1. natamaxxx says

    i understand where they are coming from, and in that respect, i like that they see nothing different between a hetero and homo couple. the violence however was WAY too much to stomach, for me at least. i wouldn’t be able to watch this all the way through no matter what type of couple they were…in correctly addressing one socially relevent subject they completely ignored another. extreme violence in entertainment has become way too commonplace these days.

  2. says


    Where did you get the “same-sex domestic violence”? Were you not paying attention? The other driver, Benzino had the couple attacked in their home because “Dynamo” was kicking his ass on the racing track.

    This was a very powerful video. Two thumbs up!

  3. Ricco says

    @PHOENIX JUSTICE I was paying attention and I also could not figure things out. I thought it was the losing racer who was beating his partner up out of frustration for not winning . . . and the line, ” . . . killing my twin . . . ” seemed to support that perspective. What did he mean killing his twin if not his partner?

    It was pretty confusing to me too. Maybe its because all Icelandic people look alike . . . I don’t know. Either way, it was quite a bit of violence for a video.

  4. Caliban says

    This is definitely NOT about gay domestic violence. The couple is attacked by an outside group because one of them keeps beating the former racing champion.

    But to me the video just doesn’t do what’s it’s presumably supposed to, support the song. The violence is too distracting, overwhelms the music. So in that way it’s counter-productive.

    And WTF does “What are you waiting for?”, the song’s chorus, have to do with beating (or bombing) a gay couple to death? I don’t know about in Iceland, but IMO it’s still impossible to substitute a gay couple for a straight couple and NOT change the meaning, especially with the addition of violence.

    How can you not view this video as being *about* homophobia instead of competition or whatever else? And if you’re going to make a video about homophobia, and you’re so progressive you believe gay and straight couples are interchangeable, why not have it end with the couple prevailing instead of the bad guys? That would cathartic, more in line with the song lyrics, instead of leaving you with a “Well, that was nasty!” bad taste in your mouth.

  5. Blake says

    I could appreciate it if it ended on a happy note, but it just seems like another story with dead gay ‘characters’.

    I know according to the plot they were not attacked because they are gay, but it still not an ‘acceptable’ ending.

  6. dms says

    A better version of the video would have been–

    1. Champion is beaten by an upstart. he gets pissed off.

    2. He discovers the new champ is gay and vows revenge.

    3. He tries to sabotage the gay racer by cheating.

    4. despite the sabotage, the gay racer still wins.

    5. The partner of the gay racer wants the gay racer to counter attack–“what are you waiting for?”

    6. The gay racer discovers his car is destroyed. Again he refuses to retaliate–he won’t play dirty despite the partner wondering, what are you waiting for.

    7. The gay racer keeps winning despite further sabotage. The partner wants to report the challenger, but the gay racer won’t–he doesn’t want to be seen as weak.

    8. The team behind the losing former champion urge him to go further to stop the new gay champ.

    9. the team breaks into the apartment and now it gets violent.

    10. The gay racer is beaten and left on the ground. For good measure the homophobes beat the partner as well. The gay racer recovers enough to see his partner being beaten. They lock eyes, “what are you waiting for?” Finally the gay racer is pushed to the limit and kills the homophobes in some major uma thurman “the bride” from Kill Bill, moves.

    11. while he prevails, he is bitter that the lack of heeding his partner’s advice, his own pride, allowed the violence to escalate and resulted in his partner’s suffering.

  7. Reggie777 says

    I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who was completely lost by this video. The storyline might be clear to the makers, but much too over the top in the violence… and the ending made it worse, IMHO. What was the message?

  8. Caliban says

    @Reggie777, I was wondering that myself. Read a certain way, which probably isn’t what the band intended, it’s What are you waiting for? Go beat up some queers.

    Given the video and the way it ends, exactly who is waiting and what are they waiting for? The only person who “waits” is the bad guy, who waits until he’s been beaten on the racetrack a few times before he kills the new champion and his partner.

    That might not have been the intended message but that’s kind of what I got out of it.

  9. Mick says

    I agree with some of the other comments that the violence was distracting from the story of the video, but other than that I thought it was well done.

    It moved fast and was a little opaque, but remember the videos from the 80s where a horse would walk through for no reason? A music video isn’t necessarily a visual depiction of what a song is about.

    I don’t feel that that is any gay-bashing overtone, and for that I’m thankful. I’m desperate to see stories about gay people that aren’t about them being gay.

  10. oakpope says

    Video clips don’t have to be literal translations of songs’ lyrics. They can convene atmosphere or a different story which is linked to the song through major or minor thing, like a word. For me the video was powerful and portray well the song’s energy and motif. It’s true that the couple being same sex ha nothing to do with the story, it could have been a heterosexual one without changing the meaning one bit. So for me a good video even if violence is always painful to witness.

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