U.S. Embassies in Moscow and St. Petersburg Warn Citizens of Possible Violence at Madonna Concert

The U.S. Embassies in Moscow and St. Petersburg sent out a security message today for U.S. citizens regarding concerts tonight and Thursday by Madonna in those cities.

MadonnaSays the warning:

This is to alert U.S. citizens in Russia who are planning to attend the Madonna concerts in Moscow on Tuesday, August 7, or in St. Petersburg on Thursday, August 9, that the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg has received information regarding a threat of physical violence against spectators and performers at the St. Petersburg concert on August 9.  The U.S. Embassy in Moscow and the U.S. Consulate General in St. Petersburg have shared the information with appropriate Russian law enforcement authorities.  Russian authorities have indicated to the Embassy that they are taking appropriate measures in light of this information.  While we expect that enhanced security measures will be put in place at both concerts, U.S. citizens are reminded to remain vigilant regarding their personal security, and to be aware of their surroundings at all times, especially in crowded areas.

Specific details of the threat have not been made public.

Madonna said in March she would speak out against the oppressive ban on "gay propaganda" passed by St. Petersburg, an announcement that has her under surveillance by Russian authorities.

Madonna spoke out about feminist punk band Pussy Riot at Tuesday's concert, the Guardian reports:

Prosecutors on Tuesday called for the three women – Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevich – to be jailed for three years after arguing they had insulted all of Russian Orthodoxy and posed a danger to society. They have been charged with hooliganism motivated by religious hatred after performing a "punk prayer" against President Vladimir Putin in a Moscow cathedral.

Performing in Moscow's Olimpisky Stadium on Tuesday night, Madonna donned a balaclava and stripped off her clothes to reveal the words "Pussy Riot" scrawled across her back during a performance of her 1984 hit Like a Virgin.

Said Madonna: "I know there are many sides to every story, and I mean no disrespect to the church or the government, but I think these girls … have done something courageous and they have paid the price for this act and I pray for their freedom. They deserve the right to be free."


  1. jason says

    She means no disrespect to church? LOL. She spent her whole career disrespecting the Catholic Church.

    As for her supposed gay-friendliness, why has she opened a gym in homophobic Russia? Madonna, you’re a hypocrite.

  2. Jon says

    I agree with you Jason. She always flip-flops back and forth and doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about. She’s always contradicting herself. Luckily most gay people have woken up and realize she couldn’t care less about gays unless it gets her some publicity.

  3. marc says

    Madonna doesn’t care about anyone but her family and close friends i’m sure, kinda like me.

    I’m still a fan of her work.

  4. dh says

    Good for her. She’s got bigger balls than Elton does. Elton would just give the homophobes a hug and a pat on the back.

  5. NVTodd says

    It’s funny that when the Catholic Church disrespects everybody else, it’s OK, but when you insist they play by the rules they always cry persecution.

    Where’s the support for our brothers and sisters in other countries ?

  6. jason says

    Elton John reportedly said that Madonna is a fairground stripper. She’ll do almost anything for attention and the almighty buck. Opening a gym in homophobic Russia is an example.

  7. says

    Well, she has more fans and has reached more people with this message than any Russian performer who has been this brave.

    I’ve been to concerts at Olimpijskii (Pink Floyd :-)) and it is HUGE.

    The Pussy Riot trial is hugely important now. Why would anyone criticize her for that, unless you’re in the pay of Putin’s supporters? And if she does come out against the propaganda law, even better.

  8. IAN F says

    I hope she knows what she’s doing. She could inadvertently make thing worse for those girls and gays if she pisses off Putin too much.

    I’m all for people speaking out for a righteous cause, but when it’s this delicate she should consult with Russian advocates. She’ll be gone the next day and if there are consequences to whatever she does, it will be others paying the price.

  9. Chicklets says

    Ohhh Madge–dont worry about offending the “church”. Its the most vile evil thing man has invented…next to Popov Vodka.

  10. Deluded Ho says

    LOL at her thinking that the Russian government gives a fvck what some has-been American singer thinks, as if her opinion carries any weight there.

  11. ratbastard says

    She is of course being used by the Russian government and Orthodox church to help further radicalize the extreme right wing and nationalist. Her behavior on stage is ‘obnoxious’, rude, etc., and she’s from The West, America, a foreigner, mocking traditional Russian values, etc.

    As an aside, it’s amusing she publicly claimed no disrespect towards the church and Christianity. Her career has existed almost entirely of basically performing a ‘black mass’ on stage. I personally could care less, but c’mon ‘Madge’.

  12. kodiak says

    You guys. Opening a gym in homophobic Russia is a good thing. People will know she supports gay people, maybe even choose to join her gym because of it. The USA is homophobic too. Jeebus, the whole frigging world is! Pussy Riot sang a song in church that was about Putin. This is blasphemy? Who wouldn’t speak out about it? she’s a musician and sees people of her ilk thrown in jail for making music. Where’s the stretch? Madonna has some clout and she’s using it to stand up for someone else. C’mon you guys. Don’t be so jaded.

  13. Michael says

    Wow,what a bunch of bitter, jaded bitches. Yeah, let’s slam the one person who has been our greatest ally for decades.

    WTF is wrong with you people? Personally, I would like to thank Madonna for being an outspoken advocate for gay rights.

  14. Tommy Girl says

    Elton should go to Moscow with Madge and we’ll all get arrested–Solidarity and an apology all at once ;-D

  15. Alex N says

    I’m disgusted by the anti-Madonna sentiment expressed by gay men on this website. It’s truly saddening to see how lacking people can be in terms of perspective and recognition. Show some respect. Stop trying to outrage through petty faggotry.

  16. david says

    the only artist who truly stands up for gays around the world. she’s been standing up for us since before a lot of us can remember.

  17. Jude says

    Also, keep in mind that it was the P*ssy Riot women who asked for Madonna’s support. Read that again. They. Asked. For. Madonna’s. Support.

    So it wasn’t Madonna thinking that the Russian goverment “gives a fvck” about her. It was Madonna giving the women the support they had asked for.

    Besides, we all know that if Madonna hadn’t said anything about P*ssy Riot, she’d be crucified here by the very same people who now bash her for speaking out. And yet they say Madonna is a hypocrite, LOL.

  18. bostonbeat says

    bash, bash, bash. that’s all i read nowadays about madonna. she’s spoken up for many causes over the years and waaaaay before it was trendy to do so. sure, she’s not the fag hag that she used to be but she is on our side. and as far as the girls in PR thew attention her words are bring is massive. of course there will be backlash, duh!

  19. Maverick69 says

    Michael, Bostonbeat & Jude a big thank you. Been a fan since 82 and know Madonna’s history quite well. She took a STAND people.

  20. Graphicjack says

    Madonna has always been our advocate. Elton, who a few of you have mentioned, came out by degrees, has said gays shouldn’t marry and panders to the right and our enemies like Eminem, Rush Limbagh and GWB. I know who in this dumb feud, started by Elton, I should add, I am behind. And Jason, we get it, you hate Madonna. You hate strong women. You hate women. Now shut up and let her do the heavy lifting. She’s out there risking her life for all we know in Russia while you’re on a blog bitching about her every move. Who’s the bigger man in this picture? She the one with balls and you’re a stereotypical catty woman. Grow up and show some respect for someone who’s willing to speak out against injustices, even if that makes her unpopular. It’s way more than you’ve ever done.

  21. marc says

    Note to Devee,

    You are getting older by the second, minute, hour and day.
    Did you know that?