David Geffen Never Owned a Cell Phone, Never Wed Keanu Reeves

He offers a rare interview at the Television Critics Association semiannual press tour as press for an upcoming American Masters documentary titled Inventing David Geffen.

GeffenThe Hollywood Reporter has a report:

Geffen, who is on tape suggesting "ego" isn't a "pejorative" term in his mind, insists he never saw himself as the smartest person in the room at any point during his career, revealing that he did poorly in school — “I thought I was dumb,” he said — and was fired from a number of early jobs coming out of high school. In fact, he said the only reason he had the confidence to go after a gig as a William Morris agent is because he believed it rewarded a different skill set, and one that he had: the ability to “bullshit on the phone.” Decades later, he’s enjoying his time away from the business – at 69, he said, he doesn’t “want a job” — and noted that he’s content spending weeks at a time lost in books and newspapers. (Other Geffen facts: He’s never carried a cell phone, has never texted anyone and doesn’t own an ATM card.)

At THR, Geffen also discusses the movie and music industries, the newspaper business, DreamWorks, and "untrue" rumors:

If you’ve heard the one about Carly Simon suggesting her song “You’re So Vain” is about Geffen, he assures you it wasn’t. “Not that I’m not vain; I’m just not her vain,” he shrugged, adding that the one about him marrying Keanu Reeves – an actor he said he had never met at the time of the report — was similarly untrue.


  1. JESS says

    I’m sorry, I kinda have to laugh at “how he treats male hookers” DUH! They are HOOKERS!!! What do they expect? …. and “wondering why supposed to be interested?” DUH! again, if not why are you taking “Your valuable time” since you are apparently so much more important! Frankly I applaud him for his successes. He has great friends and his inner circle loves him. He is AMAZINGLY generous with his money and does not horde it, like many wealthy people! Go! Mr. Geffen!!!! Live your life on your terms, you do not need naysayers approval! They are just jealous!

  2. Rick says

    “They are just jealous!”

    Yep, there is nothing most gay men hate more than another gay man who is successful. Nothing.

    I guess, to be fair, a lot of that resentment is due to the fact that it is so very hard to succeed professionally in the world if you are gay, outside of a few stereotypical fields, given the homophobia all around us–and was harder still for Geffen’s generation……so naturally, when other gay men see someone like Geffen, who not only succeeded, but who became wildly successful and a celebrity, in fact, it causes them to ask why him and not me.

    And when you start asking why him and not me, there are two directions you can go…..the first direction is to look inwardly and ask yourself what is wrong with you that made you fail when other gay guys became so successful–what deficiencies caused you not to be able to overcome the barriers that they did……which necessarily is going to make you feel bad about yourself

    …….while the second direction is to look outwardly and attribute their success to some combination of luck and connections that you did not have, which allowed them to overcome the barriers that you could not overcome…..which makes you resentful that you did not have the same luck or connections……

    And then on top of that you add the competitiveness of men in general with each other and you get…….

    …..negative reactions….even if the individual in question has done a world of good for the gay community, as Geffen has…..

  3. Douglas says

    @Rick..Oh yeah. Nice making excuses for another jackass. If anyone dares to criticize a gay person for being a vile egomaniac or for mistreating underlings, then they must be jealous of that person’s success. Oh, Rick, you are so brilliant.

  4. Josh says

    He probably liked his boys dumb. Young and dumb is the most fun.
    Any plans to change the name of “The Geffen Theater” to “The Apricot Scarf Theater?” or “You Probably Think This Theater Is About You Theater?”

  5. Josh says

    Chris: I’m sure he’s as “loyal” to them as they are to him. Are you one of the “chosen few?” If you’re not, how would you even know? I can imagine him posting his own comments. For all he’s done, comments are running negative.

  6. ratbastard says

    Who here from one minute doesn’t believe David Geffen and people like him are aholes? It just goes with the territory.

    And I wouldn’t doubt that he does treat his ‘workers’ like sh*t. Bet he’s a major perv, too.

  7. jamal49 says

    @RICK, honey, I think it’s med-time. We’ve told you before how dangerous it is to go off the meds, haven’t we? See? You go to places like Towleroad and make silly comments that go nowhere and make no sense whatsoever. Well, at least you didn’t go on about how feminine gay men resent David Geffen because he used to date Linda Rondstadt. God knows what you might say about the time when David Geffen used to date Cher.

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