1. Michael says

    If it a hate crime? So the word ‘fag’ is just some term of endearment? Unfortunately in small town, albeit if this is one, the police already know who did it and probably knew it was going to happen.

    btw, not to be a total fag myself, but the guy is super, super cute.

  2. says

    it’s also clearly attempted murder.

    you have to love how things like this get ignored by america’s conservatives who continue to insist that the anti-gay bigots are the “real victims”

  3. MarkUs says

    If he saw them and confronted them, how could he not know who did it?

    I just keep in the back of my mind a Phoenix jerk who was gay and vandalized his own car with pink spray paint in clear view of hidden apartment cameras. He wanted a new car.

  4. says

    @Markus, you mean that cowardly little wimp from GOProud who was like “i keep being hate-crimed, by black liberal gays!”

    yeah. i agree. gay republicans are the kings of lying and making false claims of victimhood.

  5. PJ says

    tired of how national new picks and chooses between what stories to tell. more people need to be informed of incidences like this as well as the big news stories like the theater shooting.

  6. SFshawn says

    “Chief” Jones sounds like an incompetent idiot. They spray painted FAG on his car after attempting to murder him BECAUSE he is gay. No surprise I’ve never visited and never will since it’s obvious they have no respect for their GLBT residents/taxpayers.
    Pathetic response to targeted violence.

  7. patrick says

    We are seeing a growing visibility of the republican shock troops with ever more brazen attacks. These are the unofficial brownshirts who are encouraged by the vitriolic republican press to act out their hatred and frustration. I would encourage gay people in hotzones like Oklahoma to consider a safe haven when the time comes.

  8. Francis says

    OK, so in the past couple of weeks we have seen:

    A lesbian couple shot, with one killed, in rural Texas.

    A 16 year old teen stabbed three times in DC.

    A gay couple attacked just last weekend in DC after getting out of a cab.

    A Nebraska lesbian woman’s house invaded, burned, with the woman sliced with gay slurs on her body and stripped naked and hogtied.

    A 14 year old teen punched in the face by bullies in urban NYC, causing the loss of vision in his right eye.

    Two Indianapolis gay bars damaged, with one burned down and the other shot at.

    A Mississippi gay couple harassed, with their car windows broken and slurs written in the front of their driveway.

    It is time to start hitting the panic button. These attacks are become more brazen, more aggressive, significantly more intense. No surprise, that the areas where these hate crimes are occurring are places where LGBT people and ideas are generally looked down upon. Those of us who live in accepting places need to be thankful to live in cities where we are not having to constantly look over our shoulders and can live as openly gay and not be a walking target. We’re seeing the reality that even with an overall progress towards equality, that the hatred against us is as stern as ever. And as we continue to gain visibility, the hateful rhetoric and actions will likely continue to escalate.

    These aren’t simply hate crimes. This is terrorism against the gay community in America. We can’t just keep taking it on the chin like this.

  9. johnny says

    This is clearly push-back. We’re making strides and homophobes can’t handle it.

    Eventually, this is going to reach a boiling point and you’re going to see gay people start to fight back.

  10. Francis says

    The saddest part is that Jon Ferguson is now insecure and unsure of himself, based on the quotes he made, really crushed me to read them. He doesn’t have confidence anymore. Incidents like this scar you emotionally and psychologically way more than they do physically. And especially in a place like Oklahoma, where there aren’t many places to turn if you’re gay and most everything you hear and read regarding all things gay is negative.

    Please send Jon a message on facebook to let him know that there are many of us out there who are there in spirit to support him:

  11. Francis says

    The saddest part is that Jon Ferguson is now insecure and unsure of himself, based on the quotes he made, really crushed me to read them. He doesn’t have confidence anymore. Incidents like this scar you emotionally and psychologically way more than they do physically. And especially in a place like Oklahoma, where there aren’t many places to turn if you’re gay and most everything you hear and read regarding all things gay is negative.

    Please send Jon a message on facebook to let him know that there are many of us out there who are there in spirit to support him:

  12. Randy says

    Hate is absolutely an Oklahoma value.

    This guy has raised an important point. He’s evidence that sometimes it doesn’t get better.

