1. NocalBear says

    It would appear that Arnold doesn’t value any type of marriage. He was cheating on his wife and fathering bastard children. Why on earth would his opinion of someone else marriage be of any value?

  2. adamblast says

    He defends the right of his personal friends to have same-sex marriages–even performing them–while denying it to everyone else. Yeah, he’s just a normal sneering plutocrat. One rule for us, another rule for you. Doesn’t even get the disconnect.

  3. chris says

    Yeah, I actually think this statement is worse than his previous behavior. He’s not a politician anymore, he doesn’t have to lie to appeal to his supporters who might be uncomfortable with his more liberal views and he still makes a statement that tries to have it both ways. And makes no sense, moral or otherwise.

  4. adamblast says

    Reminds me of Romney’s son having a “required abortion if defective” clause in their surrogacy contract, and seeing no problem with abolishing choice for everyone else.

  5. MikeH says

    WTF… the clip is about someone retiring from the CBS Sunday Morning show… good for them… but I didn’t sit through a 30 second commercial to watch that… ugh!

  6. starquisha says

    “Governor Schwarzenegger” I thought it was a joke the whole time he occupied the office. I am hard pressed to find another more perfect example of the absurdity than this “Movie Star”
    leading this once great state. oh, wait up…Ronnie did it first. I’m sure Nancy’s gays knew their place.

  7. Brad says

    So he’s against same-sex marriage and it’s different from opposite sex marriage, yet his friend should have the wedding she wants and marry the woman she loves? Republicans and their twisted idiot logic. Typlical. I’m so glad he ruined it for himself ever holding public office again.

  8. MikeH says

    Although I haven’t seen the clip here’s the thing…
    to paraphrase a saying… It’s what you do that defines you… it is an extremely few number of politicians who have the courage to do what they believe is right rather than pander for votes.

    Arnold obviously is not one of them. He like so many other republicans don’t have a problem with marriage equality… but they are willing to knowingly screw over minority rights for a vote.

    And no, I don’t put Clinton and Obama or the majority of democrats in the same category. Even though they played the game, behind the scenes they worked the system to further equality. The republicans on the other hand have not hesitated to screw us over every single chance they have gotten… and they continue to do so…

  9. GregV says

    Well, to be fair, I don’t think Arnold has ever said he was against equal marriage rights, but, rather, that he thought it should be affirmed by an interpretation by the courts (as it eventually was) or by the voters (which wreaked temporary havoc).
    I know it made no sense, but that was what he said his issue was — not that he ever had any problem with same-sex couples marrying.

  10. says

    I cannot access the clip.

    But this clown will be swept away by the momentum of history and social change.
    History will record that when it came to doing something outside the acceptable parameters of his time he did not have the ball$ to sign the bill.
    At the time of testing of his fibre his courage failed him.
    Next !

    he is even more contemptible because he did something behind closed doors that he was too weak to stand up for in public.
    Coward !

    My US friends will shortly elect President Obama who will not lack the courage required, nor will his successor, Hillary.
    So move over Tea Party backwoods fascists, learn what the social contract means and learn what responsible citizenship is.

  11. Caliban says

    It takes money to lift weights all day instead of, you know, having an actual job. Somebody has to provide all the protein it takes to build those massive muscles. At the professional level it’s not a hobby, bodybuilding is a full-time job. Arnie, like most bodybuilders, took money from gay men.

    I don’t think he was actually a prostitute, but putting up with gay “Muscle Worship”? Oh yeah, definitely.

    So let’s not cede ANY “moral high-ground” to this prick. Thank god he can never run for President because he was born in Austria.

  12. Tyler says

    I don’t really understand his position either, but I don’t think you can really honestly criticize the vetoes, at least from a legal point of view. In California, the legislature cannot change an initiative that has been passed by the people. Proposition 22 was an initiative passed by the people that said gay marriage was illegal. So had Schwarzenegger signed the bills passed by the Legislature, it’s a sure thing that they would have been struck down as violating Proposition 22. When Schwarzenegger said the decision had to be made by the courts or the people, he was legally correct. Then, once the California Supreme Court invalidated Proposition 22, he opposed Proposition 8. So he’s not as bad as some make him out to be.

  13. Sammy says

    As usual, Towleroad gets the dumbest comments on the web.

    AS is in favor of gay marriage. He opposed Prop 8, defying 75% of his party. When Prop 8 went to court, he agreed that it was unconstitutional and refused to defend it.

    He did veto two bills that would have legalized gay marriage, but that was because there was a public vote on the issue and we lost 61-39. AS said that he didn’t think it was right for the legislature to override a direct vote of the people and the thought the best way to get to marriage equality would be a court decision or another vote. I disagree with that, but overall, this is not an anti-gay governor.

  14. Ken says

    “Those of us in California won’t soon forgive him for those two vetos that prevented thousands from legally marrying”

    As a Californian I forgave him for that when he spoke out against Prop 8 and refused to defend it in court. And to be fair, the vetoes didn’t prevent thousands from marrying, they delayed them from marrying for a few months until the California Supreme Court decision came down.

  15. Icebloo says

    NEVER NEVER NEVER believe a word this fake, lying s%ithead says. He is one of the worst human beings to ever walk this planet.

    Everything he does is for his own self promotion. He has done NOTHING for anyone else EVER. He even admitted he was proud of his father for being an active member of the Nazis.

    He changed position so many times on everything including gay marriage just to win elections. I am glad his time is done. Let’s stop giving him free publicity.

  16. Pete N SFO says

    The Legislature passed Marriage Equality the 1st time ahead of the Prop 8 vote. They also passed it again, after.

    In either case, personal rights should not be voted on in a ballot box & court decisions had already supported that position.

    Schwarzggr, is no friend to equality. Clearly, he gamed everyone he could; his party, donors, conservatives, his wife & family, his hskpr. His position on Marriage Equality was, & still is, completely self-serving. He’s a buffoon.

  17. Dan says

    The whole interview showed his total disconnection from REALITY. He says one thing but does the other. When called out on something he acts as though he doesn’t hear the question and won’t answer. He’s a narcissist on a level rarely seen. This is behavior commonplace amongst Republican’s.

  18. looie says

    Whoa! I had no idea that Arnold was so whishy-washy on the subject of gay marriage. Now I’m definitely going to have to check out this interview to see what he has to say for himself. I can’t believe I didn’t know this was on last night! I’ve been so consumed with work around my office at DISH to keep up with anything these days. At least I still have the episode saved, since my Hopper DVR’s PrimeTime Anytime feature records everything on the major networks during primetime hours automatically. Otherwise, I would miss out on everything! I’m just wondering how he defends his action against gay marriage when he’s been such a disgrace in his own marriage!

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