1. Strepsi says

    What an absolutely ADORABLE couple.

    Well done, both of you.

    I’ve been legally married 9 years and still best thing I ever did. It fulfilled and calmed a part of my heart that I did not know was troubled…. hubby says the same.

    Congratulations and Cheers and Mazel Tov!

  2. says

    That was very cute. I loved it when he tried to explain Justin’s status ending with “conqubine…” LOL! So funny!

    Would have been nice to see a little PDA – like an arm around a shoulder or holding a hand.

  3. Pommie says

    LOL JTF seems so blissful while he proudly says ‘he’s a lawyer’. And he’s Massachusetts LOL I used to mispronounce it too. It’s just too full of ‘s’ that I couldn’t help but lisp.

    Btw does anyone know if Mikita is of Indian descent or not?

  4. gregory brown says

    Bow ties ere wonderful. They are delightfully queer. I learned to tie them despite being a fumble-fingers and had a work collection of 35. Then my neck got fat, and you can’t wear a bow with your top button undone. Alas….

  5. Sorcerer says

    Ugh. Let us count the stereotypes! Good cause, but what a 2.5 minute cliche-ridden nightmare. Showtunes, gayby-cum-puppy, Liza head, bowties, fashion, etc… Argh.

  6. Robert K. says

    Sorcerer, from what I’ve seen of Jesse Tyler Ferguson on “Modern Family” and interviews on talk shows, he seems to really enjoy his life and wants other people to enjoy their lives, too.

  7. NHbrooklyn says

    his IMdb page is lame. who is this gold digger? No one is happy with a ginger, so fake. no offense hot gingers, I’ll struggle against the fire fields to get to the sweet nectar

  8. NHbrooklyn says

    BTW Jon the republicans are a lot different than they used to be. a lot of people still relate to republican but don’t know where their party stands. They used to be fiscally republican but now they’re in a party that’s really who knows pseudo christian fundamentalist?
    they don’t want to be demorcrat so they are stuck. we need more political parties

  9. UFFDA says

    Sourcerer, you’re right, and these stereotypes are so hopeless, generic, unimaginative. Where are the men with vigorous collections of, oh I don’t know, Western saddles, African art, medieval Japanese swords, Moche pottery…anything that shows some depths of interest beyond the stereotypes. I love seeing their happiness though and they are presenting a good cause in a mostly appealing and engaging way. Not bad by any means.

  10. leprechaunvict says

    Screw the haters, I’m with everyone saying congrats! I love LOVE love JTF and am happy for him :^) And I totally laughed when he said “concubine” and make that face hehehe… also, my hubby can rock a bow tie like nobody so i’ll have to bring this to his attention.

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