Iowa Too Keen On Marriage Equality For Right Wing

IowaPostcardIowa conservatives have been plotting to win back the state legislature and subsequently reverse that state's marriage equality law.

ABC News reports, however, that that homophobic ship may have already sailed.

Conservative lawmakers are watching public opinion move away from them on the gay marriage issue, and now fear that voters might not approve a ban even if the GOP can put one on the ballot by winning control of the Legislature in the November elections.

The shifting views come as a bitter disappointment for the state's prominent Christian conservative community which has long bridled at Iowa's status as a gay rights haven in the heartland — the only place outside the Northeast where gays can marry.

"People are getting comfortable with it and that's a shame to tell you the truth," said Susan Geddes, an Iowa Republican and social conservative organizer who worked for Mike Huckabee's 2008 presidential campaign in the state.

The Des Moines Register poll conducted last February found that 56% of Iowans oppose a ban on marriage equality. Meanwhile, a survey from 2009, the year Iowa's Supreme Court ruled a ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, found only 40% of Iowans opposed such anti-gay prohibitions, so clearly people are getting more than "comfortable with it."


  1. Bill S. says

    Keep in mind that it takes approval of two consecutive legislatures to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot in Iowa. So even if the Republicans win, when they are sworn in in January 2013 they can approve it, but then they have to survive another election in November 2014 and re-pass it in January 2015. Amendments can only be put on the ballot in a general election, which would mean waiting until November 2016. That would be the soonest anyone could vote for it.

  2. Castro Craig says

    This is exactly why social conservatives are racing to get these bans on the books. When states like Iowa legalize gay marriage and the voting public sees that the world didn’t end and that it didn’t even affect them in the slightest, suddenly the interest in a ban disappears. It’s the same with DADT. They made it sound like it would destroy our military. Nothing bad has happened, so all of their prognostications of gloom are exposed as mere demagoguery.

  3. Icebloo says

    Once again you gay Republicans need to take note that it’s the Republican politicians trying to take away our rights once again and it’s a Republican politician who is speaking out against us in this article.

    WAKE UP gay Republicans ! Time to take notice and grow some balls !

  4. Zee says

    *People are getting comfortable with it and that’s a shame to tell you the truth*

    No, what’s shameful is that Susan Geddes is an ignorant bigot intent on preventing gays from having equal rights.

  5. Don says

    Yes. Civil rights tend to be popular with the people, then they get used to them and want to keep them.

  6. gregory brown says

    Poor Bobbi Van Der Plop will hang on until the last cow is toppled, then he’ll have to find a real job. What’s he qualified to do?