1. VDUFFORD says

    Good let him run next if he and doesn’t drop dead of a heart attack.
    Let Cory Booker have his old job.

  2. Ari says

    Successes? Is he talking about the highest unemployment in state in 35 years or about the massive lay-offs for teachers, police and fire fighters? Or maybe it’s vetoing marriage equality and throwing every obstacle he can at medical marijuana while deregulating the casinos because, you know, the government shouldn’t interfere in private things.

  3. paul says

    Ari…my sentiments exactly…..i love how the GOP claim to be all about jobs but have a sterling record of doing NOTHING to help stimulate the economy or solve unemployment. They are great at debating women’s reproductive rights though….(actually i should just say prolific…they clearly have very little actual knowledge of how a woman’s body works)

  4. Bart says

    Boy, talk about a lackluster speech for the coronation of Thurston Howell III. First, Christie talks about himself, which was probably 85% baloney. Then he completely contradicts Ann Romney’s “love” moment because Christie feels we should “respect” the Republicans when they are trying to strip anyone who isn’t rich and white of their “entitlements” (you know, those things you’ve been paying into for years and years… Meanwhile, not a single Republican politician is for ending their paycheck for life or lifetime health insurance…hmmm, anyone else see the irony?) They talk about unity but then that ugly little document called the Republican Platform pops up like a mutant baby screaming for anyone who isn’t rich, white, and straight to go f*ck themselves.

    You get the feeling that even Ann Romney doesn’t believe in her husband (but she was down on her knees trying to get women to come back to the party) and that Christie feels the Republican Presidential candidate is a waffle cone badmitton player who wears Mom jeans.

  5. anon says

    Perhaps they don’t exactly get along because Ryan was picked as VP?? Christie’s main accomplishment was civil service pension reform, which did not include any layoffs, despite 70000 new civil service positions in the last 10 years in NJ. Necessary, but not particularly exciting. He’s no libertarian, or fiscal conservative, either.

  6. jamal49 says

    Surprised Christie got through it without pausing for a couple of Happy Meals and a milk shake.

  7. redball says


    “yo’ mama’s so fat she took up 60% of the width of towleroad’s screenshot.”

  8. says

    It features the “tréhuchet hammer,” a proprietary design that strikes the gongs with a great deal more force than the hammers found in other repeaters, producing a more resonant tone.