’ is because he’s a lying pious hyocritical coward who has a history of voting against LGBT-issues.

    and now we all know why. duh.

  24. Nelson says

    Here in St. Pete, this is hardly news, since we used to see him out in bars all the time before he was governor, and there are plenty of his ex-tricks roaming around. The fact that maybe he is finally getting comfortable with his own self ought to be a plus, and I hope he apologizes heartily for some of the shittier things he did in the past.