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DNC Speeches: Julián Castro, Ted Strickland, Deval Patrick and Martin O'Malley - VIDEOS

A few of tonight's speakers preceding First Lady Michelle Obama's fantastic speech.

Here is the keynote from San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro, along with speeches from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, and former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland.

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  1. FLOTUS Michelle Obama hit it out of the park

    a great tweet
    Mrs. O makes gay reference, about respecting our love. Mitt made a gay reference too, slamming our marriages. Any questions?
    — @aravosis via Twitter for iPad

    Posted by: say what | Sep 4, 2012 11:40:35 PM

  2. Lily Ledbetter talking about the difference between men & women's payrates, "Maybe 23 cents doesn't sound like a lot to someone with a Swiss bank account, Cayman Island Investments and an IRA worth tens of millions of dollars. But Governor Romney, when we lose 23 cents every hour, every day, every paycheck, every job, over our entire lives, what we lose can't just be measured in dollars."

    THAT'S a clip worth finding!!!

    Posted by: Pete N SFO | Sep 4, 2012 11:58:54 PM

  3. I am VERY proud of Julian Castro.

    Posted by: M. Scott Hernandez | Sep 5, 2012 12:10:59 AM

  4. julian castro's star shines bright. very charismatic. he's going places and he will go far.

    Posted by: Jed | Sep 5, 2012 12:20:22 AM

  5. Our talent in the DMC is so incredibly superior to the GOP. I couldn't be prouder of O'Malley, Patrick, Julian Castro, Governor Strickland and our fantastic First Lady who brought down the house!!
    4 More Years!!

    Posted by: Jim OToole | Sep 5, 2012 12:33:42 AM

  6. In contrast with the republicans, the democratic party sure looks like America.

    Posted by: andrew | Sep 5, 2012 12:43:24 AM

  7. Almost every speech makes mention of the DADT repeal and support for marriage equality. Huge change from previous conventions where gay issues seldom got any mention at all. We really have come a long way.

    Posted by: Ken | Sep 5, 2012 1:16:17 AM

  8. It's hard not to be proud of being from Massachusetts tonight. Governor Patrick was brilliant.

    Posted by: Ryan | Sep 5, 2012 1:54:42 AM

  9. @Ryan. For sure. The Dems can really hit it out of the park when they want to. Why can't we hear these things stated as forcefully and as eloquently throughout the year?

    Posted by: Miguel R | Sep 5, 2012 3:49:16 AM

  10. I've never been more proud to be an American than right now...thank you, Michelle Obama. You truly live up to the title of "First Lady". Indeed, you are.

    Posted by: millerbeach | Sep 5, 2012 4:03:23 AM

  11. You go Mr Strickland and keep going there. We want you back as Ohio's gov!

    Posted by: Gus | Sep 5, 2012 6:22:45 AM

  12. Even at the liveliest convention there's always lots of boring, dry, tedious blah-blah interspersing a relatively very few eloquent lines. One gets near-comatose only to wake up for the good moments, then doze back off. Not last evening! From Joe Kennedy III to Stacy Lihn to the hilarious Kal Penn to Lilly Ledbetter to give-him-hell Ted Strickland to Martin O'Malley to rising supernova Julian Castro our fantastic First Lady, there wasn't a single dull moment. Instead, everybody kept the verbal action rising and rising. The spirit last night was massive and palpable, the inclusiveness awe inspiring. I wasn't bored for two seconds. Mittens who? Paul what? They seemed like bad, distant memories last night.

    Posted by: Rayyblon44 | Sep 5, 2012 9:01:36 AM

  13. Wow, the Democrats sure do have a powerful bull pen warming up! We have major league, professional players team while the GOP has amateurs that wouldn't make it in the bush leagues. Everyone of those speakers last night would make a good if not excellent President. I can see Julian Castro as POTUS if that's his ambition. Yessir, I'll see your Rubio and raise you two Castros!

    Michelle hit it out of the park for a grand slam. Deval Patrick hit another homer and Strickland slammed it home and was magnificent. I loved the Romney as Santa Claus line, that was brilliant.

    For me it was an emotional roller coaster ride, from tears to "hot damn!". Another thing I noticed so different from that GOP monstrosity last week, not just the different complexions, but dreadlocks and yamulkes, turbans and head scarfs, cowboy hats and ball caps; I saw America on display last night and it was great.

    Posted by: Bob R | Sep 5, 2012 10:44:14 AM

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