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Tom Brady Barks with Doberman, Wears Spiked Dog Collar: VIDEO


Mario Testino ordered Patriots QB Tom Brady to get into character for his Vman cover shoot by barking with his cover co-star, a doberman pinscher. A studded dog collar also helped Brady prepare to growl for the camera.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, AFTER THE JUMP...



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  1. i like the wristwatch. but these photos are.... repulsive.

    Posted by: nico | Aug 21, 2012 11:10:55 AM

  2. This is an awful photo shoot.

    Posted by: joe | Aug 21, 2012 11:15:52 AM

  3. Ok, the second picture has me freakishly aroused.

    Posted by: Otkon | Aug 21, 2012 11:40:17 AM

  4. Tom needs to focus on football--he and his team have blown the last two Super Bowls they were in, no doubt because he seems more concerned with his own celebrity than he does with winning big games.....

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 21, 2012 11:47:16 AM

  5. Seriously, how could they make such a gorgeous specimen so...blurg

    Posted by: Michael Graye | Aug 21, 2012 11:47:30 AM

  6. @ Rick, making it to the Super Bowl is a huge success in and of itself.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 21, 2012 11:56:31 AM

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that this is effing HOT?

    Posted by: Luke | Aug 21, 2012 12:00:07 PM

  8. @Alex Fair enough, but the Patriots teams that Brady led were superior to the Giants teams they lost to--so they should have won at least one of those games....and it is hard not to conclude that one reason they didn't was Brady's lack of focus.

    He just doesn't seem to be hungry the way he was earlier in his career. Maybe that is understandable, but it is disappointing, even though I am no Patriots fan, myself.

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 21, 2012 12:09:12 PM

  9. Poor doggie.

    Posted by: Tom F. | Aug 21, 2012 12:23:40 PM

  10. Luke, I believe you are the only one. They're just....weird.

    Posted by: Butch | Aug 21, 2012 12:24:14 PM

  11. So they aren't the most flattering... Well they werent going for the smoldering look. I've seen better but don't get the hate.

    Posted by: Josh | Aug 21, 2012 12:35:25 PM

  12. This is sad. He's even uglier than the doberman.

    Posted by: jason | Aug 21, 2012 12:58:09 PM

  13. @Rick

    Those dropped balls in the last SB didn't help and were not a result of Brady's lack of focus. Welker's drop was the worst. He had a 1st down, the Pats would have been in FG, and most importantly, the Pats would have run more time off the clock.

    Posted by: searunner | Aug 21, 2012 1:29:08 PM

  14. I think they're hot.

    Posted by: Seattle Mike | Aug 21, 2012 1:31:13 PM

  15. Second photo def hot. Unseen voice: "Now be a good doggie and put your collar on. Take those clothes off. You know dogs don't wear clothes."

    Posted by: i could go on, but I won't | Aug 21, 2012 1:32:27 PM

  16. That man is devastatingly handsome. Mmm-mmm-mmm.

    Posted by: Michael in Toronto | Aug 21, 2012 1:45:33 PM

  17. @ Rick, I agree that Tom didn't play his best ball, but Welker and the offensive line played a part in the loss as well.

    Posted by: Alex | Aug 21, 2012 1:49:17 PM

  18. Man, Tom Brady is gorgeous! Even in the weird photos and poses he is still drop dead!

    Posted by: AriesMatt | Aug 21, 2012 4:12:41 PM

  19. Hot!

    Posted by: ravewulf | Aug 21, 2012 6:06:24 PM

  20. I love this photoshoot!

    Posted by: cteelphoto | Aug 21, 2012 8:49:41 PM

  21. I love it too. Giselle's one lucky woman.

    Posted by: Bill | Aug 21, 2012 9:17:45 PM

  22. Tom Brady,a beautiful Irish-American man and Cristiano Ronaldo, a beautiful Portuguese man are the sexiest guys on the planet.

    Posted by: andrew | Aug 22, 2012 12:57:58 AM

  23. I take Tom Brady anytime... he looks hot

    Posted by: Timmy | Aug 22, 2012 6:24:11 PM

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