1. Paul says

    You remind me of a female bully who has an obsession with body odor. Your cool years have almost expired. Thank god for politics.
    Tread lightly on gay sites. Were better at it.

  2. Paul says

    I’m from New England. I know how difficult it is for anyone from New England to really “make it” in show biz. Video’s on a gay website is usually as far as you’ll get.

  3. Drew says

    Sarah’s got this magical gift of making me nervous that her jokes will completely bomb at any moment, but she sure knows how to keep it right on the edge while making me laugh.

  4. wtf says

    ugly and unfunny? you mean, like your mom? lol. really. you might not like her humor, fine. but “ugly”? Oh, I’m sure you’re just SO gorgeous, right? when did all of these douchebags start posting on Towleroad? So gross.

  5. Ugh says

    Ugh- Sarah Silverman needs to go away and stay away.

    This chick rambles on about smelling her own pee and eating her own poop and nonsense like that. She can’t go a single joke without reminding us she’s jewish.

    Who cares?

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