Towleroad Guide To The Tube #1195

DETAILS: Mayor Bloomberg and Police Chief Kelly discuss the shooting outside the Empire State Building today.

OFFENSIVE, ERRONEOUS: GOP Rep. Steve King said former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin is “deeply entrenched” in radical Islam.

‘PASSION': Trailer for Brian DePalma’s new lesbian thriller.

‘GANGNAM STYLE': Viral video of Korean singer Psy’s new single.

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  1. HUH? says

    I think it is time Abedin take these people making these claims to court for slander. Then, they will have to prove what info they have to make these ridiculous claims…if any. Put up, or shut up! It’s pretty sad when people start taking Bachmann seriously. Even some republicans have come out and said this is outlandish. John McCain has said these allegations have no basis and are wrong.

  2. jason says

    Straight guy DePalma is a joke and not particularly gay-friendly. I think he’s also a tad homophobic to portray lesbians as psychotic.

    Also, if this had been about two men, you’d be saying “how dare he portray two gay men as psychotic”. However, since it’s two women, even you gay guys seem to think it’s acceptable. Shame on you, gay guys.

  3. betavince says

    The Depalma flick is a remake of a very good recent French movie “Love Crime” and is about a complex power struggle between two women. Should be really interesting.

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