Is Gay ‘X-Men’ Marriage Already On The Rocks?


The latest issue of Marvel's Astonishing X-Men came out last week and recently wedded couple Northstar and Kyle Jinadu do not appear to be experiencing marital bliss because Northstar is constantly trying to save the world. That can put a strain on things.

The men only married a few issues back, but it seems the series' writers may be plotting a breakup — or at least an emotional test — over the next few months. Movies don't typically show meaningless scenes and neither do comic books and Kyle hopping on his computer the moment Northstar seems like some "ManHunt" foreshadowing or something.

Pop the image out for a closer look at Northstar and Kyle's latest scene.


  1. Fenrox says

    To be fair, a comic book is a soap opera. They will not stay married or alive. Batgirl isn’t in a wheelchair anymore, comics have no obligation to their characters anymore. So Kyle will be killed by the hand pretty soon, or far more likely, Northstar will not make the next iteration of the Astonishing X-Men, and the next time we see him they will just forget that he is married, or just never reference it. Nobody gets a happy ending in comics because nobody gets an ending.

  2. says

    (I haven’t seen the latest issue — my comics store was sold out before I got over there — so the following is based on the page reproduced.)

    The relationship between Kyle and Northstar has been rocky from the beginning — it’s been one long “emotional test.” In fact, Kyle originally turned down Northstar’s proposal. As for Kyle turning to his computer as soon as Northstar leaves — he manages Northstar and works from home. In fact, there was a scene in a previous issue of him on the phone with his Internet provider bitching because he wasn’t hooked up yet in their new apartment and complaining because not having e-mail was costing him money. So don’t assume from this that he’s logging on to Grindr — he’s probably just “going to work.”

  3. C says

    I agree that this post is really weird.

    Did you actually read the issue? The pages before this show a conversation between the two about how their wedding raked in a lot of cash for Northstar’s brand (as Kyle is his manager). Generally this is read as he is working while Northstar is off working.

  4. KT says

    If Kyle were a woman and reached for the laptop after her husband the X-Man flew out the window, would your first thought be “She is hooking up online”? We don’t need bigots to spread stereotypes because we are more than capable of doing it ourselves.

  5. Caliban says

    I haven’t followed the X-Men for a long time but Fenrox’s comment is true- comic books are basically soap operas with action, they thrive on drama. And as Tolstoy said, “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” There’s no drama in wedded bliss.

    In comic books the best way to get yourself killed is to marry a superhero. The death of a spouse is essential in creating that much-loved archetype, the Tortured Hero. And if you don’t die chances are you’ll either get amnesia and/or be in a catastrophic event that gives you superpowers of your own and/or an evil twin or shapeshifter will kidnap you and take your place.

    In other words, don’t get too attached to those wedding gifts- you won’t be using them for long.

  6. Stefan says

    Really weird post. The marriage will be rocky and perhaps end in tragedy. No marriage in real life is perfect, and from the perspective of having narrative drama you have to follow a path that is not idyllic. Whatever happens will likely have very little impact on how gays are perceived in the real world.

  7. Matthew says

    Gosh, I hope that their story has it’s ups and downs. If everything was just a nice couple talking, I’d get bored and want to stop reading about them. Stories in comic books and on t.v. are supposed to have action and drama. If you read X-Men books, all the heterosexual couples have drama, otherwise the writers stop writing about them. Heck, take a look at the Wolverine, Phoenix, Cylcops, White Queen relationships and how interesting all those stories were.

  8. Grant says

    Or he could be looking for a way to give himself super powers so he can live in Jean-Paul’s world. Or he might be looking for information about what the X-Men are fighting….don’t always assume the worse…maybe he’s just logging on the Facebook to make a passive aggressive post. As a married gay man with a workaholic husband, I do that quite a lot!

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