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Beyoncé Uses Poem To Celebrate Frank Ocean's Coming Out


Like Russell Simmons, Beyoncé is tickled pink to hear that her collaborator, singer Frank Ocean, who wrote her track "I Miss You," came out last week. To show her support, the pop-star posted the above picture and poem on her official website.

Speaking with PrideSource last year, Beyoncé expressed her awe at the "confidence and fearlessness it takes" to come out.

Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z, also praised Ocean, writing last week that he "admire[s] the great courage and beauty and fearlessness in your coming out."

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  1. The Jay-Z clan has no shame.

    Posted by: webdemon | Jul 9, 2012 10:56:31 AM

  2. That's a sweet poem. It looks like Frank Ocean has a lot of support among his friends and colleagues.

    Posted by: cadence | Jul 9, 2012 11:17:12 AM

  3. "The Jay-Z clan has no shame." Neither of them have done anything wrong.. They are both very kind and loving people. I don't understand the problem.

    Posted by: Jamie | Jul 9, 2012 11:37:29 AM

  4. What happened to the rabbi post?

    Posted by: Questioning | Jul 9, 2012 12:37:34 PM

  5. I like the theme of happier posts today. I appreciate Beyonce and Jay Z sharing their support.

    Posted by: John | Jul 9, 2012 12:57:38 PM

  6. Frank Ocean's coming out is unprecedented for black America; there has NEVER been this level of support for a black American figure in the arts, sport, etc., who has come out. It marks a massive sea change and indicates a new era for young black LGBT Americans.

    Visible support from Kanye West, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, his OddFuture crew -- not to mention Obama's endorsement of same-sex marriage -- has turned 2012 into a huge year for black gay Americans.

    His album (out july 17) is already earning raves from the few who have heard it. He performs on Jimmy Fallon tonight.

    I URGE my fellow LGBT folks to buy his album!!!!! This is a rare opportunity to get behind someone who is talented and bold enough to make a massive change in our culture.

    Posted by: GMB | Jul 9, 2012 1:36:04 PM

  7. As a white gay 19 year old from Arkansas...Beyonce and Jay Z recently have REALLY helped me get through some of the homophobia I've constantly been dealing with. They'll never see this, or meet me...we're worlds apart and such different people, but I wish they knew that them supporting me in some small way has helped me SO much in my life lately. I know those around me may think I'm filth but to know I can say I have Beyonce and Jay Z and now Frank Ocean on my side makes me feel more confident in who I am. I'd rather have them as allies than any of the hillbillies around me. This was really moving. Thank you Beyonce!

    Posted by: Kyle | Jul 9, 2012 2:24:43 PM

  8. Beyonce is beautiful and has always been. She's always been vocally supportive of LGBT in many articles, even having transgenders in her video and surrounding herself with gay friends. She's an amazing talent but MORE importantly, a compassionate soul

    Posted by: Mark Johansen | Jul 9, 2012 2:26:35 PM

  9. This jesture is one of many reasons why I LOVE Beyonce! She's talented, beautiful, industrious and kind! Jay-Z is a very fortunate man!

    Posted by: Ron | Jul 9, 2012 2:45:25 PM

  10. Beyonce didn't have to do this. She chose to because she's a lovely human being and this was a grand and supportive gesture in another artist's brave and risky decision.

    Posted by: Gregoire | Jul 9, 2012 2:50:31 PM

  11. Beyonce and Jay-Z have won me over with the way they have treated Frank Ocean's coming out. This is leadership. They are using the power of their voices so beautifully.

    Posted by: tomtom | Jul 9, 2012 3:38:11 PM

  12. You know, there are plenty of out hiphop singer and songwriters who are as good as this guy, but he gets all the press and praise because he rode the closet to success, writing lyrics about straight people.

    It kinda makes me sick.

    Posted by: Randy | Jul 9, 2012 3:43:34 PM

  13. Beyonce is a fake. She is a queen of self promotion. She knows most of her fans are black gay males so she is using Frank Ocean's coming out to promote her OWN career.

    NOT ONCE have I seen Beyonce speak out for gay people or our causes. She's always been happy to take gay money but she has NEVER helped us at all. We need to boycott her.

    Beyonce is all about herself and her bank account.

    Posted by: Icebloo | Jul 9, 2012 5:27:20 PM

  14. How is she promoting herself? Beyonce has always supported the LGBT community. Maybe it's the first time you've heard her speak out about the topic but it doesn't mean she hasn't done it before. Quit being so narrow minded, and don't mistake her act of kindness for self-interest. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I think people should STOP assuming she has a hidden agenda.

    Posted by: Anony | Jul 9, 2012 5:41:23 PM

  15. ICEBLOO oh shut up

    Posted by: Jas | Jul 9, 2012 6:39:42 PM

  16. That's not a poem. She's a hack I can't wait for her to go away again. BTW it's self promotion when someone hasn't been a gay advocate attaches themselves to someone else's cause for attention especially being how remedial it is. Besides I've seen drag queens do her better than her LOL

    Posted by: WERK | Jul 9, 2012 8:48:22 PM

  17. @Werk & Icebloo She has previously spoken in support of gay people, and the post includes a supportive quote from a year ago so you should be aware of that. Jay Z already spoke out in favor of gay marriage.

    It would be easy and safe for them to stay quiet like all the other hip hop and r&b artists who are keeping their mouths shut. They chose not to, and I appreciate that. They are leaders in the black community and the music industry, and they are leading in a great direction here.

    Posted by: greg | Jul 9, 2012 11:30:41 PM

  18. WEBDEMON wrote: "The Jay-Z clan has no shame."

    Yes, what a shameful, dispicable action to support a friend and colleage who has come out in a very homophobic culture and community.

    SHAME! Dumb.

    Posted by: Shawnaynay | Jul 10, 2012 8:38:55 AM

  19. Please examples and links of Beyonce supporting LGBT people. And please, this has to be before Obama went public with gay marriage support and before her and Jay Z realised it was a way to get in with Obama administration.

    Evidence please!

    And this kid does this at the start of his career, these blood suckers do it after 20 years in the business! If he wasn't talented or cool, they wouldn't have said squat.

    Oh and for the person who wondered about the publicity? You dip, just google her name and Frank's and see how many mention's she has had in the media because of this.

    So naive. STOP worshipping celebutards!

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 10, 2012 9:14:41 AM

  20. Love his new track Bad Religion-so haunting!

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 10, 2012 9:15:38 AM

  21. I am conviced that gay America I resolved to hate black America. Every article I have read on every mainstream gay website that has discussed gay people and black America, regardless of the whether positive of negative has been met with nothing but cynicism and open hostility.

    Posted by: Frank | Jul 10, 2012 10:37:16 PM

  22. Is it mean of me to mention that, by any definition I can think of, that's not actually a poem?

    Posted by: SeeingI | Jul 11, 2012 1:34:50 PM



    Posted by: CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON | Jul 11, 2012 6:35:44 PM

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