1. Solomon says

    I’m gonna say it. It’s sad DC had to be goaded by marvel to add a gay character. It’s even sadder they just threw us another blonde-haired white guy too. I mean come on! But did anyone else find the arm placement/silent dynamic of the pair suspect? When I saw Alan Scott arm around shoulder of Sam and Sam’s arm around his waist disaffectionately I thought, “That’s not right.” The worst part is no one not-gay probably will notice.

    Yes. I’m a bitter queen but Marvel does gay better. Thereisaidit.

  2. Marlee says

    I agree with Solomon. This is so BLAH. The big guy (translation- top) and the little boyfriend (the woman) walk like two sterile mannequins coo’ing and looking into each others eyes. They get naked and sleep holding each other. Zzzzzz. No edge whatsoever.

  3. AC says

    DC has had gay characters in the past, they even made the new Batwoman a lesbian even before this North star marriage came out. Just because he is white doesn’t mean that marvel does anything better.

  4. Zlick says

    Love how Alan’s lover is so much smaller than him, in a rather obvious attempt to not-so-subliminally suggest that Alan’s the top in this relationship. But those of us with any experience know full well it’s ALWAYS the guys who are the most controlling in real life (ya know, the type who run mega media empires) who crave, shall we say, giving up that control in the bedroom.

    But nice try. 😉

  5. Yeek says

    Come on boys, just enjoy watching the times change for the better. It’s never perfect. But it’s a good thing.

  6. Jon says

    You’re right, Solomon. And when DC had the big blue alien who shoots energy beams out of a glowing crystal in his chest flirt with the Aussie who turns int o kind of wolf-man, that was also full of homophobic top/bottom coding. Not to mention the fact that the ex-military Batwoman is dating a police captain – totally playing into the butch/femme fantasies of straight dudes.

    OMG, the bitterness! If you worked as hard promoting GLBT equality as you do finding things to be offended by in these innocent drawings, you might actually get something done.

  7. inor says

    “Why not, it sounds magical! (bold emphasis on magical)” Really? 0 to 120 in no time.

  8. jamal49 says

    Tall, short, top, bottom. Who cares? Love makes it happen any way that’s good for the couple. I am stunned to see openly gay characters in my favorite comics. God, it’s wonderful! Wish there were a few super-heroes gay who were hispanic or black or asian but hey! It’s a start.

  9. 15-Year-Old Comic Book Reader says

    It’s not the fact that they made a character homosexual. It’s the fact that they got rid of Obsidian and most likely Jade. If it’s really necessary to have a well-known homosexual comic book character, make a new one. Why take a previously heterosexual character and make him homosexual? Besides, there are plenty of homosexual characters; Batwoman, The Question, Obsidian (who is now gone because of this change in Alan’s sexuality), Midnighter, Apollo, Pied Piper, and Bunker, just to name a few. They are interesting and cool characters. You don’t have to take they lazy way out by changing the sexual orientation of a well-known character. Just give some of the already-existing homosexual characters their own books.

  10. Spectrum Rider says

    > If it’s really necessary to
    > have a well-known homosexual
    > comic book character, make a new one

    Comics books are driven, these days, by nostalgia and familiarity. It is VERY difficult to make a new character and have him or her be “well-known.” Ask anybody in the general public if they’ve ever heard of Obsidian, as opposed to if they’ve ever heard of Green Lantern (albeit not this one).

    Even Batwoman, probably the best-known DC LGBT character, is a remake of the old Silver Age Bat-Woman, and a spin-off from Batman.

    Obsidian isn’t gone “because of this change in Alan’s sexuality.” (Gay men are quite capable of having kids, you know. And given that Alan’s marriage to Obsidian and Jade’s mother lasted ONE NIGHT, he could have pretty much as easily been gay as straight – many gay men have had sex with women, or even married them, during some part of their lives.) Obsidian is gone because Alan Scott has been recreated as a young man who is just starting out his superhero career and has no history in the current continuity.

    Which means the writers and editors are free to make him gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual. And since gay male characters are so wildly underrepresented among well-known DC superheroes (because the era in which the currently well-known DC superheroes were invented was pervasively, overwhelmingly anti-gay) – why not gay?

