1. Jeff In Boston says

    OMG, you can actually SEE the gratitude on the dragonfly’s face! I cried and cried and cried. This video gives me hope for humanity. Dragonflies are people, too! Dragonfly rights now! I suspect next we will have PETA targeting Orkin for the unconscionable ant and termite genocide over the years. Gimme a break. It’s a bug. Nothing more. Go volunteer at a no-kill shelter and do some good for animals who deserve a second chance.

  2. Timothy says

    I actually think it is very sweet that someone took the time to save and feed this dragonfly. Sure, it’s not a dog or cat, but viewing acts of kindness like this so refreshing. It’ really quite nice to see.

  3. ned says

    Nice but…dragonflies are not designed to eat ants. Ants can only be eaten by specific species that can handle the formic acid. Sure, he was eating, but since they’re not a natural prey, that may not go as planned. It could make him sick. Or kill him. Catch small flies with a net, pull their wings off and feed those. Just about anything but ants would be better for him.

  4. Darrell says

    Dragonflies are great as when you live in the Canadian Prairie provinces they will follow you because they know mosquitos will try to attack you. Thanks for saving this one and posting this video! It looked very grateful and almost “domesticated” LOL.

  5. James says

    @NED I Googled “what do dragonflies eat” and this paragraph was inside the top link:

    “Adult dragonflies eat just about anything that is edible and can be caught. They are a treasure for humanity because they keep mosquito populations under strict control by feasting on them when they are in abundance. Similarly, they also feed on ants, termites, butterflies, gnats, bees and other insects and tend to hunt in groups when large colonies of ants or termites are spotted.”

    Also, an entomologist posted right above you and he made no such mention that dragonflies do not eat ants.

    What this girl did was great. I hope the dragonfly was able to heal and fly again.

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