1. Demian says

    And one other thing — didn’t Christie veto some important legislation recently? Something about marriage equality? And he’s silly enough to expect cooperation now?

  2. Markt says

    I don’t think Mr. Harris’s qualifications had anything to with this. The “qualification” for a judgeship in NJ and NY is based on political expedience or party loyalty. The resumes of many judges in those 2 states can be shocking.

  3. DenguyFL says

    I agree with the article that saying he would recuse himself from any gay rights cases would be troubling. This sets a precedent that none of us would want even it comes at the cost of a gay judge on the bench. Don’t agree with me? Two words. Vaughn Walker. He didn’t recuse himself and the case he presided over is one of the most important equal rights cases in the system right now.

  4. BobN says

    This isn’t a simple judgeship. This is a seat on the state’s highest court. Harris is utterly unqualified and the only reasons Christie appointed him were:

    1) so that, just days later, he could veto SSM and claim not to be anti-gay

    2) install a reliable conservative vote on the NJ Supreme Court for a few decades

  5. Drew says

    @Bobn: Thanks for summarizing; I was confused what the exact issues were here in nominating and then denying Mr. Harris of the respective position.

  6. Lucrece says

    Vaughn Walker was a Republican appointment that the likes of Nancy Pelosi rejected on the first nominations, and only in the second nomination attempt was Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats unsuccessful in blocking Walker’s confirmation.

    This is all partisan play. As much as I dislike Christie, a Republican appointment will happen at some point — and the stalling is just theater that will cost the Democrats as Christie can continue painting them as partisan.

  7. anon says

    Harris is very liberal. The politics of the NJ supreme court are based on pissing matches between political bosses that control campaign financing around the state.

  8. Eye For Guys says

    I totally choke each time i read gays being rejected as “biased.” How on God’s green earth is a gay person presumed to be any more “biased” than a straight person. We’ve got to invite more ppl to listen to us. Shouting at them and calling ppl haters does not get the job done.

  9. mcNnyc says

    Well Deserved rejection.
    MR. Harris sabotaged his own job.
    If he had gotten the position then the question would be asked
    to every LGBT nominee.

  10. gayalltheway says

    Christie is not stupid but he is still a Republican. The most dangerous kind.

    I’m glad the Democrats did not play into his hands.

    If you can say that you are a gay Republican, that itself disqualifies you. It’s like saying that I am gay but I am with those people who hate me for being who I am and who try their best to make my life a living hell. How masochistic can one be?