1. Kári Emil says

    Interesting to note, in light of the US Embassy support of the Czech Pride festivities, that the US Embassy also supported Reykjavík Pride financially and by marching. I wonder if this is a concentrated effort on behalf of the State Department.

  2. jason says

    A pink dress??? Talk about stereotyping gay people. This is embarrassing in every sense of the word. I’d rather not have an ally like the Reykjavik mayor.

  3. says

    Um, Jason. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

    There were actually lines in the song performed by Pussy Riot in the cathedral about Putin sending gays to Siberia.

    They’re feminists and they support gay rights.

    I realize you’re misogynist and you don’t understand feminism, but please just shut up when you don’t know anything.

  4. Michel Filion says

    I have been to 3 Gay Prides in Reykjavik. It is even more popular there than their national holiday. The entire city shows up and participates… It is a fantastic country to be gay.
    So open and gay inclusive. And their Pride is small but so much fun.
    And yes it always rains at Pride. Damn!

  5. RICK says

    See, this is exactly why you stereotypical limp-wristed femmes ruin everything. No straight man is ever going to support gays if you leftist extremists who worship divas continue to dress like femmy sissy queen in pink and act like flamboyant stereotypes and…wait…what? That man is straight? And he’s in the parade and having a good time and enjoying it all and being a part of the celebrations?


    *goes back into the closet with a big black dildo and a bottle of the country’s cheapest moonshine*

    Want to join me, Jason? I don’t want an ally like this mayor, either. I don’t want an ally that supports the community, I want an ally that hates women and blacks and fems the way that we do. Wanna join me in my closet? There’s room for two.

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