1. acevedo says

    Yes, Chris is cute but I was distracted by the interviewer’s ugly tattoo. Why are so many gay guys robots that think they need to follow along and try and be butch by getting tatted up? sad.

  2. DAN says

    @ACEVEDO: what does it matter to you? If that is what HE wants to do, so what? Gay men weren’t put on this earth to please you (it’s not like you have a chance with him anyways!). There are many non-tatted guys out there, see if one of them will take you home.

  3. andrew says

    To each his own. They are way too hairy for me. Give me the guys on Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, College Dudes, Next Door Buddies ( especially James Huntsman). OK, so I watch a lot of porn. Hey, it helps lower the unemployment rate. I only watch because I am a good democrat and want to improve the numbers for Obama/Biden.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    Yes, to each his own regarding tattoos…

    “[I]t’s about having beautiful, original artwork on your body.”

    Why is it that I find so many tattoos such poor (often quite unoriginal) art?

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