1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Wow. I’ve always liked her, but didn’t know she had that in her! I hate that she was born in Canada, which dead-ends her as far as politics in the US.

  2. anon says

    Well done, but not supported by the facts. Also, weren’t the 99%’ers fuming about the Wall St. bailout? If you opposed one bailout you opposed both. GM’s US workforce is now down about 30% after five years, though they’ve added workers overseas. Honda now employs more US workers.

  3. Kevin says

    GM might employ less, they have streamlined to meet the modern economy.

    Without Obama they would not exist anymore is the point.

    Honda employing more US workers is a bad thing how?

  4. OddBet says

    Anon, that is entirely incorrect. The Wall Street bailout was opposed because those companies created a toxic environment for the average American, then misused the bailout money, making it far worse. The auto industry bailout prevented Detroit, and Michigan, from collapsing completely. To act like the two are the same only shows ignorance of both.

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