Ann Romney Invited to Officiate at Mitch and Cam’s Wedding on ‘Modern Family’


The Hollywood Reporter makes note of Ann Romney's favorite TV show:

Asked by Entertainment Tonight to name her favorite TV show, aspiring First Lady Ann Romney replied that Modern Family — the hit ABC sitcom about the lives of three very different and intertwined families — was the show she most looked forward to watching each week.

Modern Family executive producer Steve Levitan tweeted in response: "Thrilled Ann Romney says ModFam is her favorite show. We'll offer her the role of officiant at Mitch & Cam's wedding. As soon as it's legal."


  1. Paul says

    Are you kidding me, Queen Ann!

    If Modern Family truly is your favorite show you’d better start talking to your husband. Mitty has stated that he wants to amend our constitution to limit marriage equality to opposite sex couples only, which of course would dissolve marriage equality in the states that already allow same sex couples to marry. These two flip-flopers will say anything and lie right through their teeth to get into the White House! Discusting.

  2. Disgusted American says

    IF the Romenys/GOP thinks they can just void/annull,cancel out the 10’s of 1000’s of gay/lesbian marriages..they got another thing coming to them…….you wanna see a Riot? F’n Try it you GOP scum, it will make Stonewall look like a God-dammed picnic….and at 52, with more yrs behind then ahead, Im More then WILLING to DIE for MY RIGHTS as an American Citizen!

  3. Jack M says

    Great response from the producer of MF. Too bad Ann doesn’t get the irony of it being her favorite show. I guess she views the gay couple as a big joke. How many faces does this woman have?

  4. Pete N SFO says

    Thank you, Steve Levitan. Call out the bullshiz!

    This really is the problem w/ GOP; they know that equality is not right, but they want people to accept their backward ignorance, as well as their own 2nd class status.

  5. BobN says

    “Great response from the producer of MF.”

    No, it was a horrible response. Something along the lines of “I’m shocked she would like our show since she and her husband would legally block SSM and adoption by gay couples”

  6. ScottTwo says

    Coming from Western Europe, we are dumbfounded as to why the family of any politician has any right to engage in the political campaign; it’s seen as completely inappropriate and irrelevant. Basically, where and how he or she puts his/her intimates is completely irrelevant.

    This US behaviour is completely bizarre and unhealthy to democracy.

  7. Jakeinlove says

    Shows you how truly out of touch they are. How about going and officiating over actual gay people’s weddings and not fictitious characters. Reminds me when papa Quayle got all bend out shape when the Murphy Brown character had a baby on her own with a sperm donor.

  8. GregV says

    I don’t see any irony at all to her comment. She said that she enjoys watching the show, not that she and Mitt would enjoy having Mitch and Cam as friends.
    That someone enjoys a TV show does not mean they see all the characters as role models. If I say I like Glee, could it be assumed that I think someone like Sue Sylvester would make a decent cheerleading coach?
    For all we know, Mrs. Romney sees Cam and Mitch as the villains.

    For peiple like Mitt Romney who want to take away the basic rights of real-life Cams-and-Mitches, exposure to us as human characters, either next door or on TV, can only be a good thing.

  9. EchtKultig says

    “Would her second favorite be a minstrel show? hahahaha”

    Exactly. This is typical BS propaganda: “oh, look we aren’t so homophobic after all.” Then why did you donate $10K to Prop 8, something not even the Bush clan did? Romney/Ryan will be one of the most hard-right Republican tickets ever. Expect to see a SCOTUS that will have no qualms about reversing Lawrence vs. Texas. The people Romney will appoint will make Scalia look liberal.

  10. redball says

    @GREGV: i see your point but i feel the comparison with Glee is weak because Mitch & Cam are fully 1/3 of the storyline of every single episode.

    Mitch & Cam are not some side characters, a tiny blip on the viewer’s radar–they are a huge part of the show. And their gayness is front & center, always.

    For Crazy Ann to be so seemingly anti-gay yet have this be not only a show she enjoys but her FAVORITE says to me that SOMETHIN AINT RIGHT WITH HER.

  11. Ken says

    Just my opinion but I get the feeling she is not as anti gay as Mitt or the rest of the GOP. Both Laura Bush and Cindy McCain came out for marriage equality after their husbands no longer were running for President, I expect something similar from Ann Romney.

  12. Steve Johanes says

    Ken..oh please, you have NO reason to believe that expect for your own homophobia. NOT ONE EVIDENCE to show that she’s not homophobic but MANY examples to show she is. Keep your ignorance off our site

  13. GregV says

    “…they are a huge part of the show. And their gayness is front & center…”


    So is the nastiness of the title character in “Don’t Trust the B—- In Apt. 23,” as was the bigotry of Archie Bunker, the neuroses of all the “Seinfeld” characters, the infidelity on The Good Wife, etc.
    Glee was just a random example I used to make the point that enjoying a TV show doesn’t mean that one is sympathetic to real-life human beings who are like a main character in the show.

    The gay angle of Cam and Mitch is played for laughs and has never gotten very political. (I just now finished watching tonight’s funny episode in which Cam persuades a woman into feigning interest in him to make Mitch jealous.) The fact a viewer can laugh at Cam and Mitch in that situation does not necessarily mean they would or would not support equal rights for real human beings who are gay.

  14. Ken says

    Steve Johanes: Homophobia? Ignorance? Why so angry and bitter? Please enlighten me with all the examples of how homophobic she is. Are there any that don’t begin with the words “her husband says…”? And since you know me so well, how about even one example of how homophobic I am?

  15. BrandonJD says

    Steve Johanes, “Keep your ignorance off “our” site?” As in not “his” site? You sound like a Republican with that sort of exclusionary language. All the man said is that she may be acting a certain way because of the campaign, and having to win over crazies.

    How is he homophobic for believing she may be more moderate than she will ever be on the trail or in the whitehouse? Call off your dogs, and cool off! I believe he may be right, but the reality is that sort of behavior is what makes her and Mitt Romney dangerous. They are willing to say and do anything to get votes, even if it is counter to what they think. Someone like that will do anything for political points.

    Hounding someone just for having a different angle on something makes you look worse than he ever did. For all you know, he probably agrees with most of the people on here, that he wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.

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