1. says

    First there was anger, denial, then backpedaling…now begins the final step in the Republican gaffe cycle: the half-hearted “apology”.

    Akin isn’t apologizing because he’s sorry for what he said. If he was truly sorry, he would have shown remorse right away – but instead he tried to pull the one of the oldest GOP tricks in the book and claimed his words were “taken out of context”. He’s only “apologizing” to salvage his political career, nothing more.

  2. elg/edwin says

    This shows what an evil place (conservative/Republican these days = evil) Missouri must be if Akin is STILL ahead of Sen. Claire McCaskill after his rape comment.

  3. VDUFFORD says

    From one who lives out here the people in general are fat and stupid! That includes Kansas City K.S. next door where skinny dipper Kevin Yoder reigns.

  4. JED says

    what exactly is “misspeaking”? if i said the earth is flat, can i say later i just used the wrong words in the wrong way? if i ordered a steak at a restaurant and the waiter brings in a steak, and I decide i want a lobster instead, can i just say i misspoke? can i use that that same excuse later whenever i want to withdraw anything I said?

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    It’s appalling who actually believes he DIDN’T misspeak. From RightWingWatch:
    “The American Family Association is another major sponsor [of the Values Voter Summit]. The group’s spokesperson, Bryan Fischer said that Akin was ‘absolutely right.’ Continuing, he said that the trauma of a ‘real, genuine rape, a case of forcible rape’ would make it impossible or difficult for a woman to conceive.” Paul Ryan is currently scheduled to headline the event.

  6. jason says

    If a woman is the victim of rape, she can seek recourse. There are strong laws against such a crime. However, if a baby fetus is destroyed through an act of an abortion, that fetus can’t seek justice, can it? Women like to talk about choice in relation to abortion but I hardly think they give the baby fetus much choice.

    Believe you me, if you follow the feminist logic on abortion, a woman should have the right to abort a baby that might carry a gay gene on the basis that she considers it a deformity.

    Be careful on the issue of abortion. You should NOT automatically support it. Think about it clearly before giving blanket support to the feminist notion of “right to choose”.

  7. Jack M says

    This is what happens when an overwhelming majority of the people who hold public office are old men. They have Stone Age values when it comes to seeing women as human beings. Let’s hope this is the end of this jerk’s political career.

  8. Steve says

    It doesn’t mean anything. He only sorry for the “legitimate” part. He still hasn’t apologized for the idiotic stuff about women not becoming pregnant through rape. Which is a widespread belief among Christian fundies and also not uncommon in the Republican party.

    He even says as much here: “The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold”.

    Translation: I stand by everything I meant, but I didn’t say it nice enough

  9. NorthoftheBorder says

    I’m sure there are plenty of republicans (including Mitt and Paul) who believe his original statement as truth. he’s apologizing because he’s pandering to the media. his opinions haven’t changed, nor has anything about the REpublican party.

  10. Scott says

    This man should withdraw because he has no concept of logic or respect for scientific knowledge. If a woman is impregnated, regardless of any other fact, she runs the risk of pregnancy. That a politician could postulate that “legitimate rape” be a circumstance that matters to human physiology means that he is an idiot and is in no position to make rational decisions for the country (or for anyone, to be truthful).

  11. BSmart2 says

    By Akins words, if a women is raped and becomes pregnate from that act, it wasn’t really rape or the woman’s body would have stopped the pregnancy. So, in other words the woman really wanted it.

    I’m from Missouri, I’m fat, but I ain’t stupid. Akin is a disgrace and should withdraw from the race.

    If Rep. Akin is morally opposed to abortion, I would suggest he not have the procedure, but as it is the law of the land that women have the right to choose, he should keep his mouth shut and not prove he is a back hills bigoted redneck.

  12. says

    Post-Akin, I propose a Sir Bedevere litmus test for all GOP candidates; just demonstrate a basic understanding and acceptance of general post-Enlightenment scientific knowledge.

    “This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere. Explain again how sheep’s bladders may be employed to prevent earthquakes.”

    Going forward, we really need to do a better job of weeding out candidates inclined to go on television and spew medievalism all over themselves and the rest of the party.

  13. Bill says

    While “misspoke” versus “being stupid” is a matter of opinion, what apparently happened is he heard or read that the chances of a pregnancy being due to rape rather than consensual sex is very low. That’s true because most sex acts are consensual. He twisted it around and claimed that the chances of a pregnancy being caused by a rape is very low, which is obviously false.

    If you have two events – getting pregnant and getting raped, his mistake was either assuming that the probability of getting pregnant given a rape is the same as the probability of having been raped given that one is pregnant or simply getting confused about which one the number referred to, Whatever the cause of the confusion, he then filled in corroborative details that spewed out of his head.

    What it tells us about him is that either he doesn’t understand probability theory, or he is completely lacking in common sense, or he was dead tired and blew it. With the possible exception of the “dead tired” excuse, the others suggest that he is not really fit for the office – we need people in there who can at least base decisions on facts and who can tell when something is way off.

  14. andrew says

    Akin is a gift to the democrats. His candidacy is the only chance that Sen Claire McCaskill D-Mo has of holding on to her seat and mabye one of the few chances the democrats have of retaining a majority in the Senate.

  15. DCarey says

    University of Adelaide professor Sarah Robertson said:A woman’s body may be unconsciously selective about sperm, allowing some men’s to progress to pregnancy but killing off the chances of less suitable matches, an Australian researcher said Wednesday.

    University of Adelaide professor Sarah Robertson said her research suggested that sperm contains “signaling molecules” that activate immunity changes in a woman so her body accepts it.

    But some apparently healthy sperm failed to activate these changes, leading to the suggestion that the female system can be “choosy” about its biological mate, she said.

    “It’s rather like a two-way dance,” Robertson said.

    “The male provides information that increases the chances of conception and progression to pregnancy, but the female body has a quality control system which needs convincing that his sperm is compatible,” she added. “That’s where the dance can go wrong with some couples — if the male signals are not strong enough, or if the female system is too ‘choosy’.”

    Robertson said sperm was more likely to fail if the woman had not previously been exposed to that man’s semen for at least three months.

    Other studies show that a traumatic event can inhibit ovulation.
    Mr. Akin was not entirely wrong.
    Rapes account for only about 1-2% of abortions, furthering the evidence that pregnancy due to rape is a rare occurrance.

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