Marriage Equality Added $259 Million to New York City’s Economy, Says Mayor on First Anniversary


Today is the first anniversary of marriage equality in New York state! Congratulations to all the couples that were married on July 24 of last year.

Marriage equality added $259 million to New York City's economy, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn said today:

At least 8,200 gay-marriage licenses were issued, accounting for more than 10 percent of the 75,000 wedding licenses issued in New York City in the past year, Bloomberg and Quinn said in a statement today, citing a survey conducted by NYC & Co., the city’s marketing and tourism office, and the city clerk’s office.


  1. Kevin Donohue says

    Very interesting for Bloomberg to point this out, considering his current year budget included a $7 million cut in funding for Runaway and Homeless Youth Services – about 60% of the City’s funding. 40% of homeless youth are LGBTQ, kicked out by intolerant families. So, it’s just great we can contribute to the City’s economy, but heaven forbid some of that economic windfall should benefit our youth. Thankfully, the City Council was able to restore the funding. But I have no kind words at all for the Mayor.

  2. MickleSt says

    First, thank you for the congratulations. (One year! And they said it wouldn’t last. 😉 )
    As far as Bloomberg slashing homeless youth funding, he’s great at keeping a corporation running lean but that’s hardly the same thing as running a city.

  3. Icebloo says

    Any whiff of cash to be made and the Republicans will be there faster than a shark finding blood.

    The reason they don’t support us is because religions give MILLIONS of dollars to fund the Republican Party in return for the Republicans passing laws that the religions want.

    This increase in the economy is good but it really won’t help us until we can raise more money than religions give the Republicans.

    For anyone who hasn’t worked it out yet… have to BUY your rights in the United States. Even human rights are up for sale here. If you can raise enough money to buy the politicians to get them to vote with you then you can have anything you like. If you have no money then you have nothing.
    It’s not democracy.