Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) Steps Carefully into Chick-fil-A Fray: ‘I Disagree with What the CEO Said’

BrownSenator Scott Brown (R-MA) was asked about Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's letter to Chick-fil-A urging them to "back out" of Boston, and his own opinion on the controversy:

“I disagree with what the CEO from Chick-fil-A said. I was glad he spoke further and said that his company does not discriminate,” Brown wrote from his South Boston campaign headquarters.

Noting that Massachusetts has strong antidiscrimination laws that could prevent problems should the company decide to set up shop in Boston, Brown added, “If they move forward with the location proposal, I trust the mayor and other officials will ensure that those laws are honored.”

In case you missed it, over the weekend NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn took a hard line on the issue, asking NYU President John Sexton to kick the chicken chain's restaurant off its campus.

Also, Nancy Pelosi said she prefers KFC, while Washington D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray declared Chick-fil-A "hate chicken".


  1. says

    It is not about what the CEO “said.”

    It’s about the fact that the “charitable arm” of the company gave $5 million to anti-gay groups to take away our rights.

    When will the press start mentioning this?

  2. andrew says

    How could the people of Mass , one of the most liberal states in the nation, give the Senate seat of Ted Kennedy to a Romney republican? If he wins this time the progressive movement is doomed for at least a generation. And we may be.

  3. AG says

    Scott Brown should let a woman drown in his car, then the good progressives in Massachusetts will keep re-electing him for the next 30 years. Worked like a charm with Ted Kennedy.

  4. AG says

    And I say this as someone whose entire family has tried, repeatedly, to drown me in their cars. But I keep crawling back. As long as I tell them I hate liberals they stop beating me. They don’t love me, but they stop beating me.

  5. Well now! says

    Ted Kennedy is dead and buried. We can only pray that happens soon to Karl Rove and his abominable creation, the male Sarah Palin, Sen. Scott Brown. Death should become them too.

    Pray fervently, Xtian-abused children. That, or take a page outta the Holmes Handbook… so when & where’s the next Conservative Coalition gathering?

    Is WalMart still selling guns & ammo?

  6. Icebloo says

    Is this guy on crack ? How can he say the company “does not discriminate” ?!! They ADMITTED they discriminate against the LGBT community – they said “guilty as charged”.

    Republicans are such liars. I can see where the grubs (gay Republicans) get it now – they all just stick their heads in the sand and hope everything bad goes away on it’s own.

  7. Sam says


    As a MA resident, I voted for Scott Brown in 2010 and will be voting for Lizzie Warren in 2012. Martha Coakley ran one of the most inept campaigns in the past decade and did not deserve to be elected to the senate. Jon Stewart did a great parody of her campaign that you should look up. If she actually cared about her constituents, she would have won but she thought that having a ‘D’ next to her name was enough. She was clearly mistaken.

  8. EdA says

    As a Mass. resident and a rational human being, I voted for Martha Coakley in 2010 DESPITE her crummy campaign.

    Centerfold Brown deserves credit for his service in the Army and Army Reserve, but he clearly knows what side his bread is buttered on, and it surely isn’t on the side of people who have to work to make a living.