    What do we do about that?

  13. Oz in OK says

    Oh damn… I live just over an hour from Edmond, and this is the first I’ve heard of it! WTF??

    Just told my boyfriend about this, and he said: ‘I have the perfect solution to this sort of thing – it’s spelled H-O-L-L-O-W-P-O-I-N-T-S’.’ I agree – we both have our Conceal-Carry gun licenses for this very reason.

    I agree with Francis – the religious reich, realizing that the ship of fundamentalist hate is slowly sinking, has ratcheted up the hate rhetoric into a full-scale ‘holy war’ against us. People, please please PLEASE get yourself a firearm if at all possible, and get licensed for its’ use. If that’s not possible, then get yourselves into some self-defense courses.

    I feel horribly for Jon – it was a beautiful Camaro, and obviously something he took a great deal of pride in, which is no doubt one reason why it was targeted. I’m glad he wasn’t more seriously hurt, but it’s obvious he’s severely shaken. My thoughts and prayers are with him!

  14. Reilly says

    Do Oklahoma statutes provide for bias-crime penalty enhancements? If so, the perpetrator’s motive takes on direct legal significance — and it is standard procedure for police departments to avoid making conclusory statements regarding legally significant facts or circumstances during the early phases of an investigation.

    This owes partially to the highly specific wording of some statutes — the legal definition of a given phenomenon might be much narrower or more demanding than the common-sense definition. And it also owes to the simple fact that “things are not always what they seem”. Though the word is reprehensible no matter what, “f_g” is often the insult of first resort expressed by many people who are simply flat-out juvenile and stupid (rather than necessarily intending to express specific anti-gay animus). And motive, in the sense of “what’s in the subject’s head”, is at the very heart of hate-crime penalty enhancements — which are often structured as elements of the crime, each of which must of course be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    That said? From the common-sense standpoint rather than the technical, lawyerly one, *this is a hate crime*. And these crimes won’t stop until we stop them ourselves — by ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY.

  15. Oz in OK says

    Reilly, unfortunately sexual orientation was specifically removed from Oklahoma’s hate crime laws back in 2003 or 2004 (don’t remember which) so out here, we’re truly on our own.

  16. snowisfun says

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this homosexual self-inflicted this and is now saying he was victim of hate crime to get sympathy. Many gays and lesbians make false accusations to get sympathy including self-inflicting wounds. He could’ve self-made the bombs and then damaged his Camaro for insurance money. Since this site is pro-homo, if it’s proven that this gay self-inflicted this, then should he be victim of a real gay bashing to put truth to the lie. I’m not concluding this gay staged th attack, but thats possible and drugs are gay. Homo/lesbian sexual behaviors are useless and worthless.

  17. Icebloo says

    Expect this kind of violence to increase in the Republican-dominated states because they are not adhering to hate crimes laws.

    Currently we have hate crimes laws at the Federal Level but to use these laws the state police have to say that the crime is a hate crime. So far the Republican-dominated states have used these laws FAR less than Democrat states. The Republicans don’t want gay hate crimes to end. They have no interest in helping us. Very often they don’t even bother to investigate our cases even in 2012 !

    We have to change the way we use the Federal hate crimes laws. Currently the state police just refuse to say a crime is a hate crime (even if it is) so therefore the Feds can’t get involved to ensure the cases are treated properly. We need a new way to define what is and what isn’t a hate crime and this needs to be taken out of the hands of the local, gay-hating politicians and police.

  18. Rick says

    “Gotta love this show of anger by Ratbastard and Rick at a gay hate crime that probably was perpetuated by white folks.”

    He supposedly saw the perpetrators and yet, we are, once again, given no physical description by the police of by the media, not even what race they were. Surely it was not so dark that he could not see what color their skin was, you think Kev?

    That being the case, what accounts for your conclusion that this was “a gay hate crime that probably was perpetuated by white folks.”?

    I think it might prove wise to hold your tongue…….

    P.S. I think you meant “perpetrated”, not “perpetuated”.

  19. MarkUs says

    “yeah. i agree. gay republicans are the kings of lying and making false claims of victimhood.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Jul 25, 2012 3:12:35 PM”

    “He is listed as a Republican on his FB page.

