1. Rick says

    Tom needs to focus on football–he and his team have blown the last two Super Bowls they were in, no doubt because he seems more concerned with his own celebrity than he does with winning big games…..

  2. Rick says

    @Alex Fair enough, but the Patriots teams that Brady led were superior to the Giants teams they lost to–so they should have won at least one of those games….and it is hard not to conclude that one reason they didn’t was Brady’s lack of focus.

    He just doesn’t seem to be hungry the way he was earlier in his career. Maybe that is understandable, but it is disappointing, even though I am no Patriots fan, myself.

  3. searunner says


    Those dropped balls in the last SB didn’t help and were not a result of Brady’s lack of focus. Welker’s drop was the worst. He had a 1st down, the Pats would have been in FG, and most importantly, the Pats would have run more time off the clock.

  4. i could go on, but I won't says

    Second photo def hot. Unseen voice: “Now be a good doggie and put your collar on. Take those clothes off. You know dogs don’t wear clothes.”

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