1. Brad says

    So no snarky comments or sarcastic headlines when Microsoft releases a tablet? Apparently that treatment is reserved solely for Apple.

  2. rovex says

    Love it. This is what a tablet should be, not a keyboardless laptop or a jacked up smartphone. Never seen the point of the iPad or the android units, and i have tried.

  3. Qj201 says

    Windows, ugh.

    Apple will wait and see and if it gets a good reception and sales… Apple will release a similar product that works better.

  4. anon says

    MS does this all the time in an attempt to block future sales of rival products, even if they never release the product to begin with. The idea is to say they are going to release a product and hope purchasing agents and consumers go “I shouldn’t get an iPad now, since MS is releasing their tablet later this year”. It’s also a way to track potential demand. This idea used to work with their software (particularly versions of Office back in the 90’s, but hasn’t worked for them in hardware).

  5. St. Theresa of Avila says

    He looks like someone who cracks kneecaps for unpaid gambling debts.
    I can’t wait for this company and their junky, overpriced software to be irrelevant.

  6. Randy says

    I watched the ad, but only the first 5 minutes of the keynote timewaster.

    Contrary to Rovex, yes indeed a tablet should be exactly a laptop without a keyboard.

    Instead, we get these micro-managed, locked-down pieces of crap from Apple and Google. Is Microsoft’s different?

    All I want is to be able to take my PC with me, even if I’ve installed Linux on it side-by-side. What I’ve heard about Windows 8 is that it’s got multi-personality disorder and is resultingly unusable, even if you don’t do anything but use what it comes with.

  7. rovex says

    Oh look the ‘its not Apple therefore its rubbish’ idiots are out again… Apple stuff has its place, but its FAR from the best. Personally i hate Apple design, its boring and tedious as well as terribly out of date now. Windows > MacOs let alone iOS, which is at least 3rd in the mobile arena for me.

    No a Tablet should NOT be a laptop without a keyboard, we have had them, they are hot, heavy and slow, This is a fully functional computer in the form of a tablet, with an optimised tablet interface, its a very different thing. Its in a different class to an iPad. the metro front end is brilliant, far better than anything Apple have.

    This is not vapourware, its a microsoft product and a reference design, others like Samsung and Dell are already making their versions, they will happen.

  8. A sign of the times says

    Impressed? No. It will probably never go into production, or not for long. Microsoft is still running about ten years behind Apple.

    You can disagree but that doesn’t change sales numbers.

  9. utahime says

    Being able to type without pecking on an iPad, or just being able to use Adobe CS, would make it a day-one purchase for me.
    Only problem is I hate Metro; it’s nasty even on Xbox.