1. DAN says

    “Palin is simply not the political powerhouse she once was…”

    Was she ever really a true powerhouse? Maybe for about two months, at the most. Then, once people realized she really had/has nothing to offer the novelty wore off. Now FOX and the conervatives who thought she was this brilliant politician have finally figured it out, event they have now lost interest in her. She couldn’t even complete a full term as governor. Paul Ryan is their new golden boy…for now. FOX “News” giveth and FOX “News” taketh away!

  2. WHOCARES! says

    Dear Sarah:

    We lost interest in you since you know nothing.

    Signed, America December 2008

    Dear Sarah:

    We are sorry it took so long to let you know, but we lost interest in you since you know nothing.

    Signed, FOX News 2012

  3. Randy says

    Atheism headed for a schism? LOL(cats). Atheism isn’t a group.

    All that’s happening that some extremists tried to proclaim their atheism is the One True Atheism, and were roundly condemned for it. That is, they would have been, except most atheists never even heard of them.

    But newspapers love a controversy, no matter how insignificant.

  4. jason says

    Enough with these articles on towleroad about fake lesbianism and how it supposedly is good for us. On the contrary, it harms our movement. Fake lesbianism will destroy the gay rights movement. We need to be aware of this now because it’s going to be too late later.

    The reason why we have trouble being taken seriously as gay and bisexual people is because of these fake lesbians.

  5. jason says

    Those who draw conclusions about our sexuality from fake lesbians need to be aware of this one very important point: women fake their sexuality in order to get attention. This faking is part and parcel of women’s behavior.

    You only have to look at these basic facts about women: they use make-up to disguise their age, wear stilettoes to make themselves look taller than they actually are, and undergo extensive Botox treatments to remove any evidence of reality. Women are fakes, period.

    This fakeness in female presentation now extends to sexuality. The women who claim to be interested in women are almost always faking it. They’re doing it for the same reason they wear revealing clothing – that is, to titillate some sleazy straight guy.

    We gays are not impressed, and don’t like these women at all.

  6. jason says

    Fake lesbianism and female bisexuality are promoted by pornography like Playboy magazine and because of that bisexuals like me are not recognized and it isn’t fair because then straight people don’t realize that bisexuals like me actually exist. Like when I used to have sex with my grandfather and then he wouldn’t let me give grandma a pounding because “only women are bisexuals”. It just wasn’t fair. She was one fine lady, even at 87. Ever pulled apart a grilled cheese sandwich? It’s pretty close, but not quite the same thing, but I still do that every day as a reminder of what you leftist Obama-worshipping lesbian supporters ruined for me.

  7. say what says


    LOL Uhm athiesm is iconoclast in nature so any fool declaring themselves the one true atheism = an idol…..will of course be torn down/ thrown down

    Sounds more like xtianista jihadist pretending to be atheists.

  8. Nat says

    “Atheism headed for a schism? LOL(cats). Atheism isn’t a group.”

    Yes, the article is essentially assuming a contradiction. A lack of belief does not translate into an organized movement. Now, there are organized groups that promote non-belief, but their membership comprises a very small percentage of atheists.

  9. Tom Cardellino says

    Regarding Paul Ryan’s outright masculinity-self-doubting overcompensating and preposterous series of lying statements during a conversation about running a marathon illustrate an innate trait he possesses that demonstrates he’s a perfect candidate to share Mitt Romney’s ticket in their attempted (and, sadly, most likely to be successful) run to win the White House. In Roman Catholic terms, that would then render our White House and Vice-President’s Residence authentic “whitewashed sepulchers.” That’s what my Catholic nuns would call a person or organization who looked and acted all squeaky clean on the outside, but their inside was a morally rotten corpse of decay. “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor,” is the Roman Catholic 8th of those famous Ten Commandments that get so bandied about by the multiple franchises based upon the Bronze Age Judeo-Christian Best Seller called “the Bible.” Actually, differing subsets of all true Judeo-Christian storefronts differently enumerate which is which among “The Big Ten,” but the gist of the one with which Paul Ryan (truly of bona fide Judeo-Christian lineage) and his Daddy figure on the GOP ticket, Mitt Romney (considered by all true Judeo-Christian ideologues to be an absolutely “faux Christian”) have malignantly pathological trouble in their adherence to what is commonly misstated as “Thou shalt not lie.”

