1. Alan says

    I get the impression that far too many people in the US want to TALK about the economy. Problem is, no-one has the balls to DO anything about the economy.

  2. Charlie says

    How tone deaf would have to have to be to not notice that Piers (PIERS for Chrissakes) Morgan is as toff-British, Eton educated, mouth full of marbles, David Cameron’s fat shiny twin brother as you can possibly be?

    I can’t see what you people see in him. He’s a slimy clueless, self-aggrandizing blowhard who never shuts his piehole for five…

    ..Oh yeah. You guys love that stuff.

  3. Charlie says

    Oh and insulting that creep is the only thing Morgan has ever done that I even faintly approve of. What, we’r going to let people BAN ABORTION because the economy is on the rocks? Social issues don’t shrivel up and disappear just ause the stock market goes down: if anything, they become more important.

  4. jamal49 says

    Must be “Bitchy Brits Day” here on Towleroad. Based on some of the commentary, it’s refreshing to know that Brits can be just as tacky and clueless about the U.S. as, say, Jason, our favorite, in-house, republicon butt-boy.

  5. hugo says

    Leave it to Piers to make it about himself. How dare he cancel on Piers, the voice of reason and intelligent journalism, LOL.

    Yes, Akin is obviously a complete moron, just like so many of his fellow friends in the GOP. Piers, on the other hand, is one of the prime examples of that UK tabloid journalism style that is no different from the hacks at Fox News. Why anybody would go on his show in the first instance remains a mystery.

  6. Epic says

    I don’t think it has to do with being British it might nepossibly related to his former position at one of Rupert murdochs papers around the time all the phone hacking started he left the paper around that time but the scuttlebutt is it was well under way during his watch, I hope that’s it because hating someone over geography and well bred education is beyond stupid

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