1. gregory brown says

    We ought to give some of these uber-rich folk some credit for being decent human beings (potentially).

    However, in the interest of promoting a realistic look at some possibilities for Klass Warfare–I highly recommend a novel by J.G. Ballard. The title is HIGH RISE and it documents the descent of some inhabitants of a similar (though less grand) building from veneered civilization into bestial nastiness. The story is engaging, Ballard writes well, his insights are sharp and wicked, and I think some of y’all might enjoy it for many reasons.

    The book is available on Amazon and elsewhere.

  2. Disgusted American says

    even IF I had the money _ Id never live there – Id live in a modest home….in a modest neighborhood….with nice neighbors…its a waste of Money in a country where people live in the streets and even some are starving..pathetic.

  3. Paul R says

    Umm, a property appraiser might have ulterior motives for overstating the health of the real estate market, though of course NYC does have and attract many wealthy people. I’d be kind of sick living in this building.

  4. BobN says

    Not that I’m in the market, but I’d rather be on a lower floor in a post-war building fronting the park. 1000 feet up is too high. You can’t really see what’s going on in the park, enjoy the trees, the limbs waving in the breeze. You can’t even see the park unless you walk over to the window and look down. And Danish minimalist interiors? Boring. Good for the developer, though, cuz they’re relatively cheap to produce.

  5. zeddy says

    I can’t imagine the security concern of such a building. Though I imagine this is only a weekend or part time home for these people…a large concentration of such people in one place? Yikes.

  6. NY2.0 says

    @Disgusted American, agreed! Even if I had that kind of money no way would I spend that amount on what in reality is just an apartment. To each their own.

    To me it’s such a waste, at least a thousand low income houses can be build with the money these billionaires spend on one apartment.

  7. DeeperStill says

    BOBN said: “And Danish minimalist interiors? Boring. Good for the developer, though, cuz they’re relatively cheap to produce.”

    Say what? First off, The designer is Danish, but that doesn’t mean the interior will be. However, it would be fitting, since Danish design is regarded some of the very best in the world, and not at all cheap as you say. You think billionaires would appreciate cheap interior design?

    You may personally find it boring, but it’s not cheap by any means.

  8. D.R.H. says

    I can’t stand it when people say things like, “If I had money I would still ride my bicycle to work and shop at Goodwill and not be any different than I am right now.” Shut up.

  9. Rich says

    As a native New Yorker who spent most of his adult life in San Francisco, I appreciate a view apartment. But as long as anyone can build just as high next door, the only way to secure a view is to locate immediately adjacent to the park/river/harbor that one wants to wake up with. 57th Street just won’t do it.

  10. Joe in CT says

    It wasn’t that long ago we were reading about $45 million apartment sales in the city. Double that and a bit more buys bragging rights to a piece of very expensive real estate that you probably won’t “officially” live in full time, because NY taxes are so high. That said, it’s a unique view and owning it is a lot more fun than sitting on the cash. Why not?

  11. Nat says

    ” You think billionaires would appreciate cheap interior design?”

    No, but many don’t cultivate a sense of taste. There are often extreme preferences for minimalism or the ridiculously ornate.

  12. MarkUs says

    Wonder if that building is going to have security like One Hyde Park in London, basically patrolled by ex-UK special forces. Packing a bunch of billionaires in one space probably makes a nice terrorist target.

  13. ratbastard says

    Many if not most of these ‘investors’ are foreigners, same in London. As for the view, yes it’s stunning, but I think it’s too high up. Just my opinion from working for years in big skyscrapers. The view is actually most engaging at the 20-30th floor levels, assuming it’s relatively unobstructed, IMO.

    What this also shows his how the financial depression [yes, it’s a depression] hasn’t hurt the uber rich at all, in fact they’ve become wealthier, more powerful and have consolidated power and wealth, as have monopolistic corporations.

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