    I prefer the “bear false witness” wording in this particular marathon lies issue because not only has Paul Ryan once again been caught in a lie, but he also bore false witness against all of the millions of his fellow American neighbors who never can get below a four hour time in a Marathon, yet who work their asses off grueling hour after hour to nobly and honestly succeed in completing their marathons with the perfectly honorable time of four hours or more. Even more egregious, however, Pauly Pauly Pants on Fire bore false witness to his own brother who regularly runs marathons. Lies at home, lies to reporters, lies at the RNC and will lie at the behest of the billionaire Koch Brothers to steal the American People’s White House in order to suppress many Americans who only recently have reached or are near reaching Equal Justice Under Law, a concept that terrifies most of the top 0.1% filthy rich in this one-person-one-vote form of democracy (yeah, I know that the pre-Civil-War-Era slavery-accommodating Electoral College really is the prize winner, as proven once again in the stolen first Presidency of GW Bush.)

    The fact that most lies are abject evil seems to be missing in the gray matter of almost everyone of the Romney/Ryan supporters, while quite a few know that fact but are filled with enough fear and loathing that the lies seem as justified to them as if they were Jewish citizens on the streets of 1930’s Germany trying to “pass” for the sake of their own and their children’s lives when a policeman asks them their religion. President Obama hasn’t been maliciously slandered as being a new Hitler for nothing! His “otherness” has brought out the most covert race baiters of the GOP (and those politically further right) to manufacture more “dog-whistles” than any pet store could sell in a million years.

    As a gay guy whose childhood was replete with TV images as well as real life incidents of the 1950’s & 60’s Civil Rights Campaigns, I know how deeply many Americans hold ignorant hatred hidden within their souls for all of us “others.” Please don’t sit out this November 6th Election because President Obama has in some ways disappointed you. Germans who were disappointed in the democratic Weimar Republic elected Hitler, and no, I don’t think that is a hyperbolic metaphor. When your President and Vice-President so frequently, artfully and easily lie while staring you in the eye on camera and in person, who’s to say what they will do when their economic policies of the failed GW Bush Era return to push this country into an even Greater Depression than those of the 1930’s and the 2008 through 2012 financial failures. Remember, as opposed to Europe, today here in the NRA-dominated USA there are over 300,000,000 firearms at the disposal of some crazy murder-minded political extremists who will never stand for even a GOP/Romney induced full blown economic collapse, the likes of which many European nations are now enduring.

    FDR, one of the greatest American Presidents of all time, in a mere four years, could never have turned this country around against the fierce opposition he encountered from the same elitist class of the top 1% during the 1930’s. And, if you think the American economy sucks now, just wait until you see the Tea Party with Romney in the White House drive us into an economic clone of “austerity afflicted” Spain (20% unemployment,) Ireland (15% unemployment,) Italy (18% unemployment,) and the saddest case of all, Greece (25% unemployment) all of them under the same “Economic Plan” of austerity as is more than just hinted at by President Obama’s adversaries in this race. Please get registered to vote and just do it!

  10. Tim NC says

    Maybe Ryan lied about his running time, maybe he didn’t. But, if this quote is accurate:

    “The race was more than 20 years ago, but my brother Tobin—who ran Boston last year—reminds me that he is the owner of the fastest marathon in the family and has never himself ran a sub-three. If I were to do any rounding, it would certainly be to four hours, not three. He gave me a good ribbing over this at dinner tonight.”

    and Ryan actually said

    “and has never himself RAN a sub-three”

    UGH !!!! Grammar. Grammar, Grammar

    It should be

    “and has never himself RUN a sub-three”

    I think after 8 years of GW Bush, all Presidents and Vice Presidents must speak proper English.

  11. EchtKultig says

    It’s telling that this clown is willing to lie about even the tiniest triviality. Please – the early 40s is too young for “senior moments”. I love how writer Dermot McEvoy sums him up: “the so sincere, so phony air of a gloomy Irish undertaker standing outside the funeral parlor where you’ve come to plant your mother, shaking his head consolingly and giving you that firm two-handed Irish handshake.”

  12. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    I say let the mohel’s have their way: when the hassidic communities have had enough of their boys infected they’ll do something about it themselves.

  13. anon says

    Circumcision should probably be banned.

    The marathon thing is a bit weird, since his honest time of 4 hours was perfectly fine.

    Lesbianism on TV isn’t real, but is a marketing tool, but then the families on TV aren’t very realistic, nor the cops, lawyers or doctors either.

  14. says

    We need to get to the bottom of the issue whether Paul Ryan is a member of Opus Dei and promoting a Catholic Doctrine agenda in his politics.
    And he needs to answer the question of whether he is in that oath bound society and where his first loyalties lie.

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