1. jason says

    This screening of HIV by cell phones is moronic and dangerous. Firstly, HIV does not cause AIDS. Secondly, it will cause alarm when there needn’t be any.

    I’m amazed that towleroad seems to cast an uncritical eye over these ridiculous things.

  2. Ben says

    It doesn’t screen for HIV, it’s a mobile CD4 cell counter that would monitor disease progression in people who have been previously tested and diagnosed with HIV.

  3. say what says

    NYT reporting that NY AG Schneidermen has subpoena BAIN CAPITOL amongst other financial firms for dogy tax practices/ tax evasion

    ROFLMAO Nixon’s VP agnew had to bail because of tax evasion….this time the head of the ticket????

  4. actually says

    California did not have the first openly gay speaker. In fact, Rhode Island has this distinction. Gordon Fox was elected as Rhode Island House speaker in 2010. He is openly gay led the unsuccessful effort for marriage equality after he was elected to the post.

  5. i could go on, but I won't says

    I thought Romney did not look well at the convention. Maybe it had to do with the investigation of hedge fund tax practices. Or he has heard that somehow his tax returns are going to leak out. Something is going on.

    Not to worry. He can always leave the country and has plenty of emergency cash stashed overseas.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    Congratulations to California Assembly Speaker Perez. However, the ceiling of being the first out gay person to be elected head of a state legislative body [regardless of the title] was broken by the late Allan Spear in 1992 when he was elected president of the Minnesota State Senate, a position he held until his retirement in 2000. Under his leadership, Minnesota became the first state to ban employment discrimination based on both sexual orientation and gender identity when it passed the Human Rights Act in 1993. Thank you.

  7. ? says

    “Republicans to descend on DNC for counter-convention, because … they’re unhappy with the one they just had?”

    Nope, they’re simply giving the Democrats a taste of their own medicine. Haven’t you noticed that there have been radical Democrat protesters at EVERY Republican public rally and event? THAT’S what the Obama administration will go down in history for: Having more protesters crash Republican events than any other Democrat administration before it.

  8. OKRELAX says

    @? Nice try. This stuff has been going on for years and the GOP are pretty good at it too. Quit with the victim card. You know it didn’t start with Obama, so why are you trying to blame him?

  9. jamal49 says

    @JASON I agree with person above: put up or shut up.

    It’s one thing for you to come here and be stupid.

    It’s another thing for you to come here and be stupid AND irresponsible.

    Give us the facts or get lost, little boy.

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