    Obsidian and Jade can still be his kids, in the future. Gay couples are having kids quite commonly these days.

  11. Charcus says

    Are you honestly going to complain about this, who cares where they place his hands or why one is taller then the other.
    I am allready looking forward to reading this and i certainly will not let my enjoyment be spoiled because of silly issues like the ones you have brought up SOLOMON.

  12. Bob says

    I’m just glad they decided that his weakness would no longer be wood. That’d be cruel… but realistic.

  13. Jimmi says

    *yawn* I stopped reading comic books a long time ago and read real books. Books with words. Sometime big words. My Gay Life doesn’t hinge on a comic book character. I hardly think this is some grand milestone. Unless you are 12.

  14. Jason says

    If I were one of these straight writers I wouldn’t even try to make a gay character. Obviously, you can’t please anyone.

    “Oh, its another gay WHITE guy..” or “Why do they write them like a STRAIGHT couple?” Seriously? These are your complaints? lol

    First, if you want gay porn don’t buy a DC comic. Second, maybe give DC some credit for actually giving a sh*t enough to write a gay character. Gays have complained about being excluded or always presented as catty queens but as soon as someone tries to include us they get bashed for not doing it right.

  15. Stark says

    Oh my god, thank you SOLOMON for setting me right! I didn’t know that every time my partner puts his arm around my shoulder and I grab him around the waist (because he is incidentally taller than me) I was doing it wrong. How embarrassing! This whole time I thought I was free to casually walk arm in arm with my partner after he ran to me, took me into his arms, kissed me, then looked into my eyes longingly! But little did I know that you, SOLOMON, were out there, disapproving, being filled with discontent and unrest because of our hand placement! You have set me right once and for all, but please, PLEASE, tell me where, for the love of all that is holy, where is it safe to put my hands?! I can’t bear the thought of ever possibly running across you on the streets and having you look down on me (because again, I really am very short) with your keen gaze of apt judgment and finding me wanting. Help me SOLOMON! You’re my only hope!

  16. metroptomist says

    Does that mean that the next Green Lantern movie will have Ryan Reynolds making out with some hot guy? Now that, I’d pay to see…

  17. says

    I’m a long-time comic fan who used to escape the stresses of growing up as a gay kid into the fantastic worlds of superheroes, where hot muscular guys in skin-tight spandex would stand-up to bullies and always triumph over evil.

    Yeah, it was pretty cliche, but super hero comics really did help me cope as a kid, and even helped me believe in heroes and humanity when I was sexually abused by my parish priest and Iost any faith I had in church or God. Comic books helped me survive.

    DC got a lot of negative blowback over their gay Batwoman announcement a few years ago, and they pretty much turned their only prominent gay male superhero – Obsidian – into wallpaper. Actually, they literally did turn him into wallpaper by having him act only as the JSA’s security guard – after he had previously been shown to be an active superhero with a boyfriend and a romantic-life in the Manhunter series.

    I gave-up on comics a bit after that, figuring there was no way this hobby that I had spent so much time and money on would ever represent me or other gay people in any way, and that maybe it was time to put childish things away for good. I even shuttered my comic book review blog, turning it into just a eye-candy blog with pictures of hot guys.

    So I’m pretty thrilled to see this development from DC Comics. I’ve always loved the Alan Scott Green Lantern. He’s been around since the 1940’s, so for DC to re-invent him as a gay man in such a romantic scene with his lovely boyfriend- that’s just amazing! It’s something I never thought I’d see, and it’s an awesome move forward on the part of the comic book industry.

  18. disappointed says

    Oh my f’in God. Question #1. Why do they flaunt it? (You know what I’m talking about.)
    Question #2. Why MAKE the character gay? Why not just create a new character that happens to be gay? I mean what if took Superman or Batman and made them gay. I mean REALLY gay, not wink wink they wear tights. But full blown relationships with men. I don’t think people would be cool with that. Why take a less popular (but still beloved) character and change him so drastically for a group that still won’t be happy about it?


    I guess they’ll just keep shoving it down our throats. Pun intended.