Anti-American Protests Rise Up At Embassy In Yemen


Two days after U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in an attack on the States' Embassy in Libya, hundreds of protesters stormed a U.S. satellite office in Sana, Yemen. Thankfully it was not as deadly as the Libya attack, but it was just as fierce:

The protesters breached the usually tight security around the embassy and reached the compound grounds but did not enter the main building housing the offices. Once inside the compound, they brought down the U.S. flag, burned it and replaced it with a black banner bearing Islam’s declaration of faith — "There is no God but Allah."

Before storming the grounds, demonstrators removed the embassy’s sign on the outer wall, set tires ablaze and pelted the compound with rocks.

The Boston Globe notes that Yemen is fertile ground for al-Qaeda, the terrorist group that claims to have coordinated the attacks earlier this week. All of the attacks are reportedly inspired by an anti-Muslim film that portrays Mohammed as a womanizer, among other things, but the identity of the intentionally offensive video's actual creator remains a mystery. Whomever it is may have wanted just this reaction.


  1. gr8guyca says

    I don’t understand how the tiniest, most insignificant anti-Islamist thing that happens in the US is fodder for riots all over the Middle East. One person in the US can, seemingly, cause death and destruction around the world.

    How does an obscure minister’s comments about the Koran or a fringe video equate to our assistance in helping them with their revolution?

  2. Paul R says

    Many Yemenis are awful. Many are wonderful. Most fall in between, kind of like everywhere.

    That said, when I was supposed to do a work trip there five years ago and was told that I’d have to have four bodyguards, I canceled the trip pretty quickly.

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