1. Matt26 says

    Armi& Danny never made it outside Finland, but they were very popular in Finland. (Danny performed once in Rio in pop competition, 1968/69.)
    Sadly Armi Aavikko suffered from alcoholism and personal problems and their collaboration ended after 18 yrs. She died in 2002, she was only 43.
    The video in the other hand is one of the kind.
    Go to youtube and find: Finnish Disco Lession. Trust me, you won’t dance the same way anymore.

  2. ichabod says

    Re: JCPenney’s falling sales – They company has been in trouble for a while. I doubt it’s so much their inclusive stance causing the dip in sales so much as it’s their confusing ad campaign about their “square deal” pricing, whatever that is. Not to diss the company, but their ads look like tired, Target rip-offs. Not really the best way to set yourself apart from the crowd…

  3. Eric says

    A couple of weeks ago I sent Towleroad a tip about an article that explained that JCPenney’s pricing policies were causing them trouble, not their LGBT support. Sadly, you never linked to the article, but you have chosen to link to this one. Polls repeatedly show that consumers either support or don’t care about JCP’s LGBT support. This isn’t the article I linked to, but it covers the same ground:

  4. Matt says

    Wasn’t it here that an article was posted that explained that JC Penney’s decline in revenue was related to its business model change? They switched from having sales on a regular basis and sending coupons to customers to having low prices everyday instead of sales and eliminating coupons. The article explained that people did not understand the commercials and ads that explained this switch (I must admit that I was among those that did not understand the commercials. How is seeing junk mail shooting out of a mailbox supposed to inform me that JC Penney won’t be having sales anymore and have lower everyday prices?). As a result, since people weren’t getting coupons and weren’t seeing ads about sales so they stopped going.

  5. Derek Pearce says

    I can’t believe JC Penney would switch to the everyday low price model– that’s what killed Eaton’s in Canada. They got rid of sales and coupons etc, switched to lower but unchanging prices, and went bankrupt. People like hunting for/ thinking they’re getting a bargain.

  6. ratbastard says

    I’m surprised JC Penney, Sears, etc. still exist. They’re dinosaurs. In my opinion, big department stores like this are from another age and time.

  7. jaragon says

    People need to be reminded of SALES so they think they are getting a bargain- the music video is priceless.

  8. scotsyank says

    Dr. Fox doth protest too much. He left the cabinet last year under a cloud concerning a ‘special advisor’, a younger man who had accompanied him on official government business, on the taxpayers dime, many times. Said young man was the best man (in identically matching outfits) at his ‘surprise’ wedding a few years ago to a woman no friend or associate of his had ever heard of or met.
    It’s always been an open secret that Liam Fox is a self-hating, old-school Tory queer. The brass beggars belief.

  9. scotsyank says

    I expect JC Penney is selling far fewer $2 underpants, and a lot more Cuisinart’s and KitchenAid mixers.

  10. Jim TO says

    At 59 I remember the “disco era” (I was a member of the Saint in NYC) from the late 60s through to the present (disco is NOT dead, it has just evolved). I never heard this song before. I suspect their music never made it much beyond Finland.

  11. FunMe says

    I was at the parade with NBC Universal. It was A LOT of fun. So many happy faces. And that “Abbey Road” type painting of Rainbow colors looks great “live”.

    Happy Pride everyone!

  12. Gregoire says

    I went into a JC Penney to specifically buy something based on their LGBT positive promotions. Unfortunately all I found where hideous clothes. You cant drive upscale customers into your store if the items arent there for them to buy.