1. DanSwon says

    it sounds like she wasn’t trying to be rude, she was trying to kind of impersonate those people that would think of him that way. she didn’t do a good job at it, but it’s a classic journalist interview tool. just a shame it made her look like a tool

  2. say what says

    CNN is really sinking fast

    Ted Turner says he would never have sold CNN to Time warner if he knew then what he knows noe & that CNN is not the CNN he created nor anywhere approaching news

  3. AERES says

    Booking Bill Nye to discuss climate change is like booking Mr. Rogers to discuss railroad logistics.

    CNN continues its decline into journalistic irrelevance.

  4. My2cents says

    Another smart-ass, know-nothing interviewer trying to make a name for herself. She picked on the wrong guy; Bill Nye is still the science guy!

  5. Jersey says

    I’m glad someone is finally calling her out on her stupidity. She needs to move over to FOX already. She has the attitude of shrew and the IQ of a doorknob. Bitchy and stupid.

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    @”Aeres”: Are you suggesting that all ignorance is equal? It’s very likely that Mr. Nye (B.S. in mechanical engineering, Cornell University) knows more about anthropogenic global warming than the interviewer does, just as I (B.A. in psychology, University of Wisconsin) probably know more about social science than he does. Different fields of specialization offer different points of view, but there’s much overlap (e.g. scientific method) that renders discussion about “unrelated topics” more dependable than not. The study of philosophy would offer different kinds of insight and evaluation.

  7. Paul R says

    I’m mainly attracted to thin men, but it looks like he might want to put on a few pounds.

  8. Paul R says

    I’m mainly attracted to thin men, but it looks like he might want to put on a few pounds.

  9. TC says

    A journlist would never insult a guest like this. It is a shame that there are so few journalists on TV anymore.

  10. Yeek says

    If he’s the “kooky guy” who doesn’t know anything, why the hell did she invite him on her show? Just to insult him?

    “I can read graphs” is a great, great response.

  11. Redebbm says

    1) She uses Google for guest preparation. That SHOULD be all it takes to lower her credibility. Google is great for general info, but this is YOUR guest. Put some effort into it. Jeez.

    2) CNN has been on a downslide for a while. They tried to be Faux-fox news to steal some viewership. It didn’t work. So now they appear to be the equivalent of a tabloid magazine. Still trying to be fair & balanced by not relaying on facts but that there are “Two sides to every story.” The ONLY good thing on the network is Anderson Cooper. Now as Wolf would say in order to preserve their messed up two sided strategy, “we will have to leave it therrree.”

  12. joe bob says

    I haven’t been able to watch her since she goaded Chad Meyers into an on-screen melt down during Katrina (that’s probably what Timothy posted below). I watch a lot of CNN, but I turn it off when she comes on.

  13. Curlee says

    Was she intentionally insulting him, or was she just playing devil’s advocate? Seems like the latter to me. He didn’t look offended at all.

  14. andrew says

    I didn’t see any insult. She hit him with some tough comments and questions which he responded to very well.

  15. Science Gal says

    She was being a fine adversarial journalist, which is a good thing that we see too little of today — particularly in regards to military adventures and big banks. Sure, our climate has changed, but the androgenic hypothesis is tenuous. There are many, many variables with solar output just being one. Additionally, what is normal for our 4.5 billion year old planet earth? Gays should understand the relativity of what is defined as “normal”.

  16. redball says

    SCIENCE GAL, you sound illiterate–and flagrantly against the consensus of actual climatologists.

  17. jamal49 says

    Too bad Ted Turner no longer owns CNN. TW as it has with everything else took a good thing and messed it up royally. Wish ol’ Ted could get CNN back. It would be Roger Ailes worst nightmare.

    BTW, can anyone tell me how to stop the new annoying pop-up “Would you recommend Towleroad to people in your life? Why?”

    I’d appreciate it. Otherwise, I’ll go elsewhere for my gay news.

    Towleroad, you’re starting to slide down the slippery slope into irrelevancy with sh*t like this pop-up.

  18. Acronym Jim says


    Androgenic hypothesis? Are you saying you think that climate change comes from Earth displaying too many male sexual traits? Maybe you think the planet is juicing?

    Carol Costello, is that you?

  19. andrew says

    @Science gal: you posted a very reasonable comment on a site that is often unfriendly to reasoned discussion. Poor Acronym Jim doesn’t understand that when you say androgenic hypothesis you are questioning whether climate change is being caused by mankind. Next time dumb it down for Jimbo.

  20. Acronym Jim says


    I suggest you find a dictionary and look up “androgenic.” It has nothing to do with climate change. The term used when considering the human effect on climate change is “anthropomorphic.” I hope I “dumbed it down” enough for both you and “science gal.”

  21. andrew says

    @Jim: You knew exactly what Science gal meant by androgenesis hypothesis. Andro meaning man and genesis meaning origin or creation of something. She was questioning whether or not climate change is man made or something else. My understanding of the word anthropomorphic is to ascribe human qualities to non humans. But, I think we have had one of the more intelligent discussions on this site in a long time. Sorry, I suggested that you are dumb. You clearly are not!

  22. AGW says

    Irony, sarcasm, devil’s advocate – ever heard of them ?

    This was not a hostile interview. Nye was not insulted. Costello was not rude. It was clearly a set-up, designed just so Nye could confront and demolish a few denier talking points – which he did, with Costello’s assistance, in very effective and succinct style.

    Check it again – this was a good interview, and Costello has been unfairly savaged for it by progressives, and also wrongly celebrated for it by deniers.