    Posted by: Bryce Ageno | Jul 25, 2012 4:49:26 PM”


    Well, Case closed.

  20. Francis says

    How could I forget about the 16 year old lesbian teen who was beaten by three adult men in Kentucky. This is a string of extremely violent hate assaults.

    What always gets to me is how in Boston and Chicago, we’re seeing the city leaders standing up against Chick-fil-A. In NYC, an AIDS memorial in Greenwich village is being designed. Yet we’re seeing in Middle America and even in large metros like Washington DC, simply being openly gay makes you a walking target. It’s truly mindboggling to me.

    Every single LGBT person in America should have something on them such as pepper spray, brass knuckles, a pocket knife, anything, to deter anti-gay attackers in case something happens to you, and at this point, having a firearm in your home and taking advantage of concealed carry laws in your state if that is legal really is something that needs to be considered. And especially if you live in places where anti-gay hate crimes are more common, make sure to have security cameras set up at your home so if a bigot wants to damage your possessions, you’ll have them on video and make it easy for them to be caught by police.

    Unfortunately we are simply not safe in most American cities and states, and as a result we have to take steps to look out for ourselves. As Icebloo highlights, city leaders and police forces in these anti-gay areas aren’t doing anything to curb the increase in hate attacks against LGBT citizens and have no care in the world if one of us is beaten or even killed.

    P.S. Don’t respond to the trolls, people.

  21. GeorgeM says

    I don’t carry my gun, I will however use it at my home. I’ve never pulled it on anyone and I don’t think I’d have a problem doing it

  22. william says

    Man, I really hate Oklahoma sometimes. Oklahoma City is actually quite Gay-Friendly. we had a huge pride parade, and a large “gay district” that has tons of bars, a church, and even a hotel. It’s not the best, but compared to other large cities in the midwest and plain states, OKC does a good job of at least pulling together as one large community and supporting each other.

    During our pride parade, there was only ONE (count: ONE) religious protester. and part of the Pride festival was actually downtown too, out in the open public for everyone to see.

    The community is getting bigger all the time, and it’s sad when crap like this happens in an area you *think* is somewhat decent.

    Oklahoma as a whole is a very RED, religious, republican state, but Oklahoma City is better than this one incident.

    It’s not the best, don’t get me wrong. we’re not the San Fran of the plain states by any means….but you’d be a little surprised at how gay this city really is.

  23. snowisfun says

    Again, it wouldn’t surprise me if this homo hired others to plant a bomb in his Camaro and the hate crime for insurance money. Homos & lesbians frequently stage these incidents and then lie about being victims of ‘hate crimes’ for sympathy.

    Drugs are gay and homosexual/lesbian sexual behaviors are comparable to marijuana. They should make it a crime to do sex change maimings and the transexuals are worse than the homos.

  24. says

    We need to fight back against the heteros. SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITY..stand up to heteros. I strictly support LGBT politicians and in fact establishments that I know are LGBT friendly.
    The line has been drawn in the sand. LGBT community needs to fight back and strongly so!

  25. Art says

    This story made my stomach turn. I agree with other comments…we as a community need to be more supportive of one another, unite. We are a beautiful community rich in history. I’ve experienced some serious bigotry recently and I attribute it to the progress we’re making, and how that brings out intense haters.

    I do wish we had the media on our side actually COVERING these stories that terribly effect us, but I’m hoping our LGBT leaders will be motivated to fight harder and that every LGBT gets involved and active in the community and creating change in society. Be part of the progress, don’t just anticipate it happening!

  26. JustaDime says

    This made me tear up.

    Awful. My friend had a somewhat similar experience in Omaha years back.

