1. MarkUs says

    They have channeled LOUD AND CLEAR what footage of Obama the socialist absolutely horrifies their campaign. And you’re going to see it played a hundred thousand more times before election day.

    “He was talking about infrastructure and education! Not that businesses don’t build their own businesses!” BULLLLLLLSHEEEET!

  2. MarkUs says

    And you GOT to love his mouthpiece there! “EVEN the Washington Post…..” Honey, a first grader knows they’re in your back pocket.

  3. TerryA says

    This “Obama the socialist” crap got extremely tedious a long, long time ago. I’d suggest people who peddle that stuff should look up the word “socialist” in the dictionary.

  4. jason says

    Well, you have to admit that Obama gave Romney an opening. It was a silly mistake by Obama.

    As for word twisting, I wonder what Obama thinks of his own word twisting. Fierce gay advocate, anyone?

  5. say what says

    LOL the crazys are out in force this morning

    Latest Wall Street journal(conservative)/NBC poll has Obama leading 6% nationally and still leading 8% in swing states

    denial is a repubs security blanket

  6. MarkUs says

    “Latest Wall Street journal(conservative)/NBC poll has Obama leading 6% nationally and still leading 8% in swing states”

    It was conducted by NBC and they weighed it with an unheard of +12 Democrat sampling. We’re laughing that 8% is the best they managed. Where did the other 4 percent go?

  7. MarkUs says

    You have today the Washington Post in an editorial (or as Stephanie would say “EVEN the Washington Post…”) promising race riots if Romney is elected. And it’s July. Excuse me, “massive street demonstrations”.

    …..And it’s July. That threat always works. Ask Gov. Scott Walker.

  8. antb says

    Oh Liz, Obama does have a record. He repealed DADT (Romney has pledged to reinstate it). He has endorsed same-sex marriage (Romney endorses a constitutional amendment prohibiting it). Obama passed the Affordable Care Act (Romney would repeal it).

    So, the President definitely has a record. The only question is, will you support that record of support for gays & lesbians, or will you support Mitt Romney’s pledges to make us second class citizens again? If you want to vote for the interests of all gay people, you’ll support Obama. If you want to vote against the interests of all gay people, you’ll vote for Romney. Pretty simple.

  9. matt says

    This was no flap. The left is scared of it because they know it’s his weak point and it validates those who have been calling him a socialists all along. He is what he is and Dems don’t want that to be a factor when people vote, but it is.

  10. OP says

    Listen, morons. We all think you’re morons to begin with. But when you open your moronic trap and call the President a socialist, you give us proof positive that you are morons. Only someone who has ZERO conception of history would call President Obama a socialist. Seriously. So just stop. You’re not in control of your own behavior at this point. It’s like you’re drunk, standing on a table, singing Journey at the top of your lungs. You’ll wake up tomorrow morning and regret deeply what you’ve done.

  11. says

    He’s not a socialist. He’s a communist. Mao Red book communist.

    He’s also lying about his words being twisted. He absolutely did say small business people did not make their own success.

    Now he has been told waht a mistake that was, so he is backtracking.

    Obama wanted to lay the groundwork for an assertion of ownership of profit by the government for its “role” in business.

    We paid for the road with our taxes. They were not a gift from the government or his Oliness.

  12. tim says

    @Marcus –

    Brauchli, the editor-in-chief of WaPo, was editor-in-chief of Wall St Journal until Murdoch bought it and put in Robert Thompson, his puppet. Yes, Thompson is a puppet because journalists purposely used “ObamaCare” rather than “Affordable Care Act” which is obvious hyperbole and sloppy opinion writing rather than journalism.

    Brauchali and WaPo are NOT some tidily packaged liberal elite you accuse them of. Journalists ask hard questions. Questions people don’t like to hear. For instance do you know what socialism is?

  13. says

    2:29 – 2:37 Was the highlight of my day.

    And, Little Kiwi, your insulting nature is unbecoming, regardless of what the “plebes” said.