1. Matt says

    I’m tired of life being defined by pop stars. I could care less what “Pink” has to say about anything. And that goes for neurotic Gaga too. They both have a shelf life, so don’t get too “inspired.” They are counting on your money.

  2. my2cents says

    being straight, what Pink expresses in her videos might be better served as an advocate of the GLBT. this is confusing and off-point. what does she ‘want’ here?

  3. redball says

    the (somewhat passionate) lesbionic dance between pink & the blonde girl confused me b/c pink still wanted the guy anyway.

    unless she is sposed to be bi in this video??

    or perhas she’s just reveling in some healthy which would be refreshing!

  4. my2cents says

    @redball: i don’t thing a ‘heathy’ serves any purpose. people are seeking recognition and equality, not flim-flam, thank you ma’am.

  5. Homer says

    Just enjoy the music – everybody’s entitled to their own opinions as far as how they hear Pink’s music and see the images of her video. There’s no point in commenting or disparaging her music if you don’t enjoy it – just move on.

  6. says

    I love everything about Pink. That she’s always expressing support for gay rights and that she’s a big time helper of animals in need (donating money to help dogs who have been abused get the surgery they need) and she just seems all around fun!

  7. says

    “Matt” uis a troll guys. He uses different generic names like “Jason” or “Jake” and consistently makes anti gay comments or comments constantly defending anti gay individuals. His rants about Chik Fil A should make clear that people like him WOULDN’T get Pink. He probably rants about Pride parades, fem gays, and bashes every gay marriage video as “too camp”
    We all know his kind. He’s proudly hetero washed and wants you to be too

  8. says

    Kevin – you really think Pink is a ‘zero talent’?

    Whether you love or hate the songs I think it’s hard to dispute that she’s a strong singer and performer…

    Plus as others have said she’s a big LGBTQ ally

    Personally I like this song but think the video is a bit of a snooze – but I’m still a fan!

  9. jamal49 says

    Love Pink! Love the song! She’s a wonderful lady, too. And she’s been very supportive of LGBT people. Can’t get the haters here. Uh, you don’t like, don’t watch. And, then, please STFU.

  10. epic says

    as easy as it can be “faux-bi” can easily just be people dancing because they enjoy it… I’ve danced with many straight guys crotch to crotch and no one had any intentions of anything other then that…with deep stares and all…sometimes its just better to not read too much into a pop music video.

  11. hcb says

    i can’t believe someone just said she has zero talent. i’m afraid to ask out what constitutes talent in your uhm, planet. trolls, you just have to learn to accept that they exist.

  12. Stupid Pink says

    Ugh, why doesn’t this Susan Powter wannabe just go away and take her fake rock “music” with her? And why has she had the same haircut for the last 13 years? How dull.

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