    We need to be more active in our quest for equality. I don’t believe we as a community are loud and galvanized enough. Sometimes I feel we’re too quiet, and if haters sniff timidness, they go at it. We need to be more strength and less -closeted- about who we are

  27. Francis says

    The problem is that a lot of people in the gay community who can/could conceivably affect change live in WEHO, Santa Monica, LA, Manhattan, Seattle…………..they don’t have to experience this type of hate on a regular basis, and they become jaded.(not to mention the gays who just want to “conform” and basically be glass closeted, which is what you see often in rural/conservative areas) We’ve seen what can be done when we come together in large numbers………look at what happened last year in New York. But at the end of the day, the gay community in at least 90% of American cities lack sweeping social influence. It’s going to take major, loud protests and demands of action to change things throughout America, especially in small towns and communities, probably riots. It’s also why being out is the #1 most important thing to do as an LGBT individual.

    We also have to email cable network shows, we have to email cable network channels, and have them report on these hate crimes, because visibility is necessary. MSNBC has Thomas Roberts on in the mornings and he has a segment during his time slot dedicated to visibility of LGBT causes, but that’s not enough. We need to take things into our own hands to be heard. These hate crimes are forgotten in a few days until the next one happens. Greater society needs to understand what we’re truly going through overall.

  28. Michael says

    People shouldn’t jump to conclusions. There’s a lot more people that think this was a staged event more than anything. And there’s ample evidence to confirm that.

  29. Rexin says

    It’s not the least bit staged. And other than some extremely homophobic commentators on the oklahoma news site, most locals feel terrible for the guy. Many know the family and it’s a small community.

  30. Hmmm says

    you wouldn’t happen to be the poster micheal leaving all sorts of homophobic commentary in the comments in one of the articles about this story- would you? Sounds like maybe YOU know one of the suspects and are getting very crafty and trying to deflect attention from the suspects and create a story blaming gays. Very interesting.

  31. Scott Jorsen says

    That in every anti gay hate crime the gay person is blamed first shows the level of anti gay mentality that exists in our society. I support this man fully, as does the vast LGBT community, and hope the thugs who did this burn alive. They can’t contribute much to society if they are capable of such hate. I’d burn them all alive.

  32. Van Highs says

    What a strong guy. He’s brave for telling the story and sharing it with authorities and fighting for justice. It’s gotta be tough in Oklahoma, a vile breeding ground for hate and prejudice, where I’m sure the filthy locals already are starting to blame this gay guy, and hardly looking for a suspect. I’m sure when they find a suspect, they’ll celebrate them as a hero.

  33. jamal49 says

    Time to fight violence with violence. There’s no other way. This is now war. It’s us against them. And there is no going back. Not now. That isn’t just a hate crime. It’s an act of terrorism. And why do I think the Oklahoma police will not be in any hurry to solve this crime?

  34. snowisfun says

    I share Michael’s view that it’s possible the homo planted the bombs possibly with friends help & is now saying that he’s a ‘gay bashing victim’ for sympathy. Gays & lesbians aren’t to be trusted because gay/lesbian sexual behaviors are useless & comparable to drug junkyism. Transexuals are worse-they’re surgically mutilated so go ahead & exterminate transexuals.

    With this Oklahoma case, it’s unlikely some1 would go through the trouble to plant a bomb in a car to kill a homo. The Nebraska lesbian is believed to have staged the hate crime incident. As I believe this gay staged this, then let’s have several people bash this gay to make this lie true.

  35. snowisfun says

    Let’s burn Scott Jorsen alive. It wouldn’t surprise me if Scott Jorsen helped this gay plant the bomb in the Camaro. Scott Jorsen, we can fight you homos & we can burn you with fire as well. Scott Jorsen is an evil turd.

  36. snowisfun says

    People are wondering how this homo Jon Ferguson got these burns by staging this. If he did a bad job planting the bomb or if his friends did, then he burned himself in a botched job.

    Does this homosexual have money problems that he’d commit insurance fraud by staging this? That is possible & the cops haven’t arrested any1 up to now. Gays & lesbians have staged many hate crimes for sympathy reasons. If it’s true that this gay staged this bombing, then does Scott Jorsen think this homo be burned alive as Scott Jorsen’s an evil bastard who believes cruel & unusual punishment? Homosexual & lesbian activities are useless & comparable to drug junkyism-drugs are gay. They must make it a crime to do sex changes. Anyhow, if it turns out this was staged & gays are to be distrusted, then this homosexual J. Ferguson must go to prison for years.

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