Gay Days Makes A Mint; Visitors Bureau Takes Note

ImagesToday's the second-to-last day of Gay Days in Orlando, and despite the best efforts of the Florida Family Association, people seem to be enjoying themselves.

That includes Orlandian business people, who will make a mind-numbing amount of money off Gay Days' red-shirted revelers this year.

From Orlando's CFNews13:

A sea of red shirts took over Walt Disney World's Main Street to celebrate Gay Days.

Travel groups say the more red you see, the more green the city makes.

People keep coming back year after year. Drew Ladochi and his friends travelled from Chicago and a few years ago he decided he loved Orlando so much he bought a time share here.

"We've been partying all weekend and now it's Magic Kingdom today and Epcot tomorrow," Ladochi said.

The "Gay Days" events are not put on by the theme parks but the people are welcomed along with anyone else who wants to visit. Orlando Gay estimates the theme parks make more than $13 million this weekend alone.

The estimate could be conservative. According to CFNews, Gay Days' organizers guess their celebration brings up to 150,000 people to town, who spend the great bulk of their money at the local theme parks.

Orlando's tourism bureau, Visit Orlando, this year began promoting Gay Days for the first time after ignoring the event for two decades. The years-long snubbing is understandable, Central Florida being historically gay-unfriendly, and might have continued indefinitely if the gays didn't bring so much money to town. The Orlando Sentinel has published a story on the bureau's evolution, which now seeks to target LGBT visitors year-round:

For the first time in its history, the publicly subsidized convention-and-visitors bureau has a page on its website targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender visitors. It is working with a gay-oriented marketing agency to attract more German tourists, and it recently spent $3,500 on a national print advertisement aimed at the LGBT market, in cooperation with other tourism-promotion groups.

"We have continued to grow our presence in that market," said Danielle Courtenay, Visit Orlando's chief marketing officer. "It is certainly a market out there that Orlando can continue to benefit from."

… Visit Orlando, which gets the majority of its funds from Orange County government, has kept the gay market at arm's length even though Orlando hosts one of gay travel's biggest and most successful events: Gay Days. The weeklong festival, founded in Orlando two decades ago, has done more than perhaps anything else to put the nation's theme-park capital on the gay-travel map.

… Former Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart said she agrees … [that the] visitor's bureau has not done enough to go after the LGBT market. But Stewart said she senses change is coming.

"They are starting to see the dollar signs and the need to be more involved, both internationally and nationally," she said. "This should have been done long ago."

The arc of history is long, but it bends towards … profit?


  1. Scott says

    Just like the end of segregation and the beginning of integration- many of the big steps taken by businesses weren’t because they had an actual change of heart- they saw the profitability of having black customers.

    This has happened with almost every minority group in America.

  2. ESA says

    “[The Orlando Sentinel] recently spent $3,500 on a national print advertisement aimed at the LGBT market, in cooperation with other tourism-promotion groups.”

    Gaaahahahah! MMMkay. Way to dream big, Guys! Um yeah, that’s about like spittin’ in the wind and calling it rain. Well, the Gay Days organizers knew what they were doing at the grass roots level ages ago at least. We’ll be where ever we damn well want to be.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Compare this to Miami Beach’s Memorial Urban Weekend or Spring Break crowds, also unsanctioned events, that costs the city millions of dollars in hundreds of extra police, fire and rescue, garbage collection, traffic nightmares, fights, stampedes, rapes, gun fights, burglaries, property damage, etc.

    We come, we spend, we have a good time, we don’t bother anyone and we go home. For a city it doesn’t get any better than that.

  4. Steve says

    Maybe my math is off, but if the weekend attracts 150,000 people, and generates over 13 million, that means each gay visitor is spending an average of 85 bucks.

  5. Rob says

    Odd that the entertainment and music industries which underly those parks is so incredibly gay, but it takes so much time to issue a big rainbow welcome. Now we need leadership to establish some redeeming theme, perhaps even a lecture or two for the non-circuit set, on the contributions of GLBT individuals to the parks they are enjoying. I’d start with Alan Mencken and Howard Ashman who wrote their very best songs. The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors to name only two masterworks of theirs. Also acknowledge the artists and designers who make it such a visually appealing and emotionally enriching spectacle.

  6. says

    For years we tried to get the Orlando CVB involved -and for years they ignored us. It must be quite embarrassing that one of the top events in the city was created by the GLBT community with zero help and zero dollars of support from the do nothing’s at the Orlando CVB.

    Pathetic, but over the years we’ve had more help promoting Gay Day from the boycotting Christian hate group nutjobs then we did from the Orlando CVB. The more they boycotted Gay Day, the higher our attendance grew!

    Unlike the progressive CVB’s around the World and USA -the Orlando CVB mananagement is simply HOMOPHOBIC! Dead Weight. Behind the Times. Big Failure to Recognize the Emerging Boom in Gay Travel. Worthless.

    I’d suggest they catch a short flight to Atlanta and see how they do it. Atlanta CVB’s was a major influencer and great partner for the bid presentation for Atlanta to the Gay Games. Fantastic resources at any CVB and ours here in Atlanta is just worthless.

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