Democratic Platform Includes Marriage Equality

DNCAgain proving themselves more inclusive than their Republican rivals, the Democratic Party made sure to include marriage equality in their official 2012 platform, which was released this morning ahead of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

From the Democratic platform section entitled "Protecting Rights and Freedoms":

Freedom to Marry: We support the right of all families to have equal respect, responsibilities, and protections under the law. We support marriage equality and support the movement to secure equal treatment under law for same-sex couples. We also support the freedom of churches and religious entities to decide how to administer marriage as a religious sacrament without government interference.

We oppose discriminatory federal and state constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny equal protection of the laws to committed same-sex couples who seek the same respect and responsibilities as other married couples. We support the full repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act and the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

That particular section of the platform also reiterates President Obama's commitment to gender equality, protecting a woman's right to choose and the party's hope that assault weapons can be pulled off of American streets, a move that would save countless lives.

Here is a
PDF of the entire platform.


  1. TerryA says

    I knew someone would already piss all over this news. I think it’s historic, but perhaps I’m just silly and naive…you know, a major political party formally endorsing marraige equality.

  2. jason says

    The irony is that the Democrats will have Bill Clinton at the convention, the same man who signed DOMA into law. Sorry, Dems, but we ain’t falling for your empty promises this time around. We’ve matured.

  3. Peter M. says

    @Jason and the alternative is what???
    The Republicans, who want to put anti-gay discrimination into the Constitution?

    It’s amazing (and sad)how some in the LGBT community prefer a party who demeans them as people and that actively works to deny them their basic human rights.

  4. Stefan says

    I get where Jason is coming from, but Peter M. is right. It’s not “mature” to use what happened more than 15 years ago and the current President’s sometimes frustratingly slow “evolution” to decide what to do this election. Whoever holds office the next four years is going to appoint federal judges, agency heads, the solicitor general, and maybe a Supreme Court Justice. I’m a middle class gay man, and I’m pretty sure I know who is going to at least make an effort to make me better off.

  5. says

    It’s not a coincidence that ALL/100%of pro-gay legislation has been passed by Democratic majorities. The platform reflects the party: the mainstream 2012 Democratic party is pro-gay; the mainstream 2012 Republican party is anti-gay. No way around those facts.

    P.S. @Jason (Newt Gingrich’s biggest fan!) hasn’t matured. He’s been making the exact same comment for years. Don’t encourage him.

  6. says

    this is going to be one more devastating emotional blow to gay republicans. sorry boys. your own people loathe you and don’t respect you and the people whom you’ve been raised to hate are the ones working hard to make your lives better.

    that’s gotta hurt.

  7. says

    I can understand frustration with something that should’ve happened years ago, but by any objective measure, this is a huge win for marriage equality. And given the alternative – a flip flopping opportunist who’s more than willing to pander to the far right – this is something to get behind.